The Destiny Daughter

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What is The Destiny Daughter

Read The Destiny Daughter novel written by the author AbdulfatahFatima on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering r18, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a village of Bichi, where they don't accept marriage offer from other neighboring villages, Eva happens to fall in love with a stranger, who promises to marry her in all circumstances. The priest announced in the village square that a child is coming to the world to change the village into a civilized world and the king promises to give that particular family a gift. Jido village suffers a lot of damage, where rain does not fall, no food, and of all things no water to drink. They have made different type of sacrifice, yet no changes. What should have been the happiest day of Chioma's life turned into a nightmare as she was kidnapped by the white men. Despite her cries and plead, she was shipped away from her world into a world that she had no idea of. Tayo, a great wealthy man who does not tolerate, a short hot tempered person that needed a house girl.

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Langkah demi langkah aku dapati kecemasan yang menetap. Aku ingin segera membuka pintu ruangan yang tertutup itu. Aku ingin melihat secepatnya, soal Ayah Ibuku yang terkena musibah itu. Benarkah itu adalah ruangan yang di mana nenazah Ayah Ibuku di sana? Air mata sudah aku biarkan turun begitu saja. Aku berjalan seakan menghilangkan peningku. Aku serantanan kualahan dengan diriku yang seperti mau tumbang. Ya Allah, aku tidak kuat. Aku buka pintu yang tertutup dengan tulisan di atas pintu ruang jenazah. Aku menelan ludah dengan penuh ragu. Membuka pelan dan aku dapati ada empat orang yang berbaring dengan kain putih yang menutupi seluruh tubuh. Itu bukan selimut, bukan pula kafan. Namun entah itu kain apa? Aku mendekati satu persatu jenazah itu. Tanganku sudah dingin seperti es. Aku penuh dengan kegugupan. Sungguh aku tidak berani melihat ini. Hatiku rasanya gegabah, ingin rasanya memeluk Ayah Ibuku untuk terakhir kalinya di sini. Aku mungkin akan hidup bukan lagi seperti putri raja namun aku lebih rendah dari pada anak miskin yang ada di desa. Aku sangat nestapa. Namun setidaknya aku bisa mencium punggung tangan Ayah dan Ibuku lalu memeluk terakhir kali untuk segala rindu ke depanku yang sudah jelas tidak akan lagi mendapatkan kasih sayang dan cinta Ayah Ibuku lagi. Jenazah pertama aku buka, penuh hati-hati namun ternyata itu bukanlah Ayah atau Ibu. Namun ketika jenazah ke tiga dan ke empat, ternyata itu adalah orang tuaku. Mimpikah ini?

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The Ink Dries Faster Than You Think

The author stood still, her fingers frozen above the keyboard. "Why do you pursue me like crazy? What do you need from me?" He didn't answer, just looked at her with his solemn eyes, his black robe fluttering from a non-existent wind. "Why do you look at me like that? You're ridiculously handsome, okay, I know that. But I'm not that shallow! I can write you better than that, or worse, be warned!" The male lead kept looking at the author solemnly, but this time a barely noticeable grin of amusement had started to form on his lips. "You want more? You want a tragic love story, a tear-jerking hell of a past, growing up a desolate life with the thoughts of revenge the only thing driving you forward? You want trials and tribulations that you always escape unscathed, people loving you more and more, you becoming more vulnerable and small and thus more appealing? WHAT do you want? Get a life of your own, don't bother me!" It was apparent that the author's annoyance had reached a dangerous limit. The handsome prince suddenly dropped on all four, and started kowtowing to the author. While doing so, he dropped his saber as well, setting it just before his bowing head. The author suddenly noticed something, and cold sweat started forming all over her. The blade... it had stains of blood on it! He always cleaned it thoroughly. And she didn't remember writing about him slashing anyone lately! . . . [Note: This is my original work, not a translation or a fanfic. Inspired by living a boring life while having a annoyingly vivid imagination. I'll try to keep the updates regular, for now my goal is to release 2 chapters per week, though that may change in the future.]

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रिइंकार्नेशन ऑफ़ द बुसिनेसवमन एट स्कूल

पहले वह अपने परिवार के लिए एक कठपुतली थी, एक जासूस और हत्यारी, जिसकी वजह से पुलिस उसके पीछे पड़ी थी। एक दिन, अपनों से ही विश्वासघात सहने के बाद के बाद वह समुद्र में डूब गई। जब उसे होश आता है, तो वह हाई स्कूल में एक साधारण छात्रा है। पिछले जनम में अपने बुरे अतीत और रिश्तेदारों के बहिष्कार के कारण, उसे हमेशा सहपाठियों द्वारा तंग किया जाता था और इसलिए भी क्योंकि वह एकांत पसंद करती थी। नया जीवन हासिल करने के साथ, वह एक बड़े बदलाव से गुजरती है। इस बार वह सबको अच्छा सबक सिखाएगी! एक गुप्त शक्ति और जेड पत्थर को जांचने की पारखी नज़र का तोहफ़ा पाकर, अब वह हर प्रकार के जुए में सफल होने में सक्षम है। वह एक व्यवसाय शुरू करती है और एक बेहतरीन व्यापारी बनती है। जब रिश्तेदार और वो लोग जो पहले उसके गरीब होने पर उसका मज़ाक उड़ाते थे, उसके ज्यादा करीब आने की कोशिश करते हैं, तो उन्हें मना कर दिया जाता है। “हम अब एक दूसरे से संबंधित नहीं हैं। जिस भी गंदी जगह से आए हैं, वहीं वापस लौट जाएं!” सब अच्छा है, सिर्फ एक ईर्ष्या करने वाले आदमी को छोड़कर। बिना किसी कारण के, उसको बहुत दर्द होता है, विशेषकर अपने निचले क्षेत्रों में। यह सब उस आदमी के कारण है!! इस कहानी के पुरुष और महिला किरदार दोनों मजबूत और बेदाग हैं...

