The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend{Completed}

When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the story’s male protagonist. Qiao Moyu, the President’s childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won’t take any responsibility since the child wasn’t his! As she stared at her adorable and proud little toddler, Qiao Moyu decided to take this chance to raise her son while having a fresh start in her acting career. As for the other problems, she’ll just take it easy! However, a few months later ~ President: “You’re not some disgusting mosquito blood, you’re my white moonlight (first love).” Luo Luo: “Mama, he’s not Baobei’s father. Baobei doesn’t want him.” A certain Film Emperor: “I want both you and the child.” Online fans: “Qiao Moyu is ours!” Genre(s) Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Josei,Romance Author : Zhuge Jin Alternative : [Orginal novel~ Rawlink- https://m.shubaow.net/16/16555/] This is Fan Translation♡ ( Clumsy translation) ©️The cover and novel does not belongs to me, it is owned by orginal author ☆☆☆my favorite author senpai jin~ please support Author. I won't lock any chapters:)

Yokubo · Fantasy
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Chapter 85: Exposed (2)

Qiao Mo Yu: "…" Come to think of it, let's do it this way for the time being!

She sat on the sofa and peeled grapes for Luo Luo, who was eating them one by one. His lips was shiny as he asked, "Master is feeding Luo Luo. Since you're not a stranger, it's okay for me to eat."

"Mmm, Luo Luo is really smart!" Qiao Moyu bent over and kissed him.

Outside, the reporters were interviewing Lu Beige. Meanwhile, anyone with even the slightest bit of color could see that most of the footage regarding Lu Beige actually included Ye Peicheng. They mentioned some of news related to Ye Peicheng, just for the sake of Lu Beige.

By the end of the interview, Luo Luo had eaten plenty of grapes and melon seeds. The little toddler heard a sound coming from the door and immediately jumped down from Qiao Moyu's leg. He straightened its back and tried to look calm and composed.

Lu Beige came in and smiled: "The interviews over there have ended, I've prepared lunch, let's have lunch together!"

Qiao Moyu was aware of Ye Pei City's existence, so then, how could they be willing to go? She immediately waved her hand, "There are some mundane matters over at the Taoist temple. We won't disturb Teacher Lu!"

After saying so, she pulled Luo Luo out, took the props, and was about to leave.

However, at this time, Ye Pecheng's voice came from behind them, "Are the two Taoists going to drive back?"

Qiao Mo Yu's heart skipped a beat. She turned her head and said, "We plan to walk."

Without saying any more to her, Ye Peicheng had already stood to bid farewell to Lu Beige, saying that he had something to do at noon and would not be able to attend the banquet.

When Qiao Mo Yu heard this, she could not help but regret her decision. If she knew earlier, she would have stayed here to eat for free!

She held Luo Luo as they walked through an alley at an old section of the imperial city. The noonday sun shone down on them. Since they were dressed in Taoist robes, their bodies felt a bit hot while their foreheads were covered in a layer of sweat.

At that moment, the sound of a car came from beside him. Qiao Mo Yu's gaze shifted until she caught sight of Ye Peicheng.

Ye Pecheng's fingers bent slightly behind the window, tapping lightly on the black steering wheel. His eyes shone with an unfathomable light: "The drama crew didn't pay you?"

Qiao Mo Yu's hand trembled.

Ye Peicheng's gaze grew deeper as he spoke gently, "If you want to act as someone else, you should make sure to cover up all the details."

Upon hearing this, she couldn't help but wonder, 'How in the world did Ye Peicheng recognize her?!'

So then, he deliberately pretended not to know until now?

And here she was, a mother who brought her son to pretend to be a Taoist…what was this feeling of being caught red-handed by an acquaintance?

Qiao Mo Yu simply shrugged. "Shadow Emperor, did you recognize me at first glance?"

"At first, I just felt that it was a little familiar." Ye Pecheng stopped the car, opened the door, and got out.

He pulled Qiao Mengyu's forearm up and pointed at the burn on his wrist. "This place allows me to confirm your identity."

The robe was rather long. When she left earlier, Qiao Mo Yu had rolled up her sleeves due to the hot temperature. Thus, Ye Pei Cheng was clearly able to see the wounds on her wrist.

At that time, he didn't know how to describe his feelings. How many girls has he met like the one in front of him now? She actually disguised herself as a Taoist Priest to swindle money from someone. How could she think of doing such a thing?

The alley was empty at noon. The narrow stone road was quiet except for the occasional whistle from the distant street.

Ye Peicheng glanced down at the two 'Taoists' in front of him from a high vantage point. It was easy to tell that the taller one of the two was obviously a girl; only a fool like Lu Beige would truly mistake her for a man.

As for the little one, he was clearly a toddler that had just been weaned.

He rubbed his brows in a troubled manner, squatted down, and said to Luo Luo, "Baby, I'll go and–"

For a moment, he suddenly had no idea how to address Qiao Moyu in front of this kid. Ye Peicheng continued, "–talk to her for a moment. Baobei, you can wait for us on the side.

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