1 I'm the one, gagged in our past!

A thousand men approached, for me only one who cannot be replaced. My first love.

The female character named Bey

The male character named Mario

My first love disappeared.

A point of view Bey

In a side street cafe which was quite busy in the dusk. Bey and Willa are waiting for Dina who was late arriving from their appointment time, both of them had even finished off a piece of red velvet and a fresh drink.

Bey, Dina, and Willa are old friends since high school.

Dina finally came with her hand holding a man.

"Bey, Willa, this is Sammy," Dina walked over to the table, holding a man's arm affectionately.

Bey and Willa immediately stood up to welcome Dina.

"I'm Bey," I introduced myself first. Shaking Sammy's hand.

"Willa," the friend next to me nudged my shoulder, teasing Dina's new boyfriend with her sassy eyes.

"Hello, Sammy," Reply the man with clothes that look so neat and cool. He has a good height and athletic body.

"Cie, so this is Miss Dina's new lover who she said super handsome and hot!" teased Willa, her shoulder once again touching mine.

I can only smile seeing the behavior of the new couple who are in love. Dina and Sammy looked embarrassed. Their faces flushed red.

"Come on, order food, I'll treat both of you today."

Willa welcomes Dina's treatment with enthusiasm, while I can only comment with a faint smile.


"uh, wait a minute, Vino is calling .." Willa hurriedly picked up her cellphone "Yes honey, we already gathered at the cafe .. Dina and her new boyfriend, oh yes .. here is Bey too, the single Bey. " Dina and Sammy chuckled at Willa's words to the person she called honey, are they mocked at me?

All understand very well the meaning of the word earlier. I pursed my lips, pretended to be angry because of Willa's words against me, they were just kidding.

"Hehee .... I'm just kidding" whispered Willa with an apologetic face.

"You mean Willa, look at Bey's face!" Dina joined Willa's joke.

I hit Dina's arm lightly, they are the same. Everyone laughed, laughed at my solitude.

Willa and Dina are my old friends. I can never be angry with them. Instead, they always make me laugh.

Lately, we rarely get together like this.

Since becoming a new student at a different campus, our activities have always been busy.

And when I met them again like this. They seem to change quite quickly. Willa was increasingly a stylist and her relationship with Vino looks even sweeter.

Dina was also getting growth and still humorous. No wonder the cool and popular Sammy can be her partner. They look great together.

I saw Willa's smile cheerfully greeted the arrival of Vino, who walked from the parking lot. Her hand waved softly with a happy smile.

"Here .. honey! "Shouted Willa.

I teased Willa, who couldn't wait to welcome her lover.

Willa looked at me while hissing asked me to behave. She was embarrassed.

"Shhh .. Vino is cold, I'm still looking for a way to make his frozen heart melt," whispered Willa made me look confused.

Dina also turned in the direction of Vino's arrival. The aura of that mature man was completely different.

Instantly the figure of an adult man with parlance style complete with an expensive car that he carries.

Wow, extraordinary. The limited-edition, luxurious and expensive car owned by Vino amazed us. Where was Willa find those gems? My eyes could not believe seeing the cold look of Willa's man.

"Bey looks... that's why you must looking for a boyfriend!" Dina made fun of me again.

She noticed my dazed gaze at the Willa man. Dina's words made my eyes immediately wake up from the cold face of Willa's crush.

Sammy rubbed Dina's face until the girl stopped teasing me.

"Don't be like that," whispered Sammy reminded Dina, He defending me.

"No problem, she was immuned," said Dina, replied her boyfriend.

Sammy looked annoyed at Dina's behavior. He tugged at the tip of Dina's nose anxiously. The two of them seemed to be pinching each other with cute faces.

They deliberately show off in front of me, right?

Looks like I'm going to be a fly here.

"I think I have to go," I said then got up and gave a hug to Willa and Dina.

Of course, I choose to leave those who are in love. I shouldn't interfere with their double date.

Besides, the bookstore across the street was more seductive and suited me well.

I grabbed my drink and left. Leaving their voices and laughter behind. I am happy with your happiness.

