The CEO of love and punishment

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What is The CEO of love and punishment

Read ‘The CEO of love and punishment’ Online for Free, written by the author Haliyah_Banire, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Cho Lee is a 23 year old unemployed lady looking for jobs but can’t get one due to her past job incident that she hates ...


Cho Lee is a 23 year old unemployed lady looking for jobs but can’t get one due to her past job incident that she hates talking about. As she goes to her interviews they all end up not taking her in. She starts to lose faith but then a sudden note comes in her mail saying she has an opportunity to do a 30 day internship in the big company “link” a fashion company as the CEO’s personal assistant. She goes to a club with her friends to celebrate and has the night of her life but she wakes up in her new CEOs bed the next day completely naked. But she’s to frightened to do anything so she just runs out. the next day she’s at her first day of her internship she’s to scared her boss will see her and for the whole day she acts crazy then suddenly gets called in the CEO’s office. Anyways, Mr.CEO or kyong Kim is a kind hearted man (at least he used to be) in the inside but looks scary but also very handsome on the outside so people (mostly girls) would usually stay away from him but while also wanting to do him but he didn’t really care since he had his own girlfriend. But suddenly she broke up with him so he goes to the club to drink through his sorrows but he is responsible so he didn’t drink a lot since he was going to drive. Then he meets Cho Lee she acted nice and looked like a goddess and one that had such an amazing body that would make any guy fall and any girl envy just by looking she suddenly approaches him. Even though she looked like that she didn’t care about his face and actually approached him he was shook. Since all the girls that looked even half as good as her would try to subdue him. He then noticed she was drunk so he thought it was probably cause of that so he just kept drinking. Then he went insane he asked if she wanted to sleep with him and of course she said yes,she was drunk and wasn’t in her right mind and he knew that, that’s the only reason he asked. The next day he wakes up he sees her there,naked he thought it was ok to do what he wanted with her since they already did it and starts to touching her. Then he realizes that she’s waking up so he pretends to be asleep. She suddenly acts crazy and then runs out and that’s when he then realizes what he ACTUALLY just did he starts to hit himself acting crazy like her then remembers that he had a whole company to run and runs out. when he gets there he immediately spots her not knowing why she was there and was still in shock so he runs to his office which is sound proof and starts yelling then starts remembering things from that night and starts getting ideas. Like touching her everywhere and to live last night all over again then asks his retiring assistant to call her in. Who knows what will happen next...wait I do cause I’m the author anyways this is the start of his adventure with touching her whenever and wherever he wants to but then starts to get feelings for her even though he thought that he would never feel anything for anyone after the big breakup. And she goes crazy with all this harassment but she lets it go on since she need this job and since she starts liking his touch and taste. But what happens next well I don’t know this one, we’ll just have to find out together.

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