Author: Beautifiedg1
Contemporary Romance
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Read ‘THE FORGOTTEN HEIRESS’ Online for Free, written by the author Beautifiedg1, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Caught in bed with a man that wasn't her husband, Kathleen Crawford was declared guilty and shamefully banished from the...


Caught in bed with a man that wasn't her husband, Kathleen Crawford was declared guilty and shamefully banished from the Hudson's family. Although she was set up, and nothing happened between them, but who was ready to believe her story given the circumstance that the one who saw her was the Almighty Shawn David Hudson: her own husband. No longer the weakling and spineless women that left the Hudson family, she returned a few years later with a new but powerful identity. Revenge was her mission: an eye for an eye for those who have set her up. She didn’t mind crushing whoever dares to stand in her path. But in her quest for revenge, will Shawn sweep her off her feet a second time or is Kathleen’s heart too cold to be melted by his irresistible charm?

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一个原本可以造福人类的机会,因为一次意外,变成了毁灭人类的究极武器。 身体素质相当于国家一级运动员的普通丧尸,千奇百怪的变异丧尸,在地下肆虐的变异老鼠群,在空中肆无忌惮的袭击活物的变异鸟群,以及人类根本就没办法涉及的深海生物。 这些怪物们的出现给人类造成了巨大的打击,全球各大城市相续沦陷,为了反抗,人类不得不启用了核武器,但结果却是因为核辐射的原因,人类亲手造出了更加难缠的核变异丧尸。 随着丧尸不断的变异,人类节节败退,只能形成一个个的聚集地,利用手中的武器,尽力保护聚集地不会被丧尸攻破。 在末日之中苟活了十年的蔡文杰,最终还是死在了丧尸的嘴里,也许是上天并不想让这个世界就这么毁灭,已经死亡的蔡文杰重新活了过来,并且回到了末日发生前的前三天,并且还获得了一个军火系统,可以利用点数兑换各种各样的武器来对抗成出不穷的丧尸。 数十年后 面对如潮水般涌来的丧尸潮,蔡文杰只是冷酷的说了一句。 “开始进攻!” 随着蔡文杰的一声令下,由无数的坦克,装甲车,机甲组成的装甲部队开始对丧尸进行了反冲锋。 天空中也全是听命于蔡文杰的空天母舰,战斗机,轰炸机。 人类和丧尸的最终之战打响了。

蔡家长子 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
873 Chs

Labonair Legacies

A soul and memories awakens in another body in an unknown place and world, will need to discover the life history of his new body, because all he knows, its just a name - Michel Labonair Warning I am writting this to pass time and for fun on a phone, also english isnt my mother tongue, so dont expect me being a erudite on the art of writting all nice and good , even how this warning is redacted you could see a little of what to expect. The fanfic i am writting its a bunch of nonsense put together, dont expect anythings serious here, there are many fictional and fantasy things touched on the ff, also places or other things despicted is fantasy with no relevance to anything existent, nonsense basically. R18 warning, shout-out to anyone who wants to try to read this ff, there will be [Foul lenguage][R18][Gore][Sexual content][briefly mention of heinous crimes] [incest][harem][kinks] [dont know what more to put in here but maybe something else arise in the future, some things already appear on chapters, others not, but will be in the future] Neutral - evil mc, basically doing whatever he likes and easy life mode, no hardships Lots of satire and meme phrases can or not appear Note: 1. None of the heroines will cheat on MC 2. Does involve the MC stealing other people's partners later on 3. Lots of grammatical errors in all chapters, which i will not modify them because i dont have the energy and motivation to go change all of them. 4. Lots of errors resulting on less cohesion and coherence on sentences and phrases, that maybe makes u almost feel pain in your eyes 5. This story is written for just my pleasure imagining things, but i am a mess writting novels, also because there are little to no fanfictions to read about tvd or legacies tv series i have done one. 6.dont ask changes because i will not do it, isnt worth for me the time to go back and change anything, i will just keep putting nonsense as i go progressing in the history. And finally just read it as it comes, if u cant, then this isnt for u, dont think about the changes of perspective or pov, because i will not change or implement other, this more or less works for me to writte something put together while the motivation is available. Timelines or mention of things or characters will be blurry, no existent, absent, presented or altered sometimes because actually i am only seeing for first time currently legacies, and havent seen tvd or originals tv shows so, i like this world preset but know nothing about it just wiki and the little fanfictions i have read here. Mc knows to some extent the world and the things happening around him, so will not act like a clueless guy doing things, but will not react fast to things either, his actitude is just mainly on ejoying his new life, so nothing serious to expect from him or plan anything grand to prevent x thing from happening. And finally the most important thing, updates for new chapter are random, maybe in a month i drop 1 chapter maybe 100, dont know, while i am motivated keep doing all will be put here. Maybe after putting a few more chapters, the book end in a eunuch author x], dont know , so dont ask.

Bobainox · TV
Not enough ratings
16 Chs

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Obat_Aborsi · Celebrities
Not enough ratings
1 Chs
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Highly recommended. Thank you dear Author for your captivating storytelling


Interesting concept of a story ❤️❤️ every reader needs to check this book out! it's fast-paced and the flow of the story can take your mind on a whirlwind of guesses!!!!! kudos to the Author 🙌


Love the plot so much. Looking forward for more!


Wow this story is just chef's kiss. (⁠ʃ⁠ƪ⁠^⁠3⁠^ It's so intriguing & astounding that every chapter my mouth is filled with wows & praises for the author.


The story is so good. The characters, the plot, the development of the story is so amazing that its just keeps you captivated. Highly recommended .


Awesome read. The storyline is consistent and interesting.


The writer has done a good job of making sure events flow into each other. Promising writing skill. Good storyline also.


So far one of the best that I have read. Keep up the good work 💪🏻


I just finished this book. It is a really great story and I love the humor, the true love, the wonderful family of the FL, and growth of many characters. The story and the characters are totally engaging. I was cheering for them one moment and then scolding the same character a few chapters later. I also love that this book isn't saturated with drama, and the story is the perfect length without dragging the reader through excessive and costly chapters of one obstacle after another or husband-stealing wannabes constantly showing up unnecessarily prolonging the story. It's a worthwhile novel and you should try it.


I enjoyed reading this book kudos to the writer.


Good book. I just started reading it, and I'm hooked


Top story 😌♥️♥️ I really enjoy reading this story, I highly recommend it!


From the moment I started reading the story has kept me wanting more. Excellent storytelling and characters


This kept me interested until the end of every chapters.


love Kathleen and she is amzing person love Shawn dedication for her


Overall, the story is interesting despite the cliches regarding the characters and plot. My main issue is the writing style. There are too many grammatical errors with punctuation (commas and inconsistent quotation marks), diction, and sentence structure. It’s a pity since these mistakes distract from the narrative flow.


this is a beautiful story however this is so pricy how I hope the author can let the readers read it for free


This is interesting, but I just hope that they won't got back together again in the end, ( like what always happen in most of novels)




I initially liked the book, but why must she fall for him again? The way Shawn acts irritates me.


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