The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher Book

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The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher


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Both were complete strangers. One wants to become powerful and domineering in life. While other wants a simple one... They don't have any differences in their status as both are powerful heirs in City A and become successful CEOs in their young age. However, on surface their lives seems so simple and cheerful.. They had no rivals at least in their relationship... but where it went wrong? How it became complicated? Their single decision...no matter whether its right or wrong... Turned Lu Cheng and Tang Xi's worlds upside down! And what was it? How its going to end? ------ She pats the man's face "Wake up!!". Her heart trembled as he didn't wake up.She recalled her family's accident and gets nervous. She pulls the man out yelling "Wake up!!wake..". She couldn't move him out and thought go call the emergency service at once. She turned to run but stopped.She turns and sees the man holding her wrist tightly, whispering and struggling to speak. She gets anxious seeing his weak state and leans to help him "You..don't worry let me take you hospital..you will be alright okay?". The man still held her wrist tight said "Help me...Save my kid". She frowned "Kid?" and looked into his car. She gets shocked seeing a small baby in backseat sleeping peacefully.How could ...this baby sleeping peacefully?. She checks if the baby fainted? And relaxes seeing a headphone over his ears. No wonder he is sleeping peacefully. She runs to the man "Baby is fine.Come lets move..". He pushes her away weakly "Take the kid and run". She stunned "What?!". ------ The book cover is taken from google and edited. Please read this original novel at your own risk. This novel isn't edited completely and this is my first ever novel wrote after got inspired randomly. If you can't handle it just leave it before you get headache of the grammatical errors! That's why it is not in premium. Stop complaining people! I warned you! Thank you for the support and love! My works: 1. The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher - Completed (Editing under progress) 2. The Commoner Consort : The Country's Respected Empress - ongoing. 3. Dear Me - Poetry (Only in wattpad as it was for some contest). 4. Withering Heart: Bracing My Broken Pieces (New) 5. The Queen of Swords: Transmigration of a legend (New) ----------- You can find me on Instagram @hateera_the_darkwhite Twitter @Hateera_Writer Facebook @Hateera


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