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I am currently working on the REBOOT of this Fanfic... Previously named as- A Mutant's Ascension The CoverArt is provided by LordValmar and I really appreciate his help. This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters except the MC and all the Worlds belong to their original owners ------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: First of all I want to declare that English is not my first language, so if you cannot overlook a few mistakes then this fanfic is not for you. The MC is neutral evil, so don't complain about that at a later date saying that MC is evil or something like that. Last warning, in this fanfic some characters will have a different attitude than the canon or the original version so please note this warning before jumping into this. I am also writing this to pass my time nothing serious, but I will try my best to complete this fic. This is going to be a World Travel Fic. 1st World: My Hero Academia 2nd World: Harry Potter World 3rd World: Marvel Cinematic & X-Men Cinematic Universe X-Over (Comics Elements Involved) 4th World: Highschool DXD (Final World) -------------------------------------------------------------- MC doesn't meet a God after his death so he didn't have an idea about what he had to do in the future or even if he will have a power or not. But all of this changes on MC's 4th birthday, when he awakens his quirk and receives a message from God. Only one mission is given to him and no other directions or commands. Join the MC in his path to see (or read) how he completes the mission and which path he takes. -------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Channel- https://discord.gg/vQ6rPaqVYs

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Christmas Holidays (II)... {EDITED}

[POV Reo(Edgar)]

"So, let me get this straight, this guy here is not an actual Dark Lord and he is currently trying to stop a Dark Lord maker?" Jean Delacour, head of the Delacour family asked incredulously. From his looks he was completely bewildered and honestly anyone in his place would be.

"I simply can't believe this… after all he is such a Great Wizard, he was the one who killed and stopped the terror of Gellert Grindelwald" Apolline Delacour said while shaking her head.

"That's not exactly right, the Old Goat never killed Grindelwald. After all, he was not able to kill his own lover. So, he did the next best thing, he stowed him away and threw the key…" I was saying but I was cut off by the youngest of the Delacours.

"Lies! How can we believe that you are telling the truth?" Fleur said while huffing. Both his mother and father looked worried, that I would retaliate.

"Of course not. I have heard that Lord Delacour here has quite a pull in the French Ministry. Ask him to make some inquiries in a prison named Nurmengard. You will find that a certain Dark Lord is there and who pays him visit frequently" I said in a mysterious manner. Jean Delacour was a smart man… he knew that there is no smoke without a fire. At this moment he might find it hard to believe but there will be no harm in finding out the truth himself.

"Ah… no matter how enjoyable my day was, I think I should leave. After all, I ruined your day because of my own wrong timing. See ya" With that said I quickly Apparated out of the Black Property. After that, I Portkeyed back into our castle. Damn!! I didn't want the truth to be out so soon. Well, it won't be a consequence to my plans, after all, no British wizards or witches wouldn't take a second of their day and look at any other newspaper the Daily Prophet.

Yes, the Quibbler grew really famous after I gave my interview but that doesn't people would readily buy it. And still, most of the people treat the magazine as a rag and they think that it is mostly filled with fantasy creatures and conspiracy theories. I have talked to Luna about this matter but she seems fine regarding this matter. For her, it is completely fine paper and she won't change it for anything. Well, at least she is sure about that.

So, the news of Gellert Grindelwald still being alive getting out in Britain is highly unlikely. Even if it gets out, there won't be a lot of problems after all its already 3rd year and I won't need much more time to commence my plans. After all, the final papers about the Tri-Wizard Tournament are going to be signed in next month and after that, there won't be going back.

Finally, Christmas arrived and most of the morning was spent opening gifts all of us received. After that, we spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Nothing like sex happened… the five of us just sat on the roof under an umbrella with an area-wide heating charm so the cold and snow won't bother us. After a nice and warm lunch, the five of us quickly got ready, after all, we were invited to Bones Manor.

Three of us were quite unhappy to wear robes, especially, if the robes made us look like a peacock. Nemuri, Dora, and I were really unhappy that we have to wear robes and strut around like a peacock. At least Dora and I were, after all, Dora didn't like to pose in any pureblood manner… I also didn't like looking like a peacock. But, Nemuri liked looking like a peacock… the reason she was unhappy was because robes were truly conservative and she is an exhibitionist…

Rumi didn't care a lot because she didn't need to wear these God-Awful abominations for quite long. She herself accepted that she didn't mind sufferings for a few hours. Only, Momo was different as she completely liked this robes fashion. It was new for her and like always she liked trying new things… I grabbed some Floo powder and threw them into the Floo and called out 'Bones Manor' and walked into the Floo.

