Cobra Kai: The Dragon Warrior

On the walls of a hospital room, where the shadows of death intertwine with the destinies of those who still want to live, Dash Hale, who knows that he was near his end, laughs self-deprecatingly when he knows that the time was approaching of his death. By the time he believed that he was at the end of it, his life blossoms similar to a Sakura tree but things are not the same as in his past life. When he realizes that he is in a world where Karate and Kung Fu are more relevant than he thought since he recognized certain people who until before his death were fiction, Dash with his new opportunity to enjoy his life embarks on your most ardent desires. At some point, everyone will fall before the dragon warrior who will grow in values and pride.

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A Family Dinner

In the conversation with his father, Dash only felt a little sad and angry, but he didn't blame his father. It wasn't his obligation to be charitable to people outside his family, and that was okay.

Dash didn't blame him; he didn't reproach anything he had asked him, and he didn't help him as he should have. Now, with a bet, he should earn money and hand it over to his father since he should be helping his family now.

"So, is this a promise?" Dash looked at his father seriously, the same attitude he had when he first woke up in this healthy body.

"Of course, don't do something stupid, but learn how to make money." Frederick said, pointing to the door. "Go to your brothers; I'll be down in a few minutes."

"Thank you, father..." The only thing Dash can do in these cases is lower his head and thank his father's gratitude for helping the Lee family.

That's what he can do now, lower his head and thank because, at almost sixteen, he was still a child. As long as he doesn't turn eighteen, he couldn't be free on his own, but waiting for that moment was something he wished for to live his life alone.

If fate wants it this way, he will earn enough money to pay back everything he owes to his father with interest and distance himself from the family, not in a bad way but for his own mental peace.

Staying here much longer might end up making him sick, so he prefers to leave here amicably rather than having a story tainted with problems.

Upon leaving the room, Dash walked to the living room with his suitcase and sat next to his brothers, who, for some reason, loved him a lot. Dash didn't know if he deserved all this since he was a bit resentful towards his brothers. He envied them because they have always enjoyed a good family, something he couldn't.

Why the difference? At this point, Dash wasn't interested in an answer, so waiting for the moment when his father would come down and help him with transportation, he would say goodbye to this place for some time.

Frederick remained alone in the room, and after a few minutes, he made a call, "Prepare things for my son to travel to Japan, don't interfere with what he does as he needs to learn how to make money, and I'm expecting good results from him before making a decision about the rest."

"We'll take care of it, sir."

"By the way, what are the chances of Mrs. Lee surviving the operation?" Frederick asked in a softer tone.

"She has few, even with the best resources, she could die... It will take a few months to prepare her for the operation; they will bring doctors from China and the Philippines who are the best in the field while keeping Mrs. Lee under control."

Frederick sighed and said, "Cover all the expenses; I promised it to my son, so I don't want any kind of problem."

"Understood, sir!"


By the time the Hale family gathered for dinner, Dash sat in front of his younger brothers, while Frederick sat across from his wife Helena, who was very nervous.

"How many tournaments are there in Japan?"

Dash's expression remained unchanged, but the man next to him who asked this question made him nervous. Still, Dash didn't change his expression and said, "Many, the competitions will be a bit more professional, and I might end up winning with the bets."

"Can't you reconsider?" Helena looked at her son and asked.

"I've already made my decision, mother. As long as you help me with the trip, I won't ask for anything else." Dash was firm with his words.

Elena forced a smile and murmured, "Actually, your father and I have been considering that you can help him in the company and stay away from martial arts."

"That's even more impossible. All I have is my body, and this way, I will conquer the world under my own criteria." Dash replied as he quickly ate.

Frederick smiled and pointed, "The worst that can happen is that you end up with broken bones or in a coma, isn't it?"

"Frederick Hale!" Elena raised her voice, something she had never done before.

Dash looked at his mother and said, "I won't break my bones; I have never been defeated before, and in Japan, I will never be beaten. I told you, I would start questioning whether to continue with martial arts after being defeated."

"This is your decision, of course; I'll take care of all the medical expenses for the Lee family, so don't worry about anything special." Frederick said as he wiped his lips.

Dash nodded and said, "I finished my dinner, father; I can't stay to accompany you because I have people to say goodbye to. See you later, maybe..."

Elena and Frederick watched Dash leave this way, but neither did anything to stop him.

"Do you think it's okay to let him go like this?"

Frederick frowned and pointed, "What they did to us from Roqueños is nothing similar to what we did to Dash; he will inherit our wealth, and for that, he must be well prepared. If he can't overcome this, then he's not worthy, and that's it."

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