1 Prologue

Many years ago, when God created the lands and the seas, the creature and celestials or realms, god created magic, He gave the powers so, that they can create the world a better place but he saw his creations are becoming obsessed with the magical powers not for spreading good, but using for their own motives. So he took back the powers from every mortal and slowly everyone forgot about it, He then hired supreme celestial people to hold the magic he created, the world was going good until the rebel was born, there was the supreme who holds the power of FIRE, the furious and the carefree, the strongest of them all. He was the son of the SUN himself with the power of the destroyer. With his powers he quickly became the leader of the soldiers in the seven seas, and then there was supreme who hold the power of WATER, she was the favorite daughter of god, the gentle and the clam and beautiful, and the only one who can contain the power to calm the fire, with the several fights together, they fell in love each other, and then, one night the supreme of DESIRE, saw the WATER princess, and immediately had fallen for the WATER princess, but knowing her heart belongs to the FIRE prince, He and all other Supremes made strategy to avoid their being ONE. The supreme of DESIRE made many proposals to the WATER princess, but every time she rejected, in anger he and the other supreme lords created the conspiracy to kill them at once, knowing their life is at threat, they begged the Lord to give them one chance to prove their love, but then, other Supremes had pledged that they had broken the law being attracted of someone who would never go with each other and abandoned their duties and responsibilities, so they must be punished to perish. Understanding that there is no her way, God perished their souls unwillingly, but yet he gave them one more chance to show their love.

And then Once it was said, The FIRE and WATER can never be one. So to make them wrong, in the land of beautiful flowers, took birth the beautiful princess, pure in heart, the white skin, beautiful black hair, eyes feel like a lotus, lips of roses seems very fragile and sweet, the queen of Rajnagri, Devi Laxmi was a wise queen, and the king, king Druv indeed was nobleman for the kingdom, it was the night, with the cloud and thunderstorm, the kingdom has got their princess. it was magical all the way, it seems like the happiness came back from heaven, every people came from far lands to celebrate her birth, to see this beautiful magical princess, which brought the happiness back to this kingdom after 1000 years. These years, the kingdom had been frightened over the monstrous kingdom, Devgarh. It was said the Queen was the cold-hearted woman, who feeds on innocent people's blood. she had fled all the way north and west of the kingdoms and conquered them and slaughtered the innocent, only her breed who was accepted to stay in her kingdom, else the rest of the people were slaughtered for the blood. They were monsters, and cruel. People from other lands were afraid of them.

The kingdoms of Rajnagri was the purest place on the earth, the green meadows, and valleys and the beautiful flowers and the breeze all over the land seems beautiful to watch, the golden rays of the sun fall on the ground, The castle stood strong as the worrier in this beautiful land when the old saint walks in the king's court and did the prophecy of that little girl.

Old Man with his calm mind addressed the king and queen, and looked at the princess and smiled-" This little girl is the savior of this kingdom, she is a new fate, she shall hold this prophecy for giving us the new realm, and the true meaning of LOVE.

King looks confused and asked-" elderly sir, I beg your pardon, but how can she save our kingdom? she is only a little girl!

The old man smiled and said-" fool you are to think her as fragile, yet she is fragile as frost, But she had the power of LIFE. That this humankind is insufficient to hold and understand. She is the Form of life.

Queen looks really nervous from the conversation, she was afraid of her little daughter's fate and exclaimed in fear -" I beg u elderly sir, my little girl is an ordinary princess, do not let her in this fight.

The old man turned to the queen and tried to calm her and said-" My queen. she is the only hope, do not fool yourself thinking she is an ordinary girl, during her birth, she already drew the 8 celestial powerful spirits to guard this kingdom against the outside. My king, you have given us the savior. we all thank you. from now, Rajnagri is the most powerful kingdom of mortal land, and with your daughter's fate related to this, your kingdom is safe from the Devgarh. But,

The old man paused, and the king looked a bit tensed he asked-" but what elderly sir?

The old man's face turned a little pale and he said-" her powers are her enemy, people will try to deceive her for the power. once in these 17 years of her age she will meet her destiny which would turn her power so strong that her mortal body will find it difficult to hold it, and it may also cause death. she will die for her love.

The queen cried and begged the old saint-" please I beg you save my daughter's life, we cannot lose her she is our only child.

The king came down from her throne and hold the old saint's hand and begged her-" tell me, elderly sir, is there any other way I can save my child?

The old man paused for a little while and said," we cannot suppress her power. But the more people would know about it the more she will have the danger for the life. Moreover, until she is 17 years of her age, she will not have full control over her power, and after she gets married, her husband and she became one, she will know her true power. Since she beholds the power of Life, you must name her MEGHA.

King and queen smiled at each other and accepted the name given by the elderly saint.

The people of Rajnagri appreciated their king and queen for giving them their protector and they shouted in joy-: Hail king Druv, Hail queen Devi Laxmi, Hail princess Megha, !!!

After this news, the king queen broke in sadness, and King Druv, had taken a big decision, that her little daughter is not allowed ever to go out of the kingdom ever again. she should get raised right in front of his eyes, protected. And nobody will ever know about her powers. she will have a normal life. He called his true friend and the advisor of the kingdom and he passed all the orders. Also, he decided that his friend's son Arjun and his daughter will get married when they grew up, and will stay here forever, in this way she would not get harmed anyway.

The kingdom sealed this information from the outside world. slowly the news spread all over the world about this mysterious princess; And then this news also came to the ears of Queen Diana.

Devgarh is a dark kingdom settled in the wilderness in the dark, where no sunlight can reach. the trees were dead from the core due to the darkness in this kingdom, no new leaves would ever grow on branches, the wilderness seems scary as the dead. And the castle was settled as cold as the queens' heart guarded by hyenas and wolves

Queen Diana gave a wicked smile and said-" well, how long can they suppress the truth from us? My son is the strongest of them all, he shall take over this kingdom. And once he does so, he will win over the world. Darkness will be all over the world. No one will ever be a match for my son in front of his powers. He is no ordinary prince, he is born from the fire and ashes of the darkness. My people! I queen Diana, promise you a better future soon, living under the dark days are over, Once my son, take over no need to fear from the sun ever. We would get the equal power like the other mortals and then, no need to fear for food anymore, we shall feed on anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

The creatures stand all together bowed to the queen and shouted-" Hail queen Diana! Hail queen Diana! Hail queen Diana!

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