The Flash: Masque Of Death

~Starts from Season 3 of The Flash~ All his life, Jason had only ever wanted one thing. To be happy. Alas, life is full of disappointments. When Savitar come knocking on Jason's doorstep and offer him a chance to take back everything he has lost and become a God together. What will he choose? Will he choose to join Savitar and become a God or be the hero. !!! Caution: Don't expect Red Hood to be comic accurate. !!! (I don't own anything except my MC, and I am new to this so if there's any grammar, spelling or constructive criticism you want to let me know, feel free to leave a comment.)

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End Of Act One



Jason's towering, muscular form loomed over us as he unleashed a deafening shockwave by clapping his enormous palms together. The sheer force sent Jay, Wally, and I crashing to the ground, our ears ringing from the impact.

Struggling to rise, I urgently called out, desperate to prevent Jason from killing Savitar. Because that's not what we do.

"Guys, we need a plan!" I trailed off. As I surveyed their faces, I saw a deep despair and fear etched upon them. Even Killer Frost, who had once been Jason's partner, have a hint of fear in her eyes.

In that moment, uncertainty filled my heart. One thing was clear, though: Jason wasn't like any villain or vigilante we had encountered. He was different, unhinged, violent. And that made him dangerously unpredictable.

It was that unknown factor that instilled a deep fear within me, wondering what other horrifying acts he was capable of when pushed to his limits.

As Savitar disintegrated into a flurry of white shards, the raging beast, now known as Jason, let out a monstrous roar, jolting us out of our thoughts and fears. We all assumed battle stances, preparing to face this monstrous entity. Little did we know what would happen next.

In the midst of Jason's roar, Killer Frost stepped forward to confront him. Just as I moved to pull her out of harm's way, his fist abruptly halted, and she whispered something too soft for me to hear. Jason's transformation began to unravel, returning him to his normal self.

Relief washed over us, a collective sigh escaping our lips. However, within seconds, relief turned to concern as crimson veins snaked across Jason's body, and he thrashed around in agonising pain.

Concerned, I dashed toward them and turned to Killer Frost, who appeared worried. However, I didn't have time to dwell on the unfamiliar look on her face; someone was in danger.

"I can run him to the hospital," I suggested, ready to whisk him away but Killer Frost shot me a glare. "No. If we move him, he'll fry faster." She then turned to look at Cisco and said, "And I don't have the right equipment to figure out what's happening, so we can't breach him there as well."

Taken aback by her protectiveness, I stepped back, allowing Killer Frost, with her medical expertise, to take charge. As the rest of us stood by, Cisco leaned in and whispered to me, concern in his voice.

"Is she still Killer Frost or Caitlin?"

"I'm not sure. It's as if their personalities are merging," I replied, shrugging.

"She saved me earlier, and now she's saving Jason," Cisco added.

Wide-eyed in disbelief, I began to speak, but Killer Frost interrupted me.

"Flash! I've lowered his body temperature to the lowest possible level. It will prevent his condition from worsening, at least for now. You need to get him to the hospital immediately."

I nodded, understanding the situation. With care, I scooped up Jason's freezing cold, partially unclothed body and raced toward the hospital, my focus solely on getting him the treatment he desperately needed.

As I raced against time, Cisco's words echoed in my mind. Was Caitlin still alive somewhere within Killer Frost's exterior? Is her personality and memories directly influencing Killer Frost's behaviour?

These questions lingered, but for now, saving Jason was the priority. The answers would have to wait.



Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

The peaceful sound of birds chirping roused me from my slumber. Their melodic tunes permeated the air and gently nudged me awake. As I slowly opened my eyes, the warm embrace of sunshine greeted my senses, infusing me with newfound energy. To my surprise, I found myself in a pristine, white hospital room. Confusion clouded my thoughts as I rubbed my eyes, wondering if I was still lost in a dream. Blinking several times, I surveyed my unfamiliar surroundings.

"Is this what hell looks like? A hospital room?" I pondered, tilting my head in bewilderment, only to be startled by the presence of Frost in the corner.

Standing in the corner of the room, her arms crossed defiantly, a hood pulled over her head, and her signature scowl etched upon her face. Strands of her lustrous white hair cascaded down, partially obscuring her features.

"Took you long enough. Are you sure your name isn't Sleeping Beauty instead of Red Riding Hood?" Frost quipped, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Wait, did you die too?" I inquired, hoping to make sense of the situation.

Momentarily rendered speechless, Frost shot me a withering look that clearly conveyed my stupidity.

"Don't you remember anything?" she retorted, her tone laced with impatience.

"I remember transforming into a raging, red Hulk, witnessing Savitar's erasure from existence, and experiencing that excruciating pain from the 'Hulk serum' side effects. Oh, and then...you kissed me," I pointed accusingly, struggling to comprehend her actions, feeling a little violated at the moment.

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Frost responded, "Get over it. The kiss cooled your body temperature to prevent you from dying."

"Wait, so I'm not dead?" Confusion danced in my eyes as I cautiously patted my body, relieved to find it intact. A deluge of questions flooded my mind as I fixated on Frost.

"So you saved me?"

"Don't get too excited. I didn't save you for your sake. I did it because of the Splicer you owe me," she scoffed, averting her gaze. However, a fleeting smile tugged at the corners of her lips, revealing a hint of relief at my survival.

"I think you want a friend now that your best pal, Savitar, is gone," I teased, attempting to lighten the atmosphere.

"Say that again, and I dare you," she threatened, her glare capable of freezing the depths of hell.

"I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding," I hastily raised my hands in defence, wary of her powers and my vulnerable state. "Geez, can't she take a joke?" I muttered under my breath.

"I heard that." She glared.

"And you were right. About Savitar. About everything," she admitted, acknowledging my previous warnings.

I yearned to boast, to utter the words 'I told you so,' but wisely held my tongue, unwilling to provoke her wrath. An uncomfortable silence enveloped us, stretching for what felt like an eternity, until Frost finally made a move, preparing to depart.

Before she reached the door, I expressed my gratitude and said, "Thanks for saving my life."

Pausing, she glanced back at me and replied, "And don't you forget it."

"Won't dream of it." I chuckled, relieved to discover that the Frost I knew was still the same despite what happened with Savitar.

Pointing towards the bouquet of flowers adorning the bedside table, she remarked, "And someone sent those flowers to you. I don't know who's foolish enough to send them, but they must be as stupid as you." Pausing briefly, she seemed to contemplate her next words before dryly adding, "Try not to die too soon, I'm still waiting for that Splicer." Her tone carried an unusual blend of concern and detached indifference. With that final statement, she swiftly turned on her heels and left the room.

Shaking my head, I ignored her insults and I lifted up the bouquet of flowers from the bedside, curiosity gnawing at me. Gingerly picking up the accompanying card, I unfolded it with a mix of trepidation and anticipation. The card bore a simple yet ominous message, adorned with an intricate owl symbol at the bottom.


A/N: And that's a wrap for Act 1. Sorry if you expect a relationship between Frost and Jason right away but there's no way Frost would be in a relationship that fast since she just became 'aware' and in a sense associates feelings with her counterpart's side, Caitlin whom she hates. So, she's basically emotionally unavailable but in the last few chapters we can see her getting more in touch with a little bit of her feelings, which we will progress and slowly make our way to a relationship between her and Jason. As for why she saved Jason, it seems very unnatural but she is just trying to repay her debt for saving her life and in the end after this Savitar fiasco, she kinda treat him like a friend. Or at least as close to a friend as it can be, even if she does't admit it.

Okay, that's it from me. Until next time. Stay tuned for the next act.