The Epic of Leviathan

I am currently working on the REBOOT of this Fanfic... Previously named as- A Mutant's Ascension The CoverArt is provided by LordValmar and I really appreciate his help. This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters except the MC and all the Worlds belong to their original owners ------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: First of all I want to declare that English is not my first language, so if you cannot overlook a few mistakes then this fanfic is not for you. The MC is neutral evil, so don't complain about that at a later date saying that MC is evil or something like that. Last warning, in this fanfic some characters will have a different attitude than the canon or the original version so please note this warning before jumping into this. I am also writing this to pass my time nothing serious, but I will try my best to complete this fic. This is going to be a World Travel Fic. 1st World: My Hero Academia 2nd World: Harry Potter World 3rd World: Marvel Cinematic & X-Men Cinematic Universe X-Over (Comics Elements Involved) 4th World: Highschool DXD (Final World) -------------------------------------------------------------- MC doesn't meet a God after his death so he didn't have an idea about what he had to do in the future or even if he will have a power or not. But all of this changes on MC's 4th birthday, when he awakens his quirk and receives a message from God. Only one mission is given to him and no other directions or commands. Join the MC in his path to see (or read) how he completes the mission and which path he takes. -------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Channel- https://discord.gg/vQ6rPaqVYs

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Golden Cup & Silver Cup... {EDITED}

[POV Reo(Edgar)]

What happened in the Tonks residence was embarrassing in the least. Honestly, there is no way in hell that I would become so young in any other world. That shit ain't happening again... fuck world and fuck plot.

After that, the rest of the day was quite normal. Sirius made some more fun but after getting hexed into the backyard by Dora he decided to keep his mouth shut. Harry is a good boy, even though he grew up with Sirius he didn't say anything. Good for his health I guess.

The rest of the day was spent quite normally... chatting and having fun and all. With Boxing Day over, Dora had to return to her job, you can't take too many leaves no matter who you are, because of me Dora still got some leaves, or Aurors still have to work even on Christmas Eve... Cops don't get too many holidays.

I invested the rest of my holiday sneaking around ICW headquarters, it was so easy that I honestly didn't want to do it again. Even if these guys were much smarter than Ministry guys, they are still stupid. Yes their wards were strong and they can't stop Imperio, so I casually Imperiused a guy and made him tell me the structure of the building. I know I shouldn't do it but I never said that I was someone good.

Now, the reason I was doing this was so that I could find anything related to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. After all, because of the changes I wanted to gather all the information. And, I was at least impressed with security there. There were several trigger spells on the cabinets. If anyone without permission touches the file then the words will vanish... nifty trick. So, seeing that I reached a dead end I decided to visit my beloved Ministry of Magic.

Contacting Amelia, I found that the information was already there in the Department of Magical Games. She easily whisked the guard details for me. Ah... having someone inside is so nice!!

Invading Ministry of Magic was easy like it always had been. I was so disappointed that they still haven't improved them. I wanted to have some action... no matter how small it was. With an invisibility cloak over me, and several charms to mask my sound, heat, and smell I easily entered the Department of Magical Games. I quickly rummaged through the files related to Tri-Wizard Tournament. As soon as I found them I started to make copies as I wanted to leave quickly.

With the copies done, I quickly headed towards Amelia's office after all she asked for a copy herself. As the Department Head of Magical Law Enforcement, she was really curious. But, reaching the DMLE floor I think Amelia had decided to prank me because the security was fucking strong... my face contorted like a sucked a lemon.

Fick it... I won't lose to that old bag of Bones (no pun intended). Deciding to greet Amelia I directly Flash Stepped into her office ignoring everything and found that she was sitting in her chair with a smug grin on her face which she was happily tapping her fingers on the table.

Oh... so this joke for. I will give her a joke if she doesn't die due to a heart attack. I quickly moved behind her and took off my invisibility cloak and canceled all the charms and leaned down behind her ear.

