The Extra's Weight.

A handsome, young college student reads a webnovel his friends recommended him to read. After completing it, he goes to sleep. But when he wakes up... he finds himself in a bit of a pickle. And by that, I mean, a reality-bending, butt-clenching, heart-wrenching problem. Follow the story of Samuel Francis, an extra character that the original novel never mentioned as he steals opportunities from future villains to strengthen himself and ensure survival. But, will he ever be able to return back to Earth, to his family and friends? A few points to note before you read: 1) The main character(the reader who gets transmigrated) is a GRAVITY MAGE. Meaning, he can manipulate gravity and attack opponents with it. (That's why the name, The Extra's Weight) 2) He can also use one other type of magic, called 'Energy Magic', which is basically null-magic, or non-elemental magic. 3) This novel DOESN'T have a sentient system. Actually, the system very rarely even makes an appearance. 4) NO HAREM. 5) Actual, slow-burn romance. 6) Main Character isn't some emo villain who uses people and avoids social contact. 7) If you don't like things like entire chapters dedicated to grinding materials or rare artefacts and talismans, you won't enjoy this novel. But if you do, you'll love it. 8) There's a lot of info dump in the first few chapters. And there will be more later on. This novel is inspired by 'Novel's Extra' and 'Author's POV'. But keep in mind, the story of this novel is nothing like the two of them.

Xeanos · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
60 Chs

Evangeline (II)

I was currently on a skyrail, going towards the place where I would meet with Jhon and invest in him. Beside me is Evangeline who forcefully followed me and got her ass kicked.

She is still frowning and keeping a very close watch on me. Its starting to get on my nerves.

"Hey, can you not stare at me so much? Its uncomfortable.", I said.

"Huh...? Oh! right... sorry about that...", she replied and turned her gaze back in embarrassment.

I couldn't understand why she was so uppity about this stupid thing. It would have been so much easier to just ask me about how I secured the first place in the written exams than to follow me in secret. It makes no sense!

'She might actually have some other ulterior motive...', I thought.

"Why did you decide to come with me?", I blurted out. I'm the type to straight up ask the question and wait for an answer rather than guessing what the reason might be.

"I would have immediately gone back after you had found me, but I decided to stick with you because of what you showed me.", she answered.

"What I showed you?"

"That 'thing' you did to press me down... jeez! Its embarrassing to say out loud!", she said with an annoyed as well as embarrassed expression.

'Ah... now I get it... She's interested in gravity magic...', I thought.

"Right. Actually, I can tell you what I did, although it won't really be of help to you in any way..."

"Please tell me, then! I don't care if it would help me or not! I have never seen or heard of anything like that!", all her embarrassment suddenly vanished and her crimson-red eyes almost looked like they were sparkling with curiosity.

"Okay, okay... Its a 'Skill' that I possess. I can increase or decrease the weight of my target.", I fulfilled her curiosity with lies. There was no way I was going to reveal my gravity magic just yet.

"Hmm, a skill huh... interesting...", it almost looked like she was writing things down in her mind as she stared at my face blankly.

"The Skyrail will now slow down to enter the station.", the mechanical voice spoke up and the train rapidly started losing speed.

"Hey, watch out!", I yelled while suppressing my voice and caught the disbalanced Evangeline.

"AH!", she fell into my arms as soon as I pulled her in.

'What the hell? seriously... does she have some of her screws loose up there?', I thought.

"Did you not hear the announcement? are you deaf or something? so this is why you got a lesser score than Sophia and me... you don't pay any attention to your surroundings!", I once again suppressed my voice and yelled at her.

"l-l-let go of me!", she pushed my chest, which actually kind of hurt, since her physical stats were higher than mine.

"Cough! Okay! Jeez! Are you always such a klutz?!", I was seriously pissed of at her. Who the fuck does she think she is? I helped her not to fall of the seat and what does she repay me with? A violent push in the chest!

"Ah! Sorry! I-I d-didn't mean to!", she tried to apologize, but I wasn't having any of it.

"If you're really sorry, then compensate me with money!", I retaliated.

"O-Okay, h-how much do you want?"

"Tsk! never mind. Just buy me a gift or something, I don't really care.", I didn't expect she would actually agree to that...

'This is so tiring...', I thought as we both got up and left the train.

By the way, I finally got a good gauge on Evangeline's height. She is almost the same height as me, only an inch or two shorter.

She was wearing a beanie and a pair of sunglasses, probably to hide her appearance. It wouldn't be very good if people suddenly found out that Evangeline was going around with a totally random kid. It would solidify the rumor about her being a slut, which she was not.

Anyways, we had to walk from the station to Jhon's residence. It was a 15 minute walk.

"I'm about to go meet someone of importance and I don't want a stranger like you to barge in on our conversation, so please, kindly stay where I tell you to and don't get lost in the crowd. I'll only take a few minutes.", I said to her.

"Jeez! I'm not a kid! I know not to barge in on other people's conversations and how not to get lost!", she yelled.

'haha, that's kinda cute... WAIT WHAT?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST THINK?!?!', I once again violently shook my head from side to side and deleted all weird thoughts.

"Give me your phone number.", I asked.

"WH-WHAT?! why do you want my number?!", she became all flustered again.

'fuck... she really is cute... WAIT NO!'

"Tsk! I can't be sure if you won't get lost or not! And just in case I need more time, you can go back to the academy after informing me!"

"Oh! right... of course!", she obliged and finally gave me her number.

Not gonna lie, it felt kinda weird getting a girl's number like that. It was so unromantic that it was laughable.

I left Evangeline in a nearby park and told her to wait for an hour. I was expecting her to throw a tantrum and not agree to it, but surprisingly, she agreed without hesitation. I guess she has more patience than I thought...? She wasn't as bad as I thought...

After leaving her, I fell into thought.

'I was originally 20 years old, back on my world... So I'm technically 3 years older than Evangeline, who is just 17 right now... I hope this isn't a crime or anything...'

'NO! I don't have any weird feelings for Evangeline, okay? I'm not going after her! I'm not!'

'She's just a junior! yeah! That's all she is to me!', I sorted out my thoughts and finally stopped at the gates of Jhon's residence.

Sorry for not uploading these last few days. There was a lot of homework to complete. anyways, here's another chapter. I know its kind of like a filler chapter, but a novel can't have many action chapters, right? I need to build some prolouge to an important action, and then complete it.

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