The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order

Thousands of years ago, humankind left the Old World. We enter a new age where science and magic are no longer opposing concepts. With these new opportunities came danger in the form of the Dark Races and the ones that named themselves Gods. However, if there was one thing humans were good at was their ability to destroy. Humankind fought and carved a bloody path into the new world. Cain's luck had never been good, but his destiny changed forever once he decided to harden his heart and face the world without fear or hesitation. --Godslayer Humankind's motto.-- We can comprehend the supernatural. We can dominate the supernatural. We can kill the supernatural - Adam, Emperor of Godslayer Humankind, The First Titan. Current schedule: 21 chapters a week. Bonus chapters: Over 400 power stones: 3 extra chapters. Over 800 power stones: 6 extra chapters. Over 1200 power stones: 9 extra chapters. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/R666sNEdrU

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Godslayer Humankind

Under the guidance of the Emperor of Humankind, the political and military structure of the Old World changed immensely. Paper money lost its value since it would be useless in the new world, and the true value of a man fell into his mind and brute strength.

Strategists, generals, and soldiers became the most significant figures of the new world. Politicians and the likes found that rallying the masses mattered little when one man could kill all of them with a single strike.

After spending almost a year raising talents and teaching people the basics of the new world and the Wave, the Emperor of Humankind led humanity out of their ancestral home and into a new world.

Thanks to the Emperor of Humankind's protection and the rise of soldiers that mastered the Wave, humankind obtained a foothold in this new world.

One of the first hurdles of the new world was the approach toward science, as the physical laws of this new world were different from the Old World, making the current technology useless.

However, humankind persevered. Our territories expanded, and the creatures that were unstoppable monsters became nothing more than food.

Seventy-six years after leaving the Old World, humankind learned two pieces of crucial information.

The first was that the new world had the name Aether, and we were currently in the Gaia Continent. The world's size remained a topic for discussion, but the Gaia Continent was one thousand times larger than the Old World.

The second information was the presence of other sentient races as wise as humans and who mastered the Wave to a much higher level.

A bloody war began soon after meeting those new races, and although humankind was powerful, we were still too young. Our lack of power and the enemy carnage pushed humanity to the brink of extinction.

We called them Dark Races, and their leaders responsible for humankind's setbacks were known as Gods.

Unlike the deities of our Old World, the Dark Races' Gods were not mere ephemeral entities that no one could touch or see. They were supernatural life forms with the power to crush mountain ranges and burn oceans.

Just when everything seemed lost, humankind did the best they knew how to do.

We destroyed.

After almost one hundred years of research, humankind managed to adapt one of the most potent weapons of the Old World to work in the new world.

The weapon we used was named H-Bombs.

A nuclear weapon can trigger an explosion capable of unleashing heat one hundred times higher than the Old World's sun's core, and H-Bombs could be one thousand times deadlier!

The Emperor of Humankind and his most trusted generals tricked the Gods into marching toward the territories of humankind.

When the Dark Races' armies and the Gods reached the core of humankind's territories, the only thing they found was empty lands.

And one thousand H-Bombs!

It was night, but the blast of those H-Bombs illuminated the sky for fifteen minutes.

Such an explosion would have doomed the Old World, but Aether managed to endure without a problem.

Millions of Dark Race's warriors perished along with a great number of Gods. And while some Gods managed to survive, none of them did it without suffering horrible wounds.

The Emperor of Humankind knew that the H-Bombs' trick did not mean they had won and would only give them some time to improve their power.

Humankind went into hiding and slowly improved their strength while the Dark Races healed.

Peace reigned for five hundred years until a new war erupted. However, this time, it was not the Dark Races that started it, but humankind.

We came out of our hiding and marched toward the Dark Races. Humankind warriors could match their counterparts, but against the Gods, they were nothing.

Yet, while the Dark Races had their Gods, humankind obtained its own spiritual leaders, the Titans!

As for the first and mightiest of all Titans, he was no other than the Emperor of Humankind.

It was brutal and bloody, and hundreds of millions perished, but after almost one thousand years of war, humankind expelled the Dark Races and got total control of the Gaia Continent.

That war was known as the War of Supremacy and canonized humankind as the Godslayer Humankind!


Cain always felt excitement running through his heart as he read the book. While that period was bloody, it was also a time of legends and myths.

He closed the book and read the words in the back, which was the motto of the Godslayer Humankind, making his heart beat faster.

We can comprehend the supernatural. We can dominate the supernatural. We can kill the supernatural - Adam, Emperor of Humankind, The First Titan.

Cain returned the book to the shelf and took out Introduction to Wave Cultivation.

For the Godslayer Humankind, the most basic Path of Power that almost all followed in Wave Cultivation used a Sacred Organ located in the lower belly named Evolution Core.

In its natural state, the Wave finds itself as Life Wave. One must draw it into the Evolution Core, which will transform into Essence Wave.

The faster one can draw Life Wave into your Evolution Core, the greater your talent would be. Someone like Cain with a Low Tier 1 Wave Talent would need ten years to become a Level 1 Wave Warrior, while those with high talent like Jonathan only need a few months.

There were methods to improve one's Wave Talent, but obtaining them without background and extraordinary wealth was impossible.

Cain read the book for almost an hour and only stopped when he felt how the pain finally subdued. Although there was still some damage left in his body, it would heal alone and won't bother him during his training.

Before leaving his home, the youth ate something and gave one final bow to the small altar. He began to run at full speed toward a small forest not too far away from his location.

Cain was too engrossed in his training and failed to notice two eyes looking at him from the shadows.


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