The Eldritch Weaver of Chaos (A Lord of The Mysteries Inspired Fanfic)

In a world that defies logic, a man unknowingly submits to a supernatural survey, selecting Shiraori from "Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?" as his chosen character. Little does he know, his choices will thrust him into a realm where cultivation, magic, and eldritch horrors collide. Now become Shiraori herself, she is hailed as an outer god, sowing chaos, gathering disciples and followers.. As the threads of destiny weave a tapestry of power and mystery, she must navigate a treacherous path of ascension, all while discovering the true purpose behind his reincarnation. Disclaimer: This is a male-to-female gender bender story with Yuri elements. The story is inspired by Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka? (So I'm a spider, So What?) and Lord of the Mysteries but most of it is original. Other than the protagonist being Shiraori, nearly everything is created from scratch. Even stuff like LoTM pathways and sefirah are entirely original without adapting them directly from their respective works. Finally, this story also takes some inspiration from the fanfic 'Take Eldritch Surveys! Noted’. The image does not belong to me.

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12 Chs

The Weaver's Lore

Shiraori PoV:

Location: The Arachnidian Loom

Just because I like Shiraori doesn't mean I want to become her…or do I? Maybe I do. As a certified crazy Shiraori lover, this situation is blissful. But anyway, I should investigate my circumstances first before having this discussion with my parallel minds.

It's also kind of weird that I am not as freaked out by my current extraordinary circumstances as I logically should be. That can only be chalked up to me not being human anymore. That's the assumption I am going to go with anyway.

First question: how long has it been since I arrived here? Hard to answer given my lack of knowledge regarding nearly anything at all so far. That said, I became like this due to the survey I filled out. Perhaps everything in that survey has become my new reality now.

In the survey, I mentioned the reason for Shiraori's weakening as being due to a long slumber. Adding on that last message I remember on screen that screamed of red flags, I might have reincarnated/transmigrated here and then slept for a long time. True situation, unknown.

Second question: what is my current location? Not really a mystery at this point considering how my surroundings look and whatever I have pieced together regarding my circumstances till now. There was also the fact that I mentioned it in the survey in passing.

The Arachnidian Loom. There's no doubt about it. This is the custom made sefirah that I suggested for Shiraori. Suffice to say that it has more than met my expectations. 

Too bad I did not mention any specifics regarding this sefirah so I don't know what specific functions it has as of yet. I have to discover that myself. Presumably, some functions might overlap with the Sefirah Castle.

It is also unknown to what extent I currently influence this multiverse I designed. I had written Shiraori to be one of multiple outer gods with far reaching influence. Are there any people who follow my custom designed pathway?

Maybe some cults or religions already worship me? Considering that I included a line that said: 'At the same time, their existence is not common knowledge to most mortals in the multiverse'; maybe I am an 'evil god' worshipped by a secret organization. 

As for being a deity worshipped by large masses, I don't know. I certainly can't project the sort of god-like persona required for this and let's be honest here, I am not interested in such things either.

That said, I don't know what sort of influence this previous 'Cosmic Weaver' self of mine has already racked up. There are too many questions to be answered. 

But as I thought earlier some functions of the Arachnidian Loom might overlap with the Sefirah Castle. It is likely that there is a way to monitor faith and prayers as well as summon someone to this sefirah.

Those investigations are the next things on my to-do list. Oh, and exploring this world I have crafted of course. 

I don't know the specifics of anything regarding this multiverse except those few paragraphs I had crafted which can only be considered as a general overview of everything.

And finally, the matter regarding the biggest red flag I have planted. Yes, the whole matter regarding the yandere attractor debuff of course. The crazy level of yandere-ness I have written the 'Cosmic Abyss' has for Shiraori, well me, now is crazy. 

It was all fun and sunshine while I had written it down as I thought the survey was essentially a design draft, but now? Not so much. Having a literal outer god after my ass with nothing else to lose is…. yeah, there's no need to talk about it too much.

And if that final message is anything to go by, 'She' was the one who created the survey in the first place, or at the very least, came into existence the second I submitted the survey form. It is likely she is already on her way to kidnap me, very possibly, for a second and final time.

I don't really desire to find out what sort of 'love' an insane outer deity has for me. That said, I must take advantage of this protection period offered by 'her' as compensation for choosing the yandere attractor debuff and regain my previously specified outer god level of strength.

'Protection period'. Now that I think about it, there is a second way these words can be interpreted. There is the normal way and the yandere way. 

If you input those words in a yandere context, what you get is something along the lines of: 'I will 'protect' [Name] from anyone and anything. Even if I have to lock [Him/Her] and destroy everything to do so.' That seems a more appropriate way of looking at this.

Obviously, I don't want to be 'protected' in some dark and dingy dungeon or whatever a bat-shit crazy outer goddess's equivalent of that is. I am not interested in finding out either. 

