The Dragon Warrior.

On the walls of a hospital room, where the shadows of death intertwine with the destinies of those who still want to live, Dash Hale, who knows that he was near his end, laughs self-deprecatingly when he knows that the time was approaching of his death. By the time he believed that he was at the end of it, his life blossoms similar to a Sakura tree but things are not the same as in his past life. When he realizes that he is in a world where Karate and Kung Fu are more relevant than he thought since he recognized certain people who until before his death were fiction, Dash with his new opportunity to enjoy his life embarks on your most ardent desires. At some point, everyone will fall before the dragon warrior who will grow in values and pride. Patreon: SrCuervo

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I'll Resolve It

Elena looked sternly at Dash and said, "Your father is waiting for you in his office; don't waste his time."

Without uttering another word, Dash left his room with the suitcase and walked towards his father's office, who had returned at an unprecedented hour.

When Dash entered the room, he saw his father without a jacket, sitting in a chair while sipping a drink of alcohol.

"Sit down!" Frederick's voice was authoritative; this time, he wasn't talking to his son as a father but as a man.

Dash didn't fear his father; he respected him and was grateful for everything he had given him in this and his previous life, but the last thing he would feel for this man is fear.

After sitting down, Frederick looked at his son for a few seconds and pointed, "You're angry, I understand that perfectly. You must believe that I have abandoned you, that the man you always relied on has left you behind, but let me tell you that you'll thank me for this in the future."

Dash was leaning on the chair, looking at his father, who was giving him a lecture he had never had in his past life, but halfway through the speech, he said, "Father, I am no one to judge how you raised me from my childhood since I am very grateful, as you have mentioned now. Thanks to you, I have a very famous Kung Fu school, and thanks to you, I have an incredible car. But as far as I remember, everything was due to a deal that is being paid off."

"You gave me the car for my high performance in competitions and school; you've seen my investments and know perfectly the potential it has, so it's not the time for a father-to-son lesson."

Dash looked directly at his father while his eyes filled with tears, and he said, "Right now, I'm asking you for a favor from son to father. My best friend's mother is sick, and as you say, the possibility of her dying is high."

At this moment, Dash paused; the words were stuck in his chest, and after catching his breath, he said, "I don't know your childhood, but what I can tell you about death is that it is the loneliest sensation that exists, and if I can do something to save that woman who matters to me, I will do whatever it takes, do you understand?"

For the first time, Frederick was left speechless in a conversation with his son. He didn't have much to say, so after Dash calmed down, he said, "So, if you have so much confidence in yourself, do what you want. Have you heard me? But everything you owe me will be paid with interest; remember that."

"I have a long life and many stocks that will grow in several years. I earned that money in tournaments, so you have nothing to blame me for. If I can't pay you now, I will when I can, but before that, I want to go to Japan to participate in tournaments."

"Japan?" Frederick asked very puzzled.

Dash nodded and said, "You may not know, but there are some tournaments where the monetary gains are significant. I plan to participate and earn money."

"Do you think with your fists, it's enough to make a fortune?" Frederick mocked his son's ignorance.

"There are famous fighters who earn hundreds of millions of dollars; do you think I can't reach them? If all I have is martial arts, I'll live off it and be the greatest son you have, no matter how you raise my other siblings. You can't deny it; they will never be like me!"

Dash's cruel words were true in the eyes of Frederick and Elena. None of their other children would be the same as their eldest son because he grew up in a strict environment while the other two in a peaceful one.

For them, Dash would be their most outstanding son, and they hoped he would stay with the company. But despite this, Frederick needed to raise him to be cruel enough, and it seemed he had succeeded.

"Then go and find my money; if you can't pay me, then never come back. I'll make the arrangements for you to go to Japan; school doesn't matter since I'll report you as sick." Frederick stopped paying attention to Dash's anger; he would take care of him after all; he is his blood.

"You'll leave tomorrow morning; after the last family dinner, you can say goodbye to your girlfriend." Frederick dismissed Dash indifferently, and when he left the room, he muttered, "You are my greatest pride, son, but this world is cruel, and I hope you understand that."

When he murmured these words, he inevitably took out a picture of a yellow cat and sighed, knowing that he, too, hadn't had such an easy life. If Dash doesn't understand this, it means there would be no one to whom he could leave his empire, and everything he had worked for wouldn't be worth it.

"I hope I'm not wrong..."

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