The Flash: Masque Of Death

~Starts from Season 3 of The Flash~ All his life, Jason had only ever wanted one thing. To be happy. Alas, life is full of disappointments. When Savitar come knocking on Jason's doorstep and offer him a chance to take back everything he has lost and become a God together. What will he choose? Will he choose to join Savitar and become a God or be the hero. !!! Caution: Don't expect Red Hood to be comic accurate. !!! (I don't own anything except my MC, and I am new to this so if there's any grammar, spelling or constructive criticism you want to let me know, feel free to leave a comment.)

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15 Chs

The New Guy

I was abruptly roused from my slumber by a frigid gust of wind, and I sat up in bed, shivering.

"Can't I catch a break, Snow White?" I grumbled, trying to warm my hands up.

Killer Frost rolled her eyes, her lips curling into a frosty smirk. "You can nap later. Savitar needs us. Tracy Brand is in Jitters, and we have to move fast."

She tossed my suit in my direction, and I fumbled to catch it.


We arrived at Jitters, and I adjusted my binoculars, scanning the scene. H.R. and Tracy Brand sat across from each other, engrossed in their coffee date.

"We'll wait for them to leave. Dealing with Tracy will be a walk in the park," I calmly explained to Killer Frost, only to realize she had disappeared once again. Only to see her heading towards the entrance of Jitters.

"Typical hot-headed Frost," I muttered as I quickly donned my helmet. I knew I had to join her, especially since I had just spotted a S.T.A.R. Labs van parked discreetly at the back of the cafe. Team Flash had arrived, and I couldn't let them get in the way of our mission.

As I reached Killer Frost's side, H.R. and Tracy were already making their way out of Jitters, likely sensing her presence. Without hesitation, a white wisp materialized in her hands, gradually forming an icicle. With precise aim, she hurled it directly at Tracy Brand's head.

Anticipating the impending chaos, I unsheathed my dual pistols and readied myself.

Out of nowhere, a streak of vibrant orange lightning zipped past Tracy, snatching the icicle away in the blink of an eye. Standing before us was none other than the Flash. Soon after his arrival, the rest of his team assembled, and Julian Albert attempted to reason with Killer Frost, appealing to her dormant humanity.

"Caitlin. Caitlin, stop."

While Julian engaged Killer Frost, the Flash swiftly instructed his adoptive father, Joe, and H.R. to escort her away. But I would be damned if I were going to let that happen.


Firing a warning shot that echoed through the air, a chilling scream pierced the scene as I declared, "She stays. I won't repeat myself."

Confusion flickered across the Flash's face as he asked, "So, you're Savitar's newest lackey?"

"We prefer to call ourselves partners," Killer Frost retorted, a mischievous smirk playing on her lips.

With a subtle wave of her hand, the air around Killer Frost began to shimmer and dance with a myriad of glistening ice crystals. The frosty fragments coalesced and expanded, forming an elegant lattice of ice that stretched out before her. Gracefully, she stepped onto the lattice, which effortlessly supported her weight, and glided across the night sky on her frozen bridge. Meanwhile, the Flash raced after her with superhuman speed.

As Killer Frost enticed the Flash away, I redirected my focus to the remaining group—a superhero and four vulnerable civilians, one of whom I needed to eliminate.

This will be easy.

A sly smirk crept across my face as I deftly reached into my arsenal, my fingers finding the sleek contours of a flashbang. With a fluid motion, I sent it hurtling towards the clustered group, its detonation engulfing them in a blinding blaze of light and disorienting pandemonium. As their vision wavered, I focused my sights on Tracy Brand, and unleashed an unyielding storm of bullets from my pistol. But just as death's grasp seemed poised to claim her, Joe, a seasoned police veteran, sprang into action. His instincts, honed by years on the force, propelled him to shield her from imminent death.

Tsk. These flies are getting annoying.

Clicking my tongue in annoyance, I said, "All of you can still walk away, I just need the girl."

"Not a chance in hell." Joe retorted, his teeth clenched in determination.

"You want to get to her, you need to pass through us." Cisco, also known as Vibe, declared, raising his hands in preparation to unleash his formidable vibe blast.

"Yeah, what he said." H.R. chirped in.

"So be it," I hissed, propelling myself toward Tracy with lightning speed. With a swift motion, I drew my hilt, pressing the button on the side, causing a blade to emerge with a metallic resonance. Its honed edge gleamed, capturing the ambient light with a deadly allure. The blade was mere inches away from Tracy's vulnerable neck when a surge of swirling energy collided with me, sending a jolt of excruciating pain through my entire being. I crashed to the ground, wincing.

"Argh..." I groaned, seizing the opportunity for the others to extricate Tracy from the scene.

Damn it! She's going to escape.

Scrambling for my pistol, I aimed to take a shot at her, only to be thwarted once again by Vibe, his blue vortex of energy knocking the weapon from my grip.

"You'll pay for that," I growled, fixing a venomous gaze upon Cisco.

Picking up my sword from the ground, my veins pulsed with a relentless determination as I closed the gap between myself and Cisco, my hand firmly gripping the hilt of my sword. His assault of energy blasts rained down upon me with unyielding ferocity, but my reflexes danced with the speed of lightning. Each blast was met with a deft sidestep or a graceful dodge, evading them with otherworldly agility.

Undeterred, I pressed forward, undulating like a predator closing in on its prey. With every calculated step, I narrowed the distance between us, drawing closer to my target. The air crackled with an electric tension as our duel intensified.

Then, as I got close enough I seized the opportunity to strike back, my sword becoming an extension of my will. As he unleashed another potent vibe blast towards me, instead of evading, I positioned my blade in its path. The pulsating blue energy engulfed the length of my weapon, a symbiotic fusion of power.

With a fluid motion, I swung my blade, harnessing the rebounding energy from Cisco's own attack. The surging vibes arced through the air, hurtling back towards him like an avenging force of nature. Caught off guard, Cisco faltered, his senses overwhelmed by the very power he had unleashed. Momentarily staggered, he reeled backward, his footing unsteady.

Capitalizing on his disarray, I surged forward, fueled by a storm of adrenaline. My fist, clenched like a vise, found its mark, driving deep into Cisco's gut. The impact stole the breath from his lungs, leaving him gasping for precious air. His body crumpled, collapsing to the ground, defeated and incapacitated as he succumbed to darkness.