Let's look at things optimistically. By the time the 'protection' period ends, I will be an outer deity who won't have to be 'protected' ever again. Yes, I am sure it will go that way. No doubt about it.

Now, onto other things. I should currently have the same amount of strength as the original Shiraori did at her peak. But I have to figure out how much of my sequence's power I can use. Hopefully, it's not only low sequence abilities.

For starters, I assume that is pretty good. Even if this is a cultivation/magic/unknown mix of random things world, I won't be stepped on by some random young master at the very least. 

As for offending an MC? That's another issue entirely. MCs are something I should conduct studies on to measure their risk factor and if their plot armour can protect them from outer deity level threats.

I feel that will be immensely helpful for my future exploits. Then again, I don't think a random young master is qualified to even look at an apex existence like me. Perhaps, I can go and shout a few 'you dare???'s myself.

Jokes aside, I should first greet the cute little things in front of me. What appeared in my view were multiple white spiders of different sizes with scythe-like front legs and glowing red eyes crawling towards me.

Of course, these were the Horo Neia. In the same way as the 'Hounds of Fulgrim' also known as 'Sefirah Castle Keepers' wander the Sefirah Castle, I wanted my original sefirah to have some cute residents of its own.

So, it makes sense that I gave the Horo Neia a similar position to what the Hounds of Fulgrim did in LoTM. They have other titles like the 'Nightmares Vestiges' which I adapted from the original, the 'Web Wardens', and such. I let my inner chunni play out a little bit.

What's funny is how both 'Horo Neia' and 'Hounds of Fulgrim' behave the exact same way only for their 'parents' to not care about them too much. Not that I am judging. I might do the same, but I wanted to include them when I was filling out the survey anyway.




The cute spider babies started making sounds which I decided to ignore as I did not want to think about it right now and just stroked them lightly. That was until my attention was caught by a card or paper bookmark that the lead baby was carrying.

'Hmm, what are you carrying? Let's give you the name 'Legsy' for now.' I asked marvelling at my own naming sense. I was confused about whether to call the lead baby 'Legsy', 'Silky', or maybe 'Spindlekin'. Well, I can change it later if I want to. 

Oh also, it seemed I didn't have to physically speak anymore. Cool, less work for me. If I have really been sleeping here for who knows how many eons, I don't think I can speak normally either. Case in point, I simply thought those words without actually speaking to them out loud.

Anyway, I grabbed the card from Legsy's mouth once again ignoring its brightly glowing red eyes as well as the 'dispute' that started over having received a name.

Looking at the blank card I was confused. What is this? It won't be an ordinary bookmark considering it was in this sefirah and that Legsy brought it to me. Let's think back to what I know about LoTM and Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka? to figure out what it could be.

'It's not a card of blasphemy, is it?' Looking at the blank bookmark, that's the only thing I could think of that fit this situation. But what's the password? 

'Shiraori? Kumoko? Spider?...catch 'em' all?...king of the pirate?... haa, I don't know anymore. I can't do this.' Let's leave it for now. It's not like I don't know the pathway I created myself. 

'Nai waaa…' I gasped and just then after trying hundreds of different passwords the card of blasphemy was unlocked as if the multiverse was laughing at me. 

Fighting off, the rising anger that was surging through me, I looked at the now unveiled card of blasphemy that had a picture of me wielding a scythe and a line of text condensed out of starlight that read: 'Sequence 0: Weaver of Cosmos'.

I flipped through the ten pages of the card of blasphemy and read the unknown language that I somehow understood. They showed the sequence name, corresponding potion formula, a vague acting description, and advancement ritual. They read:

[Sequence 9: Weaver of Threads (Threadspinner)

Gain the ability to weave threads and manipulate them at greater ease for various purposes. Beyonders of this sequence also gain the utmost basic ability to sense and manipulate space such as door opening.

Main Ingredients:

15 milliliters of Astral Silk Extract

60 grams of Loomstone Crystals

Or a Threadspinner Beyonder Characteristic

Supplementary Ingredients:

120 milliliters of Cosmic Springwater

16 drops of Starlit Jasmine Essence

9 Astral Vine Leaves

5 drops of Ethereal Essence

12 grams of Celestial Thread Powder


[Sequence 8: Spatial Artisan (Spaceweaver)….]

[Sequence 7: Fate Shaper (Threadshaper)….]

[Sequence 6: Starweaver….]

[Sequence 5: Eldritch Sage (Voidweaver)….]

[Sequence 4: Voidmonarch….]

[Sequence 3: Cosmic Tyrant….]

[Sequence 2: Weaver of Eternity….]

[Sequence 1: Ascendant of The Void….]

[Sequence 0: Weaver of Cosmos….]

The pathway turned out as I had written it to be. Of course, with more details like potion ingredients and stuff. Now, let's solve some more mysteries…


I am adjusting the power levels of the lotm pathways to fit into the world I have constructed. Keep in mind that the lotm pathways might be stronger than the original but the base concept remains unchanged. Hope you liked reading the chapter.