The Chaser: Tale of Ninetailed Book

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The Chaser: Tale of Ninetailed


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If usually a gumiho-a Nine-Tailed Fox-likes the heart of a human, but not with this one gumiho named Lee Myeong. The Gumiho in the form of a beautiful woman preferred the heart of a young girl. Behind her fondness that loves the heart of the girls, tucked a story that makes it become like that. A painful story for her to finally bring himself into a terrible destiny. Hwang Ian Is the biological son of the gumiho woman, but Lee Myeong introduced the child as his younger brother. Ian is currently studying in the 6th semester at one of the private universities in Seoul. The 23-year-old had a dark past because of his own mother, and he had a pact with her that he made in the past. In addition, Ian apparently has a task related to the fate of the mother, a task that should have been carried out hundreds of years ago. What is the story of Lee Myeong and Ian? What are Ian's duties related to the fate of the mother? Will Ian be able to do the job?


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