1 01 Can I Go To The Human World?

With a look of amazement, Lee Myeong---a gumiho in the form of a girl---watched human life through the pond she was currently watching. The pool in a room that looks like a garden is indeed showing the life of humans. Since the first Lee Myeong liked the human world, even hoping to visit a world that in her eyes is a world that is so beautiful.

The shadow of the life of the human world disappeared, followed by a small wave from the pool water. The female gumiho's attention shifted and turned to a man with a stick in his hand.

"Why did you remove it? I'm not satisfied with looking around," protested Lee Myeong to the man---Seung Ho, a God in charge of protecting mankind.

"You really like the human world, don't you?" Seung Ho asked looking at Lee Myeong.

"Not only like, but really like," replied Lee Myeong with a smile on his face. "By the way, may I go over there?"

Seung Ho couldn't hide his surprise at all when he heard what Lee Myeong said. "Should not!" he answered in the end. "You absolutely must not go to the human world. Moreover, you are not even a hundred years old."

"So if I'm a hundred years old I can go there?" asked Lee Myeong while looking at Seung Ho at close range.

Seung Ho who was stared at by Lee Myeong was trying not to look into the gumiho's eyes. He even walked away from the woman's gumiho. "Yes, you can go when you are a hundred years old," he answered while avoiding Lee Myeong.

A smile grew on Lee Myeong's face after receiving an answer from Seung Ho. She seemed very happy about it. "Then, in two days I can go to the human world, right?"

Seung Ho immediately turned around after hearing Lee Myeong's words earlier. The look of surprise could not be concealed at all by him, even his small eyes grew large from being too shocked. "Two more days? What do you mean?"

"You said when I was a hundred years old I could go to the human world. In two days i'll be a hundred years old," explained Lee Myeong, which made Seung Ho even more surprised. "You made a promise to me, so you have to keep it, understand?"

"Wait don't go yet!"

The gumiho didn't hear Seung Ho's call asking Lee Myeong to stop. He sighed as he shook his head. "Apparently the child will be a hundred years old the day after tomorrow. I think there's still one more year."


A smile spreads wide on Lee Myeong's face who can finally set foot in the human world. In accordance with the agreement between herself and Seung Ho, she can finally descend into the human world right on the day he gets older. The beautiful Gumiho wears peach---colored jeogori combined with red chima.

The presence of Lee Myeong who was walking around in the crowd apparently managed to make the men glance at him. Not knowing their age and status, the men look fascinated by the beauty of Lee Myeong. Even because he paid too much attention to Lee Myeong, some men even hit other people or objects in front of them.

Lee Myeong didn't seem to care about the looks the men gave her. She kept walking casually while occasionally stopping by a seller to see what goods or food the sellers were selling.

"Give it a try, miss," said a snack vendor as he handed Lee Myeong a piece of cake.

With flowery feelings, Lee Myeong immediately accepted the piece of cake and took a bite. Her eyes immediately lit up after tasting the delicious cake.

"It's very tasty," Lee Myeong praised, making the seller smile happily. "I want to buy five."


The sound of the gayageum music sounded in one of the pavilions of a gibang at this time. The stringed instrument is being played beautifully by Kang Yi Seok, a son of a famous noble family. The game of the man managed to make the gisaeng from gibang gathered to see the game of the man, and pay attention to the handsome face of the man. The mesmerizing game was finally over, making the gisaengs applaud. Kang Yi Seok smiled at the applause.

"Sir, your musical instrument is so beautiful that it fascinates me," praised a gisaeng.

"Are you fascinated by my music, or are you fascinated by my good looks?"Yi Seok asked jokingly but made a red tinge appear on both of the gisaeng's cheeks.

"Sir," said the embarrassed gisaeng.

Yi Seok chuckled. He's wrapping up his gayageum.

"You're going home?"ask another gisaeng.

"Yes, I'm going home. But don't worry, I'll come again tomorrow," Yi Seok replied to make the gisaengs cheer. "Alright, I'll go home now. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you, sir!"


Lee Myeong eats the last piece of cake he bought while still walking around. It is now not in the market so crowded, but on the streets used to enjoy the view of the houses that exist. The human world was so much fun, it felt like she didn't want to go back to the upper world.

"But, if I had stayed here, Seung Ho would have been furious," she murmured sadly.

She sighed heavily. I don't think she wants to go back to the top world. She only has one day to travel around the world.

Not paying much attention to the road in front of him, Lee Myeong collided with a noble man carrying a large object on his back. The female Gumiho simply lowered her head while apologizing, after which she just left.

Meanwhile, the man who is none other than Kang Yi Seok, is stunned by Lee Myeong's beauty, even though he only sees a glimpse of her. The man noticed Lee Myeong's back which was already away from him. A smile fell on his face.

"I found my girl," he murmured as he looked at Lee Myeong until he disappeared.


A serious look is painted on the face of Kang Yi Seok, who is currently playing baduk with his father on the terrace of the main building. The two men were sharpening their brains after finishing dinner. In addition to sharpening the brain, there is a hidden intention when Mr. Kang invites the child to play baduk.

The man whose hair was already covered with white hair was very curious about the child's attitude throughout the dinner. Yi Seok at that moment did not stop smiling, for some reason. At that time Mr. Kang was eager to ask what made his eldest son smile, but because the rules he made forbade chatting throughout the meal, he finally delayed to ask. However, until this moment Mr. Kang has not also asked the child.

"What exactly does dad want to say?"

An unexpected question from Yi Seok shattered the mind of Mr. Kang, who was strategizing on the baduk game. The man looked at the boy with one eyebrow raised.

"What do you mean?"ask Mr. Kang pretending not to understand.

Yi Seok pulled both corners of his lips to form a curved curve. "If you have invited me to play baduk, then there is something you want to talk to me about," he explained.

Mr. Kang chuckled at the boy's answer. "Well you're right, there's really something I want to talk to you about," he admitted as he put down his black stone.

"What made you smile all night?"

Yi Seok tilted his head slightly after hearing that question. He didn't smile at the dinner. "What does that mean, Dad? I don't get it at all."

Mr. Kang smiled at that. "You don't have to lie, Yi Seok-a. Dad saw it clearly, all through dinner you always smiled faintly."

Yi Seok was silent for a moment, trying to remember whether or not he had smiled throughout the dinner. Until finally he remembered if he really had time to smile because he remembered the woman---Lee Myeong ---who collided with him this afternoon. The man was still fascinated by the beauty exuded by Lee Myeong to the point of not being able to forget her.

"Do you already have a daughter-in-law for me and your mother?" guess Mr. Kang made Yi Seok surprised because he didn't expect with that question.

"Dad, I don't have a daughter-in-law for you yet," Yi Seok replied making the father sigh in disappointment. "But don't worry, I will find a future daughter-in-law for you guys in the near future."

A glimmer of happiness immediately appeared on Mr. Kang's face after hearing the boy's last words. He was so happy that his son said so. "Keep that promise. I really want to see you get married, especially since you're a long way past the age of marriage."

Yi Seok nodded his head with a smile. He will try to find out Lee Myeong's identity and he will marry her.

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