The Eternal Family Book

novel - Fantasy

The Eternal Family


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CAUTION: [Taboo] In a world brimming with unique abilities known as Gifts, every person possesses their own extraordinary power. Follow Harry as he sets out to conquer the world, starting from his royal lineage. With the mysterious amalgamation of the blood of Eternals in his hands and his formidable Gift as his ally, Harry aims for the throne of the Eternal—Uncaring of the foes equally formidable and much more resolute than him standing in his way. Prepare to witness a web of decadence and indulgence as Harry lays claim to his family's women—sister, mother, aunt and more in the most intimate and possessive manner. ______________________________________ As the story unfolds, delve into a world of intricate world-building, where the exploration of Gifts uncovers hidden desires and exposes the depths of carnal pleasure. Amidst this scorching narrative, brace yourself for moments of graphic sensuality heightened by the throes of raw passion. Beware: There is going to be gore and extremely taboo sensuality. Note that this novel does not contain Yuri (girl-girl relationships) or NTR (cuckoldry) elements. And, of course, no beast sh*t or underage sh*t, those are just disgusting. The woman who once shared an intimate connection with Harry will eternally remain exclusively devoted to him. _ Join our discord: https://discord.gg/zNVefSFxYP