The Coldest CEO was my first love Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Coldest CEO was my first love


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Mature content! First love Marriage, cheating, true love.. "Bey, I have loved you since we first met .." a declaration of love on a lonely night made my heart melted. Little kisses on the lips that tasted so sweet into my chest. A statement of love that makes me never be able to forget about you. Your hug makes my heart so flowery. Make my body soar up to the seventh sky. Did you remember that night? *** Bey and Mario met when they were teenagers. The two of them met at the rental house, a brief meeting, made the night they spent together unforgettable. Become a beautiful memory. First love will never die. That's how people said. Bey believes one day she will meet Mario. Her first love, a love that disappeared without a word. The hopes came true. She reunited with Mario, who already has a wife and a baby.


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