The Demon Lord Is An Angel Book

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The Demon Lord Is An Angel


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Since time immemorial, the magical beings known as angels and demons have opposed each other, waging war on each others homes and upon the world of Ayther. But something terrible is coming, something that threatens to consume all three worlds and leave nothing in its wake. Kir had a rough life ahead of him, even before he was born. His mother made a deal with a devil to bear him in exchange for power, a decision that got her ostracized and driven away from civilization. Then, in exchange for a new life, she gave him to a witch. The witch turned out to be a rather good parent though, so Kir got raised in a kind and loving home. Everything changed on his seventeenth birthday, when, not only did he grow wings, but they were angel wings! Now his dearly-absent father has come to collect him, and in the custody battle between a witch and the Devil of Heresy, Kir isn't sure who will come out on top, but he knows he wants to keep his family safe. Thankfully, however, his father's willingness to strike a deal gives Kir some time to prepare for what's to come, and to learn more about himself. He just has to make it through life at a magical academy with a succubus, avoid dying, and survive to find his mother. It's a lot to handle for a quiet, brooding angel boy. Fortunately Kir has his own secret: this isn't his first go at life. ---- Daily Chapters At 1205 EST Special thanks to ExQuartz_Roachina for help with the cover! ************ Content Advisory: Polyamory, LGBTQ Characters and Relationships, Sex (lots of it after chapter 50) Adult-Oriented chapters will be marked with * at both ends of the title. ************ PS: Thank you so much for considering my novel! I invite you to consider my other works if you are interested: https://www.webnovel.com/book/ascendant-struggle_25877996405233505 If you're interested in joining a forum for my books, or interfacing with me as the author, please use this Discord link: https://discord.gg/szZRTxNQmV If you like what I have written, please collect my story! Consider donating power stones and golden tickets to ensure others get to see it too! If you want to read more, please unlock new chapters when Premium becomes available! Every coin will help me write more stories! Humbly, ~Haizao Please support my work at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/haizao