I elegantly arrived in the Bones Manor and immediately met with the sights of several guests. Sirius and Harry were already here, the Greengrasses were here too, the girls quickly arrived after all, and Dora in her usual elegance tripped and sprawled on the floor. Dora quickly got up grumbling about mean floors and all.

"Is that you Nymphadora?" Sirius saw Dora and immediately called her out after recognizing her.

"Don't call me that!" while dusting her robes Dora exclaimed and turned her head towards her recent offender who dared to call her using her first name. Dora quickly recognized Sirius and greeted him but not before warning him about using her name. I noticed Amelia quickly heading towards us.

"Lady Ravenclaw, Merry Christmas, thank you for accepting the invitation. Everyone has been waiting for you" Amelia greeted us, she needed to greet Nemuri first after all she was the family leader. Amelia clearly knew who the true family leader was but if she greeted me first then she would have been insulting Nemuri and some might even connect the dots. After all, we can't have others finding that out now and not everyone in here were our friends… just allies.

After that Amelia happily greeted us and found Dora bickering with Sirius. Thankfully both of them were silent enough not to disturb the others. Amelia sighed and shook her head before taking Nemuri to introduce to others. Momo, Rumi, and I decided to look around. We quickly found Susan Bones happily chatting away with her friend Hannah Abbot. Dowager Longbottom and Neville were also invited to the party along with several other grey and light families. After some time, Narcissa also showed up, some didn't like her but nobody dared to say anything because she was a part of our Alliance and most of the people in this room have seen my duel against Lord Nott and how easily I killed him.

We were mostly left alone throughout the party, I have to say that Amelia didn't pull any punches and went all out for the party. From what I have heard from Susan, her auntie was doing this almost after 15 years. The food was just mind-blowing… every Lady asked Amelia for the recipes.

We finally returned to Castle Ravenclaw, not even a few seconds passed before I arrived and I was already naked. I wasn't able to stand those ruddy robes anymore. Everyone except Momo did the same. We decided to take a nice bath before heading to bed. Nothing perverted was done between us except a few teasing and touching. Nemuri had to be bound so that we can stop her… all of us were tired and wanted to just sleep. Also, we had to visit the Tonks household tomorrow.

After the bath, all of us crashed into the massive bed, Nemuri was still tied, before going to spell I helped her get a release… after that, she happily went to sleep.

The next day all of us woke up early and after completing all our morning rituals, we quickly got ready to visit the Tonks residence. From what Dora told me, Sirius and Harry are also going to be there. I wonder if I need to reveal that I am Magneto, I am also quite nervous if Dora's parents would accept me or not. Hah… no matter how heartless I am, these matters are really worrying.

After getting ready we apparated into the backyard of Tonks residence. "Come on! Let's go inside" Dora said and started to drag all of us inside. After walking inside, we found out that Dora's parents, Sirius and Harry were already there waiting for us.

"How are you Nymphadora?" Mrs. Tonks asked and pulled Dora into a smothering hug. Dora's hair immediately turned red in embarrassment.

"Muuuum… don't call me that" Dora whined while Mrs. Tonks just swiped away her daughter's request or concern. Sirius, who was snickering in amusement yelped when a stinging hex hit him on his shin.

"I don't understand Nymphadora… it is such a beautiful name" Mrs. Tonks said while looking at her daughter. Our group was also amused by the exchange going on.

"Ahem! Why don't you introduce us to your friends?" Mr. Tonks finally cleared his throat and asked Dora who immediately got slightly nervous but still decided to carry on.

"This is Vicky Ravenclaw… you have met my best friend before, this is Alice Ravenclaw, this is Roxane Ravenclaw, and finally this is Edgar Ravenclaw… my boyfriend" Dora finished quite nervously.

Mr. and Mrs. Tonks happily watched the introduction until it came to me. Mrs. Tonks looked really worried. I was also worried seeing them reacting like that. I don't know what I would do if they don't accept me. Why is being a Dark Lord easier than meeting a girlfriend's parents? Both Mrs. and Mr. Tonks didn't say anything and looked around their house for a few moments until a smile appeared on both of their faces. All of us were slightly confused by their reaction.

"Thank God the FBI or the MI6 isn't here…" Mrs. Tonks said releasing her breadth. Did she just say that???

(A/N: Sorry guys, I wasn't able to hold myself back from making the FBI and MI6 joke)

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