"Boo!" Just as I said, "Kyaaaahhh" Amelia screamed like a little school girl who had seen a ghost and jumped on her table and flopped down on the floor. I almost felt bad for her... almost.

Amelia immediately shot up and pointed her wand in my direction and finally lowered it after seeing that it was me but her cheeks also reddened in embarrassment. "Fuck you! Fuck you, Edgar! My heart almost jumped out of my mouth... I can still feel my heart around my throat" Amelia said putting a hand on her chest and plopped down on the guest chair as she started to breathe heavily.

"Sorry... it was too good of a chance to give up. It's only fair after you decided to prank me" I said and sat down on Amelia's chair.

"Fuck you bastard! Morgana's saggy tits! How the hell did you get behind me?" Amelia exclaimed while glaring at me.

"Language" I said in a scolding tone and opened the cabinet where Amelia kept her firewhisky and pulled out a glass and bottle for her. I raised my head and saw Amelia was still trying to bore a hole in my head with her glare. I quickly poured her a drink and pulled out the files. Her eyes immediately turned towards the files.

"Did you take a peek?" Amelia asked while I handed her the files.

"Just to check if they are the right files or not. After all, I spend more time in there to clean any signs of breaking in... Magical People are stupid but they can still change their plans... I don't want that happening" I said and leaned back on her chair and looked around her room. Her table was a mess because she jumped on it. I waved my hand and fixed everything like it was. It was a nifty spell I picked up but it was obviously a dark spell according to Ol Twinkles and Ministry.

"You know that was a dark spell, right?" Amelia said while her eyes were still in the files.

"According to whom? Fuck them... as long as you didn't cast it, it doesn't matter, after all, sensors don't get wrong" I said nonchalantly.

"There have finally gone nuts... they must be completely off their rocker if they have honestly planned this" Amelia said still reading the files. I leaned on her table which she must have noticed as looked up from the files.

"They are introducing another cup, the original Tri-Wizard Cup which they are going to use select the 7th year students and they have arranged another cup. A silver cup made by goblins... they are going to use this cup to select students in the age group of 14-16. That means 4th year to 6th year..." Amelia said finally putting down the files and she started to rub her head.

"Yep... this is golden. Yeah, why not? Let 4th students participate in the same events where even 7th year students get fried" I said and I have already started to think if I should participate to not.

"At least the good thing is the Silver Cup won't rip off your magic if you decided to drop out" Amelia said gulping down the whole glass of firewhisky. I opened the bottle and poured another glass for her to which she nodded appreciatingly.

"Well... that's good but what are going to stop the students from backing away?" I asked in confusion. After all, if they are going to such length to get 6 participants so they can't have students backing out.

"Well, they are only free until the 1st week of selection after that you can't back out or you will be paralyzed for a year... magically" Amelia said while gulping down the whole drink again.

Damn... that's even better. If someone wants to get out then paralyze them for a year, why not? After all, this is the Magical World who the fuck cares about logic? Logic can get fucked... we will do whatever we like!!

"I am seriously considering killing all these stupid people. There is line" I said to which Amelia nodded her head.

"Sometimes, I also want to do that... that Moron Fudge is going to be the first one I am going to gut. He creeps the hell out of me and thank Merlin you killed that Pink Toad" Amelia said while gritting her teeth.

"Honestly, I never met that Pink Toad before that day but something from inside was telling me to kill her" I said while nodding my head sagely.

"So, what are you going to do? Join the tournament?" Amelia asked me.

"Honestly, I am not sure... I don't know. Yes, I am interested, and if I participate I will have a good chance to win but I don't know. At least, I can't confirm anything now" I said to her. It's true... I wasn't sure. Yes, I was really curious and interested to see the changes in First Person perspective by participating but I am not sure if I wanted to throw myself into that or not.

After that, Amelia checked the rest of the files which were details about the proposed tasks as none of them were confirmed. They have noted down 27 tasks as of now but only 3 will be selected for the tournament. It was already late so both of us decided to take our leave from here and call it a day...

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