6 Multiversal Pub Crawl

 Location: Near Planet Uncharted Celestia, Constellation Astral Nexus, Galactic Region- Luminous Crossroads, Dimensional Coordinates- Theta-9, Sector 7, Universal Realm- Celestial Harmonium


Shiraori PoV:


The radiant stars of the immense Astral Nexus constellation provided the sole source of illumination as I slowly made my way to the Luminous Crossroads. Well, I say slowly but in truth I was moving at unimaginable speeds.


In all honesty, I probably did not need to fly to the 'Stellar Spirits and Spirals' tavern. I could have just teleported or warped space to get there. Space was one of my central authorities alongside destiny after all.


True, I did not have proper control over these powers as of yet, but such a feat should not have been too difficult. I am using my abilities out of pure instinct right now. I just wanted to witness this new world, or rather multiverse, in person. 


And it's not like I had been out here for long either. It felt like a few moments. Then again, being an outer deity and having control over authorities like space and time, my perception of reality might be very, let's say, different now. 


Oh, to clarify, I did not have complete authority over time. Rather, it was more like a subset. Sort of like Klein has certain degree of control over fate but that is not the seer pathways central authority. In LoTM, Destiny was under the control of the monster pathway.


I have gained a preliminary understanding of my authorities. The authorities that fall under my control are- destiny, space, parts of time and parts of change. Well, as an outer god, I technically represent the fundamental aspects of reality itself. 


Even if I don't have authority over other aspects of the multiverse, I can still influence them, albeit to a more limited degree.


In essence, the entirety of the multiverse owes its existence to me and my control over space. And I have control over the destiny of this vast multiverse and everything within it. This influence extends beyond living beings to encompass the very fabric of the multiverse itself, or so it is anticipated at the peak of my power. 


It should be noted that, as expected, exerting control over other outer gods with my authority is an very challenging as the other great old ones operate beyond the constraints of reality, just like me. 


Regarding my partial authority over time, it can be more aptly described as the manipulation of destiny throughout all of time. 


The object connected to my sefirah which was responsible for regressing Li Xue to her past self, likely possesses the capability to manipulate the fates of individuals across the entirety of time, in every conceivable scenario or potential alternate reality across the multiverse. 


The partial authority over change aligns with this concept, representing the tumultuous, chaotic 'change' induced by manipulating fate across space-time, thereby amplifying the number of existing possibilities.


Interestingly, my control over destiny is limited to causing such chaotic change. Basically, I cannot cause something to become 'inevitable', only increase or decrease the chances of it happening near-infinitely. 


If I wanted some mortal to become a god, I can near-infinitely increase his chances of doing so and create more possibilities of reaching this destination but not make it inevitable and vice versa. 


Some other great old one likely has the ability to create an inevitable destiny with powers delving into concepts like cause and effect and I have a nagging feeling that it is Abyss-chan. Now, I have no reason to suspect this, but this is a worldview with similarities to LoTM.


When you have a hunch, there must be a reason and even more so if the individual having this hunch is a god who controls destiny.


That begs the question: in a scenario where 'She' ensures that me falling into her evil clutches becomes an 'inevitable' conclusion, which authority would emerge triumphant – my 'chaotic change' or the 'inevitable' outcome? 


If I was a mortal the answer would have been obvious. Abyss-chan would have locked me up somewhere and did some unknown unspeakable things. But the influence of her authorities over me is limited as I am also an outer god. 


That is why I had suspected that she should have been trying to come and lock me up when I am weak. So why hasn't 'She'? Is it because of the [Yandere Attractor] debuff? That does not seem likely.


Anyway, it is a blessing for me. That inevitable fate will never come true as I will stand at the top of the multiverse by the time 'She' gets to me.


Putting those worries aside, the Arachnidian Loom is being controlled by my parallel minds right now. I found out that I can use them in a similar manner to Klein's worms of spirit to answer prayers and such. 


So when that MC, Li Xue holds a bestowment ritual, I can provide her with the beyonder characteristic without having to be there in person. That's convenient. Such are the perks of being a god.


Speaking of Li Xue, her memories were certainly enlightening. Before regressing she was being chased by a crazy woman hell bent on locking her up and nearly succeeded in doing so. If I was my previous self, I would have enjoyed reading this in a novel but now?


This situation is eerily similar to mine in a few ways. A suspected yandere was chasing the MC and said MC just happened to be saved by me? Are yanderes a common phenomenon in this multiverse? Why does my future also look bleak after having viewed this? 


And the yandere herself seemed to be a transmigrator based on the familiar words she said like 'novels', 'games' and whatnot. Of course, Li Xue did not know the concept of transmigrators, but this was not entirely surprising. 


After all, I had met one protagonist already. Having another protagonist level character would not be such a crazy scenario. But can she be classified as a protagonist? She seems more like a villainess character to me.


Then again, based on everything that transmigrator said to Li Xue, what I could make out was something along the lines of:


a) Li Xue was the main character of a novel that transmigrator had read.

b) The novel also got a game.

c) Li Xue was supposed to have a reverse harem or at least romance with the male protagonist of the novel but for whatever reason the transmigrator was obsessed with Li Xue to yandere levels, so she killed everyone around her? 


Why she became a yandere is currently unknown. Li Xue essentially went from being a cultivation otome game heroine to the protagonist of a dark fantasy. Well, dark for her at least. 


The bigger question was how did this transmigrator even know of Li Xue through novels or games? Wasn't this multiverse tailored to what wrote in the survey or am I missing something? 


Maybe Abyss-chan influenced me and made me write what she wanted me to write in that survey. Or there is an Earth-like parallel world in my designed multiverse where the transmigrator comes from. I don't know. There's really no point in making speculations here. 


But this information brought me some level of affection for my dearest protagonist-chan, Li Xue. Since she is essentially facing the same issue with this yandere transmigrator as I am with Abyss-chan, I don't have qualms with helping her a little. 


Not to mention she was my first real living connection to this multiverse. Well, outside of the Horo Neia, but let's put them aside for now. Victims or prospective victims of crazy yanderes have to stick together. An anti-yandere alliance, if you will.


Also, as a female protagonist of a cultivation world, is Li Xue the famed jade beauty? Well, I can picture that she will certainly look beautiful in the future or as cultivation novels say some crap in flowery language like- 'every living being was mesmerized by her country toppling beauty.' Or rather the universe itself was toppled over by such and such beauty.


I feel, the authors of these novels essentially must have been really bored to give proper exposition for such paragraphs that they ended up giving female characters reality-warping powers by virtue of appearance alone. Reality itself bends to a jade beauty.


Of course, I know that when they say 'jade beauty', they don't mean a woman with the colour of green jade like most people mistakenly think. There is white jade as well. So am I considered a 'jade beauty' now? After all, I am synonymous with the concept of white.


Additionally, as an outer god I am supposed to actually have the ability to warp reality itself. So…taking my case into account, those authors are right? I don't even know why I am thinking of such nonsense. 


It feels like my thoughts keep wandering off chaotically since I have woken up here. Regardless, let's go get drunk now! Hopefully… 


Short chapter. If you wish, you can provide ides for stuff you want to see. After all, I am trying to make this a lighthearted parody read with drops of mystery spread over the top. Hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the next one! 

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