Enjoy the days of being a collages student.

Willa and Dina are my high school friends. Friends who are always with me, but there are secrets that I haven't told them.

Maybe it's not the time yet, seeing that they can have a partner and spend time like other teenagers makes me happy, though.

I took a deep breath, ah. I have to forget about him.

I walked along the sidewalk, crossed the street. The bookstore over there is my destination.


a short message from Dina

~ Bey, I'll give your cellphone number, to Sammy, he said he has a friend to introduce,~

I reply to Dina's message with just a smile emoticon. Both Dina and Willa have tried several times to introduce me to men but until now.

My eyes looked down and saw that my sneakers were untied. I crouched down, fixing the laces on the side of the road.

Even today I still clearly remember you.


His tall body, broad back, straight shoulders. His smile, the look on his face, an attitude I couldn't guess. The touch, the kiss, your lips, and your hug...

I got goosebumps, just remembering about you.

In the past .. my chest was often tight and my tears always broke when night fell, when I remembered our short night.

But now, I can remember you with a smile. While enjoying the warm evening sun. The cool breeze that brushes my hair, makes my heart feel more relieved.

I saw my reflection on the glass wall of a shop. My changed image. I'm not a little girl anymore. My hair was elongated, my face was firm. I'm not a little girl anymore! I'm 22 years old.

I saw my lips a little pale, a little lip tint polish will make me excited.

I took a lip tint from my bag, rubbed it on my lips, and chewed it. I tried to smile broadly. Enjoying my loneliness.

Someone seemed to wave from inside the shop. Looks like he noticed my ridiculous behavior which had been only focused on my reflection on the glass wall.

I confirmed my eyesight. sure enough, someone was watching me from inside, a man.

His face grinning saw my behavior. My face became hot, I covered my face with my hands, immediately ran away.

"So embarrassed.." I muttered as I walked away. I jogged into the bookstore. Disappeared from the stranger men's gaze.

Now I tried to be confident. Eh, just a small and a wave of a foreign man has made my confidence down.

Gosh, I'm so embarrassed. I shook my head trying to forget the incident earlier, trying to calm down.

"Books, let's find a book," I muttered trying to forget the little incident earlier.

I began scrolling through the shelves, looking for the literature I enjoyed, teen romance stories.


I saw an unknown number on my cellphone screen. Ah, it must be the man my best friend meant earlier, I thought.

~ Hay Bey, I'm Sammy's friend, Milo ~

I skipped. It doesn't steal the show, I'm sorry Dina. As soon as possible I put down my cell phone and continue searching for new books.

I'm too busy looking for books. Pull and put. Until accidentally I dropped a book beside me.

When my hand wanted to reach the book. Someone preceded me. He reached for the book that fell to the floor

I could only see the shiny toe of his loafers. Slowly my sight began to rise.

Looks like I have to say sorry and thank you to him who helped me get this book.

My eyes caught a man's feet in leather loafers, black slick pants, a neat blue shirt.

His arms looked sturdy and well-built, the veins of his hands were visible on the backs of his palms.

I grabbed the book in his hand without looking at his face. I don't dare to look at a stranger's face.

"Thank you, "I said softly, still staring at the book in our hands.

"You're welcome," he said, whispered, he moved a little, standing next to my body.

He brought his face to my ear. He repeated the sentence one more time. "You're welcome,"

That voice! suddenly I lifted my head. His face made my eyes suddenly enlarge. I can't believe this!

Impossible! my feet suddenly stepped back and pressed against the bookshelf.

The face was a face I know. The voice reminded me of a whisper that I could never forget that night.

"Mario .." I muttered in a trembling voice.

He has not had time to answer my call. A woman waves from the cashier. Calling his name in a warm voice.

I turned around and the second time I was in disbelief.

That woman!

"Sofia .." I muttered again with an increasingly shocked face.

Mario went straight to the woman. Their hands touched each other. Sofia took Mario? I can't believe it. What is wrong with my eyes? something seems wrong with my eyes.

I have to confirm one more time. I immediately left the bookshelf.



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