16 Fear

With a knock, Anna, Harry's personal maid cum lover, entered his room,

She was wearing a new pair of black and white maid dresses, even though the same color scheme, the design was far from any ordinary maid dress design from Europe, it was a white kimono with a black skirt, yet, what made it unique was the body underneath,

Rich white skin, black hair, and a beautiful homely face that still had a bit of inexperience in life written on it due to its young age of 18,

with a beautiful smile on her face as decoration too...

Makeup wasn't a thing in this world, but beauty-enhancing ability users working as aestheticians were a norm

Especially in the Royal Palace, which had a bunch of truly professional or rather, miraculous, beauticians working for them

And after her 'promotion', she had spend some effort to enhance her already stunning beauty even further, using her 'Exceptional Senses' to help the beauticians recognize her flaws truly made her seem flawless to an ordinary human eye.

"Wow, Baby, you are even more beautiful than yesterday!" The devilish voice of Ace resounded in Anna's ears as the next moment, she found herself stuck against a wall, The now muscular body of the handsome Harry facing her with a smirk,

yet, before she could understand or think about why someone who should be a null exceeded the senses of her 'Exceptional Senses' at stage one by merely his physical speed, she felt a sneaky and slick tongue invading her mouth and soon, they were deep into their kisses,

Their tongues intertwined yet attracted each other more to themselves as soon, as their body reached the bed on its own and they cuddled briefly, but before it could continue,

Anna stopped and distanced herself from him, pushing him gently away, and stood near the bed with a nearly steaming red face before she said hurriedly "Young master, it's your breakfast time, madam and young miss will be waiting for you!"

but he didn't care what she was saying and,

Again, she found herself in his embrace and kisses rained on her face before he chuckled and licked her cheeks, then asked"Why don't I have YOU for breakfast instead?" his voice murmuring into her ears like the whispers of the devil,

feeling an electrical thrill going through her system, she froze and stuttered, speaking with difficulty "Wha..what are you tal..ta..talking about!" her face was absolutely and stunningly red, as beautiful as a freshly plucked flower

No true man could or should ever be calm seeing this,

and he was not calm at all!

His thing was already half standing,

even though it had plowed the majestic lands of his sister half an hour ago!

Even though he was just teasing her previously, her current beauty was beyond his restrainable limits, and he didn't plan to restrict himself anymore, no matter what, he will have her again, Today, NOW!

His penis shall enter another field today!

she was a beautiful woman, turned on due to him, under him, blushing fiercely having heard the literal lewdest thing in her life,

How could he drop it here and call himself a man?!

As the aura around Ace became more determined and masculine, Anna's face became even redder, borderline looking like fresh and tasty crimson blood

And that just made it much more enticing, and seeing that he was determined, Anna too was ready for a quickie

but she suddenly remembered and said "Young master, I just remembered-"


Harry didn't get to hear the next part,

An aura that shouldn't be felt by any mortal was released,

only a very minuscule amount,

it came from inside his system,

and he felt it,

What a mortal shouldn't feel,

An aura that was vast like time itself, He felt it for a brief second...

An eternal aura,

it was the aura of the Eternal Blood,

His eyes went blank and quiet,

His body shook,

Face paled,

His soul shivered,

The world spun,


The sheer ludicrous amount of absolute fear hit him from nowhere, directly to his soul, before he could react or think, his body was falling out of its natural orbit, into an unknown darkness

The last thing he saw was Anna frozen in time, face cringing in fear and disbelief, and his system screen blinking on and off non-stop.

What was it? He briefly felt as if he had read something there, something like...

His world completely and utterly fell into the dark and void, completely unconscious of anything and everything.

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