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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow in divinity? All while everyone else seems to think you are way stronger than you actually are? Well that's what Mark has to deal with when it comes to their new found life surrounded by any and every mythology there is. Oh, and there is of course their current employer, that hopes to have them in an eventual high position of their newly restructured Omniversal company. Also the fact that they didn't have much of a choice in the matter, not that they didn't want to though. _______________________________________________________________________ Discord server: https://discord.gg/vFb9ZcajzY

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Before I could continue, a screen projected itself from Retzio's glasses, and showed up in the middle of the room. There she was in her full glory. Sitting at an office desk with a tablet in hand, and a large amount of paperwork on the side of her. She was wearing a red kimono, had her long silver hair tied behind her back, and while her assets were covered for the most part, it looked like her breasts were fighting to get out of her clothing. 

"Ugh, I was really hoping that I could digitize all the paperwork to avoid having physical copies of things, but the one thing leaders can never avoid is paperwork. It's a pain, don't you agree Odin?" That was an interesting way to start off this conversation, but I couldn't help but agree with her. Paperwork, regardless of its form, could never be avoided by us. At least, not for too long before it rears its head. 

"So let's get the ball rolling shall we, since you welcomed Retzio into Asgard, I will allow him to stay there and learn about your Asgardian culture, especially that of the royalty. Secondly," She turned the screen to face Loki.

"You little girl. We will be speaking at length about the fact that you snagged up my son while he was supposed to be out doing something else of vast importance. Don't think I trust you for a second until I confirm it myself when you get here, do I make myself clear?" I laughed as I saw Loki nervously gulp in fear, before quickly nodding her head. She was exuding some pressure on Loki through the screen and I found it somewhat comical. Loki never acted this way unless it was with Frigga, perhaps it was a motherly thing. 

"Now, where were we, oh yeah. I figure we can discuss a non-aggression pact for now, with a possible future alliance as my son gets more used to Asgard. Also, I want the two of them to become engaged. In order to cement this fact, I am offering to cure Frigga of her poison." My breath hitched when she finished her statement. Screw the engagement, I would give her Gungir if she asked for it. Loki seemed perplexed as well, if the chair that Retzio conjured for her to sit in was any consolation.

"I recently found a phoenix in a volcano and figured out how their healing works. That should be plenty to assist your wife. And no, it is not an ordinary phoenix. It's a golden one that can heal, cure poisons, toxins, and remove curses." I paused. She had a golden phoenix? The apex of all things healing? 

"There would be nothing that would make me happier than for her to be healed. Are you sure you just want the two of them to be engaged though? Not that it's not a big thing, but healing my wife would be a large boon for Asgard, there must be something else you would want." The Golem goddess put a hand to her chin and smirked.

"Of course I know this, but it was in good faith for the most part since I noticed the plight your wife was facing. I guess if I wanted something, then I would like for you to share yours, and your wife's knowledge on magic with me." That was a tall request, and was vague as well. Asgard knew a multitude of different magics, not just our own, and giving her free access to that would cause her power to jump even further. None of that mattered to me though as long as I had my wife healed, and secured an alliance with them. 

"I agree to your terms, and I hope that we have a long-standing relationship between our factions." I smiled and she nodded. I quickly brought my wife out to the throne room while being careful with her body. Loki looked on in excitement. Retzio just smiled in exasperation at the situation. 

"I'm sending over one of my daughters to look over her, then heal her. You will probably recognize her, but she will be there shortly." Before anyone else could react, silver light, and several unknown sigils, most likely golem magic appeared and once it faded, a woman that might as well have been a carbon copy of her daughter appeared. Her assets weren't as prominent, but that didn't take away from her charm. She was like the more serious version of her mother. 

"Hello Lord Odin. I am Circi, as you may already know. I would like to get to work right away if you do not mind?" I nodded to her, and backed up after placing Frigga on a bed from her room. Circi quickly moved to the side of her, and multiple screens and magical sigils appeared as she examined Frigga.


Of all things to cause me to step into the outside world before I was ready, I wasn't expecting it to be healing Frigga. When Levi fished out a golden phoenix from a volcano, she teleported back to Mother without warning while she was having private time with Jess and Jane. Of course Levi quickly ran out of the room, and waited for her to finish when she realized, but Mother wasn't even angry when she realized that Levi was holding a baby phoenix. 

If the glint in her eye was any telltale sign, her dragging Levi off to her newly constructed personal lab that only her children had access to, it showed how interested she was. She didn't leave that lab, and neither did Levi for 48 hours. The only reason Levi didn't leave was because the phoenix was attached to her like a pet. Mother respected this and didn't take it away, as much as I could tell she wanted to. In those 48 hours, she figured out how to implement the healing magic of the phoenix into golem magic, and taught Sebastian, Levi, and I how to utilize it. 

