The Destiny Daughter Book

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The Destiny Daughter


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In a village of Bichi, where they don't accept marriage offer from other neighboring villages, Eva happens to fall in love with a stranger, who promises to marry her in all circumstances. The priest announced in the village square that a child is coming to the world to change the village into a civilized world and the king promises to give that particular family a gift. Jido village suffers a lot of damage, where rain does not fall, no food, and of all things no water to drink. They have made different type of sacrifice, yet no changes. What should have been the happiest day of Chioma's life turned into a nightmare as she was kidnapped by the white men. Despite her cries and plead, she was shipped away from her world into a world that she had no idea of. Tayo, a great wealthy man who does not tolerate, a short hot tempered person that needed a house girl.