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365 Days of Contractual Seduction

In the enchanting world of Rome’s high society, Eleanor Belemont, a reluctant heiress to the cinematic empire, finds her world upended in a single night when once a buried chapter of her past resurfaces unexpectedly---Dominic Blackthorn. Six years ago, they were just Eleanor and Dominic, unknown to the world, their relationship, untainted by the trappings of fame and fortune, was built on genuine emotions, shared dreams, and the innocence of each other's first love. However, destiny had other plans, tearing them apart...... Now, revered as the goddess of the entertainment industry, Eleanor is trapped in a spotlight she never sought, yearning for the simplicity of a life untouched by the public eye. On the other hand, Dominic Blackthorn, the relentless heir to the sprawling Sterling and Co. business empire, seeks more than just the CEO throne; he craves dominance over a legacy drenched in the spotlight. But he is faced with a daunting task of having a legitimate heir to secure his position as the CEO. Unwilling to compromise his commitment-phobic lifestyle, he crafts a bold proposition to Eleanor — a contract of 365 days, a facade of marriage with a single purpose- to conceive an heir. Fate, it seems, has a dark sense of humor when Eleanor finds herself at the mercy of Dominic's compelling offer that could thrust her life into a world where emotions are discarded like pawns on a chessboard and love is a mere casualty in the ruthless battlefield. As the contract ticks down like a time bomb, she discovers that her existence is aligned with a man who despises the very essence of love, with it being no place in his meticulously curated life. Yet, beneath the surface of their contractual agreement, emotions begin to stir, and the lines between duty and desire blur. Little does Eleanor know that behind Dominic's stoic demeanor lies a man who had once loved her, the only woman he ever loved. Will their love triumph over the shadows of the past wounds? or will it become a ruthless gambit, where the price of victory may be the very essence of their damned souls? Witness this spellbinding tale of passion, power, sacrifice and rekindled love with Eleanor and Dominic, only on Webnovel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Greetings Fam! This novel is an official entry for WSA 2024, so I will be blessed if you shower me with your love and support. Thankyou! Happy Readings.

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The plot is too fast-paced without the proper world background and characters were not described in details. How does everyone looked like? I was greatly astounded that the first chapter was one whole paragraph but was relieved when the next chapter was in proper format already. There were some grammar mistakes but you can still follow through the context. Lastly, why I feel like there's a small trace of light fantasy going on with the book with Eva's kiss? Anyway, this is a good read.


Nice one! A thump up to you! So far the plot is nice and interesting. The characters fit in properly. I will really like to read and find out what really happened to her in when she got kidnapped. Keep it up !


A great masterpiece in the making. Good setting,great character development and also a good storyline. Really enjoying i and looking forward to more. Great job 👏😍


I just read the first chapter and couldn't wait to place a review. This book is very interesting and engaging. Definitely staying for more❤️


This book is actually amazing. The first chapters are dope! It has an interesting characters 🥰🥰🥰.The Author really did a great job. Kudos!


I must say it is one of the novels that are good for you to spend your free time. Good job author ! Your novel is really good for enjoyment and a good rest.


This book is quite interesting. Not only is the author good at description, but the plot is also intriguing and fascinating. Not bad, author.


Very good synonpsis that immediately caught my attention, I found myself wanting to know more, very good worldbuilding and character design.


Good start but try to slow down the story a bit and explain the surroundings. I loved the MC ... Try to add spaces and make paragraphs. Overall, a good light read.. Recommended!


Sister, you even used my name, Chioma[img=recommend]


I love the plot which is interesting and intriguing! I was a little confused in the first chapter but the next chapters got better and easier to read! keep writing to continue this great novel, author! 😆


Good story. Really interesting plot and the mc is promising.😊. keep writing and make sure not to drop it. I will definitely recommend this to everyone...........................


I like how the book cover was created, even though it is simple, and I like how the synopsis was created, since it makes the tale intriguing and nice. That's it, and I hope you have a wonderful day and that this novel will be well known. Keep going!


This is a must read for all romance lovers. Though the pacing is fast, the drama and suspense is enough to make you go crazy. I can't wait for more chapters author


Such a wonderful work by the author.i myself find it hard at writing romantic story lines but you did it so easily.i really wish that more people recognize stories like this


In a controversial society like the one we live in presently, where cultures are shunned and decisions are imposed on people, this is the read for it! A wonderful book I must confess! Well done Author...


Sebuah cerita dongeng memang menarik untuk dibaca dan dikuti. Seperti cerita dan dongeng untuk anak sebelum tidur. Teringat ketika masih anak cerita atau dongeng dari orang tua.


I love the plot and the traditional vibe it gives it is definitely a good one and the characters are really well thought of and nice introduction


This novel has a nice plot and interesting storyline with good characters the author should update the chapters faster but good work keep it up.


A simple and light story to read. The writing style is easy to understand and the story is going smooth. Good work author. Recommended for a light read


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