I also requested that Levi collect its tears whenever it cried, so we could have phoenix tears on hand for those of us who couldn't utilize the healing magic. That being said, outside of Mother, I was the most adept at healing magic, so she sent me to heal Frigga who, based on my analysis, was plagued with not only poison, but several curses too. Thankfully this was child's play at this point with the new branch of magic I had access to.


Healing Frigga was the original plan I had to ally with Asgard and obtain their knowledge. Retzio's whole situation was a mistake that I am forced to accept at this point. I wasn't going to tell Retzio no, nor was I going to mess with his relationship. That doesn't mean I wasn't going to mess with him and Loki when they eventually came here. I had to make sure that girl didn't have any of the tendencies of the original canon Loki afterall. 

Fenrir was just a pet of Loki's in this verse, and Hel wasn't even born yet. That in itself meant that Ragnarok was most likely inadvertently prevented by Retzio, and by extension me. Odin was probably thankful to me to an extreme extent in that case. Regardless though, I just continued to do digital and physical paperwork at my desk, while Circi was healing Frigga.

Circi herself proved herself in her abilities by the fact that not even an hour passed, and Frigga was opening her eyes. I thought it would have been faster, but she probably had some nasty curses on her. 


Of all the scenarios I built in my mind when coming to Asgard, I didn't have Odin crying tears of happiness in my bingo book. Good on Mother for causing this to happen I guess, and by extension, Circi. Loki dragged me to the bedside of Frigga without letting go of my hand as she joined Odin in shedding tears.

"I'm…Alive? Dear? Loki? How…?" She looked over to Circi, then to the screen that was projecting Mother.

"Ah. I am unsure how to repay this favor Madam." Frigga looked over to Mom when she made that statement. How old was Mother anyway? I doubt that Frigga would call someone Madam unless they were older. The moment I finished that thought, I felt a cold shiver run up my spine, and I looked over to the projection to see Mother smiling. The smile was anything but good however. I set down my glasses a bit ago so the screen could stay in the same place. I wished to be away from her gaze right now though.

Thankfully, she looked away after a few seconds to respond to Miss Frigga. That didn't placate me in the slightest though since I knew I wasn't out of the deep end yet.

"Worry not Frigga, Odin and I have already spoken briefly about what I would like from Asgard, and we reached an agreement. Circi should have completely removed any poisons, toxins, sicknesses, or curses you were experiencing earlier. Although, do try your best not to let that happen again. Someone, or something clearly wanted you gone if the extent of the curses causing your issues were any sign." Frigga took on a more serious look as she sat up from the bed, and Odin assisted her as she stood. 

Loki gave her a tight hug, and Odin joined in the mix. I stood at the side to give the family a moment of respite. 

"And who might this fine gentleman be Loki? You seemed absolutely smitten with him based on how close the two of you have been from the moment I opened my eyes." To Loki's credit, while she did blush up a storm, she still went to my side, and grabbed ahold of my left arm with both of hers. 

"This big piece of danger right here is Retzio. Circi's brother, my current boyfriend, and future spouse based on what was talked about with his mom." She looked at me with eyes filled with, hope? Welp, I made my bed, it's time to lay in it.


For the past several months, I have been in a perpetual state of excruciating pain, and feeling like I'm trapped in a cage. I thought it was time for death to claim my soul. I knew not who or what caused this, but I knew that it would spell trouble for Asgard at large, especially my family if I were to pass. I had given up hope though as I finally felt my time coming closer. 

Before I could pass though, the void that I had known as my own consciousness was flooded with a soothing, golden light. The pain and suffering that I was going through, and my fleeting lifeforce, were being fixed slowly but surely. Whoever was healing me, Odin must have paid a great debt to make this happen. I had felt hope grace my very soul once again. After an unknown amount of time, I had opened my eyes for the first time in what felt like a long time. 

What greeted me was a comforting and strange sight at the same time. I was laying in my bed, but it was in the middle of the throne room, and I was surrounded by a few figures. Odin was clenching my hand like I would disappear at any moment, Loki wasn't that far, standing at the front of the bed with a guest I would assume. Although, based on the way she was holding his hand and staying close to him, they were clearly in some type of relationship.

It was the last two that threw me for a loop. For a moment, I thought The Golem goddess was standing next to me just based on her features alone. However, when I noticed the projection a little distance away, I put that thought behind me and assumed that it was one of her daughters. That must mean that the one entangled with Loki was probably one of her children as well. My question to Loki after she turned into a blushing mess confirmed that fact. It only brought a smile to my face however.


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