The Forbidden Love Book

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The Forbidden Love

Poppy Rusert

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  • 27 Chs

  • 4.7

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Once it was said, The fire and Water can never be one. So to make them wrong, in the land of beautiful flowers, took birth the beautiful princess, pure in heart, the white skin, beautiful black hair, eyes feels like a lotus, lips of roses seems very fragile and sweet, yet she holds the magical powers of Water that nobody knew, and there took the birth of the devil, who said to be the heartless creature alive, with dangerous fire powers. Being born in a noble family the princess's powers were suppressed, until the day she ran away when she came to know the man she had loved her whole life, lied, and cheated her for the kingdom. In the wilderness, there she met, the devil himself, not knowing about the creature's true self, she took shelter under him. But as it was once said, Fire and Water are not meant for together, soon arrive the chaos, which burns the several kingdoms under his fire and her raging strong water powers. how will they unite to prove them wrong? read more to get to know you better.