Caught in bed with a man that wasn't her husband, Kathleen Crawford was declared guilty and shamefully banished from the Hudson's family. Although she was set up, and nothing happened between them, but who was ready to believe her story given the circumstance that the one who saw her was the Almighty Shawn David Hudson: her own husband. No longer the weakling and spineless women that left the Hudson family, she returned a few years later with a new but powerful identity. Revenge was her mission: an eye for an eye for those who have set her up. She didn’t mind crushing whoever dares to stand in her path. But in her quest for revenge, will Shawn sweep her off her feet a second time or is Kathleen’s heart too cold to be melted by his irresistible charm?

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Aren’t You A Good Business Woman!

Kathleen went about her weekend engagements and didn't need to worry about leaving the kids alone as they had their grandparents to accompany them. 

Eleanor and Elvis were over the moon with excitement as they were greatly indulged by their grandparents, coupled with the fact that they didn't need to get up too early as it was Saturday. 

After breakfast, they followed Stacy to the garden with their little hand pruners, gloves and basket where they learnt how to prune and pick vegetables. 

It was late summer and most of the plants had finished blossoming, the fruits had also ripened and were ready for harvest.

Elvis was given the noble task of pruning the flowers, while Stacy pruned the herbs and other delicate plants.

Eleanor couldn't be happier, picking the veggies into her small basket. 

The vegetable garden was a beautiful splash of colours.