The Eternal Battlefield Book

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The Eternal Battlefield


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[A dynamic plane of war, existing for aeons is now in the process of devouring your planet!] [Welcome to the Eternal Battlefield!] [It is a place where extinction is frequent and technology can dissolve stars, a complete battle zone where you must kill to gain levels and skills.] [You have been identified as a human, a non-mana based being. Starting enhancement process...] [Process complete you are now Lv. 0 human (No class)] [Enter human. I wish you good luck] . . . [You will need it...] _____ Summary: Noah and Alice are childhood sweethearts that have been separated for years due to circumstances. In a dramatic reunion the two discover a new world called ‘The Eternal Battlefield’. Living up to its name, this game like world isn’t as peaceful as it seems. Under the skills, magic, monsters and dungeons is the fight for survival of the human race. Currently on volume 1 [Protected Zone]


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