The Flash: Masque Of Death

~Starts from Season 3 of The Flash~ All his life, Jason had only ever wanted one thing. To be happy. Alas, life is full of disappointments. When Savitar come knocking on Jason's doorstep and offer him a chance to take back everything he has lost and become a God together. What will he choose? Will he choose to join Savitar and become a God or be the hero. !!! Caution: Don't expect Red Hood to be comic accurate. !!! (I don't own anything except my MC, and I am new to this so if there's any grammar, spelling or constructive criticism you want to let me know, feel free to leave a comment.)

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15 Chs

The Calm Before The Storm

Silence weighed heavily in the air as we made our way back to Savitar's lair. An unspoken agreement between us to keep quiet about what just happen.

Arriving at Savitar's lair, we see him diligently repairing his damaged God-suit, holding a screwdriver with unwavering focus.

Curiosity tinged Killer Frost's voice as she inquired, "What are you doing?"

Savitar released a weary sigh. "Flash damaged my suit in our fight. I am trying to fix it before my ascension begins."

Taking a moment to admire the sleek, silver armour, Killer Frost couldn't help but express her awe. "Pretty badass. Very Godlike," she remarked, impressed.

A chuckle escaped Savitar's lips as he replied, "Well, dress for the job you want."

Where is this conversation going? I narrowed my eyes, attempting to decipher her intentions.

"We are a team, right? Barry and Caitlin at it again." She quipped.

Savitar's expression darkened, and he retorted, "You're not Caitlin, and I'm not Barry."

"You sure you're going through with this?" Killer Frost probed, her voice betraying traces of uncertainty and doubt.

"What?" Savitar exclaimed, taken aback by her sudden onslaught of questions.

"Killing Iris. You're gonna take her to Infantino Street, and ram a metal spear through her back?" she pressed on.

Ah. That's what it is. She is having second thoughts.

Interrupting their tense exchange, I interjected, "Hey, why don't you hold off on the questions so he can finish his suit in time?"

"It's fine. I need more parts anyway," Savitar said with a clang, discarding the screwdriver, and swiftly departed from the lair, leaving a gust of wind in his wake.

As Savitar departed, I turned towards the now silent Killer Frost.

"Careful there, Elsa, your doubts and feelings are showing." I taunted.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Caught off guard, she struggled to find a response.

"I would believe you, but you're too easy to read," I sighed, sinking into the sofa.

"You're scared," I concluded. "Scared that the plan won't work, and Caitlin will resurface, trapping you in her subconsciousness once again, forever confined in darkness," I continued, tapping my fingers on my temple.

"Shut up!" she shot an icicle towards me, barely missing my head, her eyes now ablaze with anger, swirling with icy blue.

Undeterred by the close call, I pressed on. "You're already feeling it, aren't you? Just now, when Julian confessed, you felt that hint of guilt bubbling inside you?"

"SHUT UP!" She launched a few more icicles at me, each slicing through the air with a sharp whistle, leaving behind a trail of shimmering ice crystals and a fleeting mist that hung in the air. I maneuvered through the assault with the elegance of a seasoned dancer, evading each lethal projectile with poise and precision.

"So what? Just because we work together, you think you know me? You don't," she said coldly, the room slowly filling with white mist.

"I do have a degree in criminology," I said nonchalantly, even though my life potentially hung in the balance. "And this." Retrieving a gleaming metallic disk from my pocket, its surface shimmered like liquid mercury, adorned with six smaller disks elegantly orbiting its circumference, resembling celestial satellites dancing around a radiant star.

Catching it, her anger still simmering beneath the surface, she asked aggressively, "What's this rubbish?"

I chuckled and said, "That is the key to all your problems." Pausing for a moment, I continued, "Contrary to what Julian and the others might think, I don't believe you need fixing. You need help. This, theoretically, can splice Caitlin Snow and you with a little DNA reconfiguration."

Seeing the Quantum Splicer A.K.A. F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. matrix in a new light, she hesitated, complicated emotions flickering across her face, before looking up, squinting her eyes, and glaring at me suspiciously. "And why the hell would you help me?"

I stood up and placed my hand on her shoulder. My voice was filled with empathy and understanding, resonating with sincerity. "Like I said on the first day we met, you don't need to 'fix' yourself to be yourself. This is your chance to be who you want to be. Start over without the fear of Caitlin taking over one day. What do you say?"

Her expression softened slightly, revealing a hint of vulnerability, as if she was on the verge of agreement. But before she could respond, Savitar reappeared in a flash of blinding light. Killer Frost swiftly concealed the matrix, and I discreetly withdrew my hand from her shoulder as we attempted to act inconspicuous.

"Barry just went back in time to get Snart's help with stealing the power source from ARGUS for the speed gun," Savitar informed us.

"Well, should we stop them?" I asked.

"No, it doesn't matter. Let them take it. No speed gun can stop a god," he smirked arrogantly.

"Anything else?" I inquired.

"No, but when the time comes, I expect both of you to be ready," he said sharply before we all returned to our own tasks.


After a little mishap involving our escapee (Iris) and the resident coward (H.R.), the number of visitors dwindled to zero. With each passing second on the ticking clock, the long-awaited moment drew nearer.

"It's time," Savitar declared, his voice dripping with authority, as he forcefully gripped Iris's arm, her optimism still faintly flickering.

"Barry's plan will succeed. I believe in him," she asserted, her voice filled with unwavering determination, desperately clutching onto the dwindling threads of hope.

"We will see won't we?" Savitar retorted, his tone veiled in mockery, before shifting his gaze towards us. "Lure Cisco to the very forest we first met. Once I've killed Iris, I'll return for both of you. And Jason, should unforeseen circumstances arise, protect her at all costs."

Savitar clearly had grand designs for her. I nodded in acknowledgment, silently noting his intentions. In a swift flash of lightning, he vanished from sight.

"As if I require protection," Killer Frost scoffed, her dissatisfaction evident as she scorned Savitar's decision to assign her a babysitter. Her tone dripped with disdain, unwilling to accept that Savitar didn't think she could protect herself.

Shortly after Savitar's departure, we embarked on our journey toward the snow-covered forest on the outskirts of Central City where the fated duel between Killer Frost and Vibe will happen.