The Enlightened One (Senju!SI)

Author: Kakukami
Anime & Comics
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What is The Enlightened One (Senju!SI)

Read The Enlightened One (Senju!SI) fanfiction written by the author Kakukami on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering anime, naruto, smut, self insert. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Man is self inserted into the body of an orphan in Konohagakure. Come to find out he's secretly a Senju with quite the lineage. Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7UqqJ6Nf9h Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Kakukami

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I love naruto fanfics but I couldn't read this one, first point and that the MC has a weak mentality, second point and that everything good about him came from the senju lineage, the guy only really started training when he saw that he had mokuton, third point and that the MC has no charisma or personality he would simply be ordinary if it weren't for mokuton, this is the type of MC that if he wasn't born special he would never become special


The Mc is like a teenager pretending to be a young man but talks and acts more mature. He says he wants to stay low but gets himself in a life death battle with children acting like the righteous hero to stop bullying. He never thinks or says anything relevant, it's always about others and reacting to seeing them. He doesn't know the world he's in, he spent several years Not training or exercising at all, he claims that eating a lot of food without training makes you strong. He's a rare Sensor but still complains, his talent is wasted of his incompetence and inability to progress, so he wants to be Senju but doesn't do anything because he's afraid of Danzo, he doesn't practice Chakra control, when there isn't any way to discern talent and Chakra quality without testing, everyone is born with Chakra without awakening it, and being talented is different than how much Chakra you have. Also Naruto and Sasuke are women.


The story itself is interesting, but there are some holes in the plot, and the MC, even after discovering his Kekei Genkai, did not train seriously, after all he is limited to the strength of a Chunin, and at the same age Itachi, for example, had the strength of a Kage and was an Anbu Captain, or Kakashi who was already a solid Jonin at 12 years old! but the MC who has one of the most broken lineages in Naruto, and even a strongest Kekei Genkei in the world, is inferior to these geniuses by a tremendous margin!


author is trying to fulfill his own wishes MC is a manchild more plot holes than plot


My second review of this fanfic. Author, I started reading your story again and with more patience, and honestly despite some problems that the MC has, for example it seems that he trains but doesn't evolve much, like in another fanfic the MC, even though he is of civilian origin, has much more progress in their training and it makes sense, after all at this age of 6 to 19 years, a shinobi's strength grows very quickly with the right training. Second thing I wanted to talk about is that as your MC is a senju with mokuton, he has to have a wise body, and his physical strength must be monstrous, Obito with just Hashirama's cells had great physical strength, another thing is that canon hashirama had more chakra than kurama, so your MC can't have chakra issues.


honestly one of the most disappointing MCs I've read, he's got senju physique, wood release and the most important future knowledge and by 12 he's barely a good genin.. he's like the beta Japanese cuck soyboy type MC, he fears hinata when she's kinda angry and overall is a plain wuss he ain't even good at anything in particular either, even Kakashi, Itachi and shusui were better than him at his age, well i suppose you could say hashirama wasn't as good as him but I'd call bs on that.. hashirama was a pioneer MC alr has a lot of advantages but like the retard he is won't do anything with it


Hello Mr.Author, Today is my birthday. All I want for my birthday is more chapters please.


already read the latest chapter on fanfiction, instan 5 star


It's a good fic. The chapters are long and the plot is decent enough even with a few plot holes( like showing mokuton in the academy ) but they get glossed over so don't lose any sleep over bad reviews. I recommend it. Author bro keep churning out chapters..


Your DXD fic is amazing so here’s 5 stars!




Great Naruto Fanfic.......................


Read this on QQ it’s a really good fic I like the mc. I’m kinda of a sucker for Naruko fanfics.


If you're a fan of Naruto, then this fanfiction is a must-read gem. Its enthralling storyline will effortlessly captivate you and transport you into its bewitching realm. I highly encourage diving into this mesmerizing webnovel for an unparalleled literary voyage.


loving it keep it up [img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift]


A very good start. I look forward to reading this.


This had potential. Author's writing is good. But too many small elements in the story that makes no sense. It's ruinined story. Also I don't understand the need to genderbend naruto and sasuke, when there are so many girls in the story.


personally I loved it! I can't remember much from the earlier chapters since I'm reading a bunch ff lol, but I e joyed the story and the writing was done pretty well, compared to a lot of other stories here. let's just hope it updates again. the score is only 3.6 cause I put a 1 for updating stability


I enjoy reading this fanfic. There are some parts that may seem "forced" and made people hate this fanfic, which is stupid. This is a fanfic and story will not be the same as canon, which is the actual point of writing fanfic, to change the plot. MC is actually progresing slowly, both in character and in power. The story between character's are nice and enjoyable, especially the romance. You just need to be patient and let the Author cook, he is a great cook. All in all it is a great read and you should try it. Hope to see more chapters soon.




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