3 Using System

The room was dim, the lights were off, and a peculiar heat lingered inside the room, while Anna's and Harry's naked bodies lay on the bed. Tired.

Both having just lost Virginity, it was quite tiring.

Smiling to himself, Harry's emotions roiled inside him as he looked at the sleeping Anna, she was the first Woman he had really liked and ended up being with.

pinching her cheeks, "So cute!" he exclaimed inside and then kept looking at her for a while.

She was his woman, someone he cared for.

And he was sure she cared for him too.

But for now, he had important matters to take care of, someone capable of poisoning him inside the room was definitely not a small issue. And regarding this detail, he was sure Anna had no part in it.

Ace part of him hadn't become a billionaire by farting, he could read body language enough to find some clues if she had tried poisoning him a mere hour ago.

He left the bed and sat on the floor, then thought about the system. Immediately, a black screen appeared infront of him, vast like the waves of an ocean in his gaze.

Pleasure Points: 3.0

Harry blinked, 'So I get 3 pleasure points every time I have sex?'

Confused, he clicked on the attribute, and further details popped up:

[Pleasure can take various forms, but only one type consistently yields pleasure points.]

[Engaging in intimate activities with another individual provides the highest amount of pleasure points.]

[Each session of intimacy may grant 1 to 5 pleasure points, with higher points awarded for stronger connections to your partner, such as bloodline or soul connections.

[The more taboo the thing you are doing, the more pleasure you get, and the more connected the partner, the more points you earn.]

[For example: Engaging in intimate activities with a complete stranger may provide 1 point, and up to a maximum of 2 points.]

[Activities with a long-distance blood relative will grant 3 points.]

[Closely related individuals can provide more than 4 points per session.]

[Blood relation is not the sole factor in determining the connection; soul bonds or partner contracts can also yield 4-5 points.]

[5 points is the maximum that can be earned in a single session.]

Harry blinked and frowned, "So Anna was my long-distance blood relative?"

Ah, now that I think of it, no wonder she had a choice in becoming who's personal maid.

She chose me then because I was called a eunuch at that point! No wonder, no wonder!

Normal people were just dirt in comparison to princes and princesses, but royalty, no matter how thin the bloodline, had solid rights.

She must have been allowed inside the family and given proper benefits in return for being a maid, and she chose the safest prince, the guy without any gifts and a eunuch to boot.

Harry smirked, "And she ended up falling for me instead?"

Pretty boy looks had its quirks I guess.

Hmmm, he then frowned, what should I put my points in?

Considering it, the most important was his life, clicking on Defense, he pondered for a second and clicked the (+) on its side once.

A cool Watery-wave-like feeling washed past him, his heart tightened and loosened, his body became taut and then calm, He sighed in wonder and clicked on Strength and Soul limit once each.

The same thing happened — a watery-wave-like feeling.

Standing up, he stretched, and bones all over his body cracked one by one.

And he then looked at his new Potential, his black eyes shining dimly,

- Strength: 2

- Defense: 2

- Stamina: 1

- Agility: 1

- Soul Limit: 1/2

- Abilities: Lustful Absorption.

"So our blood connection was not close enough to let me copy her abilities?"

That's a shame.

But then again, a deep smile slowly stretched across his face, hadn't Anna been asleep, he would have laughed out loud.

My body could bend metal at this point, right?

And according to the defense attribute, I can't be harmed by mere knives anymore.

How far does this path go, can it bring me power? Power enough to sway nature itself, to become a god, to be an eternally supreme star rather than a flame that brightens for a second…

Haa… I sure hope so, I sure do.

Then it rang in him, does eternal path mean the same thing?

He breathed out and shook his head, putting the thoughts to the back of his head.

But one thing was for sure, if there was a small path to heaven in this new world, he will reach it even if he had to walk through hell first.

It was not a promise to anyone, it was his belief.

And if there was anyone with a chance, it must be me. He will be ashamed to death if he couldn't achieve something even with such a powerful Gift and system at his disposal.

He had enough confidence in himself to have a try at least.

He then glanced sideways, and to his surprise, another potential popped up,

[Eternal Companions:


Potential of an attribute can be increased using pleasure points on companions: (10;1 ratio)

strength: 0.6

Stamina: 0.7

Defence: 0.3

Ability: Exceptional Senses (S0) — increase all bodily senses including, smell, taste, and even pleasure by 3 times.

[Soul limit: 1 (impossible to increase)]

'Ah! So I get their potential in the screen once I mark them mine?'


But do I have to use 10 points for 1 improvement?

He then glanced at the (S0) mark, "Does this show the stage of my gift?"

He clicked it, it was better to know if there was something he didn't know,

[Knowledge collected from the host's memories: (There were 5 Stages to any and all abilities, or rather as the natives call them, gifts.

For example, Water Manipulation,

It may begin as an ability that can only control water in a single cup at best

Then at stage 2, it will be able to control a much larger amount of water, about a bucket's worth, and even start to use other aspects of water like its sharpness when concentrated.

At stage 3, the gifted will be able to control almost anything with high water content, for example, blood, the gifted could control the blood of others and they could easily kill them if the receiving end had no countermeasures.

At stage 4, you could control water bodies as vast as rivers by yourself, and change their course, control water vapors in the air and perform rather miraculous godlike things with that, For example, draining a state of its water content.

At stage 5, you can control literal parts of a sea and then even have complete control of the water in your set vicinity and call yourself its sovereign.

The stage after stage 5 is the mysterious Stage of Awakening, a stage that no one had ever reached yet.)

Harry shook his head, disappointed, he had at least expected something more on awakening… it just took the thoughts right out of his head and even complicated it a bit.

Rather than saying it as different stages of the same ability, in his opinion, it is better if it is described as different stages of understanding the gift.

The more you understand and use your gift, the more you will get closer to the next stage.

'I wonder what Lustful absorption will grow into in stage 2 though…'

Nevertheless, he smiled and got back into his bed, slithering into the bedsheets and bringing his little maid, who was tiredly asleep, into his comforting embrace.

He still had to think about the assassins… but for now, this was enough.

If they didn't use force the first time and just went with sneaky poison, it meant they certainly weren't bold enough to attack him outright.

Let them wait till he burned their asses.

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