51 Memory Retreival

Royal Palace, Emma's Bed chambers.

The silence of the sound-locked room was broken as Harry's voice pierced through the stillness.

"So how do I get their memories back?" he asked, his gaze fixed upon Emma, his mother, peacefully asleep on the bed. By her side, infant Lilly slumbered in tranquil bliss.

"Mm... it's quite complicated in the case of Lilly. But Emma's case should be rather easy... in a sense," replied Verma in her naked 10 cm form, standing on Harry's shoulder. Her beautiful visage of black wavy hair and beautiful black eyes gave her a doll-like appearance.

"So... Lilly can't get her memories back now?"

"No, she can't. Don't get your hopes up too soon. Not even Emma will get her memories back any time soon," warned Verma gently as she put a small hand on his cheek. Her eyes overflowed with love as she continued, "But don't worry, we will bring your mother back."


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