The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend{Completed}

When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the story’s male protagonist. Qiao Moyu, the President’s childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won’t take any responsibility since the child wasn’t his! As she stared at her adorable and proud little toddler, Qiao Moyu decided to take this chance to raise her son while having a fresh start in her acting career. As for the other problems, she’ll just take it easy! However, a few months later ~ President: “You’re not some disgusting mosquito blood, you’re my white moonlight (first love).” Luo Luo: “Mama, he’s not Baobei’s father. Baobei doesn’t want him.” A certain Film Emperor: “I want both you and the child.” Online fans: “Qiao Moyu is ours!” Genre(s) Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Josei,Romance Author : Zhuge Jin Alternative : [Orginal novel~ Rawlink- https://m.shubaow.net/16/16555/] This is Fan Translation♡ ( Clumsy translation) ©️The cover and novel does not belongs to me, it is owned by orginal author ☆☆☆my favorite author senpai jin~ please support Author. I won't lock any chapters:)

Yokubo · Fantasy
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230 Chs

Chapter 108: Investigate the Past (3)

She probably just recently washed her face since it was free of makeup. It was different from the heavy makeup she wore every time she visited him. Now that it was clear, she appeared pure and clean, without a speck of dust on her face. Just like that, she walked out from the forest, step by step, as if she followed a melodic rhythm.

His breathing unconsciously softened and his gaze followed her figure as she approached.

Until he discovered that she was about to go another direction, away from his sight.

Upon noticing her intentions, a hint of displeasure appeared on his face, and he called out loudly: "Qiao Moyu!"

His long legs quickly caught up to her in a few steps: "You should know the limits when chasing after someone!"

Qiao Moyu suddenly laughed when hearing this.

A cunning light flashed through her eyes as she changed her mind.

She turned and looked up at him: "So, Brother Yichen, have I succeeded?"

Hearing this familiar pet name, Xing Yichen's breath got caught in his throat.

They now stood so close. The girl before him had a refined look in her eyes; her facial features were so pure and beautiful that even Qiao Ruohuan couldn't compare to her.

His tone was very cold: "Do you think I would be interested in you?"

"Is that so?" Qiao Moyu laughed softly: "Then Brother Yichen, why did you try catching up to me just now? Aren't you the one who hates talking with me the most?"


She lifted her fingers as if to touch his lips. With a frivolous tone, she said: "Everyone says that those lips are too thin and cold. I wonder if you were as cold to my sister as you are to me?"

Qiao Moyu's voice was very charming, especially when she used such a tone to speak. Coupled with the mystifying night, it made the listener feel as if his bones had turned soft.

Xin Yichen's Adam's Apple rolled slightly in his throat. He felt a surge of warmth in his lower abdomen. The impulse that was interrupted earlier by his assistant's text message once again surged.

Sensing the change in his body, he felt a sense of frustration and rejection. Xing Yichen knitted his brows and locked his gaze onto Qiao Moyu with murderous intent. "Qiao Moyu, I called you out simply to ask this question–when you were 13, what kind of treatment did you go overseas for?"

It was exactly the same as she had guessed! Thanks to the original book's description of Xing Yichen, Qiao Moyu was able to completely understand the situation.

She felt all of the cells in her body tremble, unsure if it was because of the original host's feelings, but she still tried her best to suppress her excitement. Her tone became lazy and indifferent: "CEO Xing, the purpose of why I went and for whom, don't you have the answer in your heart?"

Xing Yichen felt his heart tighten. That was because Qiao Moyu had mentioned the words 'for whom'!

But how could that be possible? If she had also been at the scene of the fire, why didn't she mention it afterwards?

In addition, her thoughts towards him were clear as day. If she really saved him, wouldn't she have mentioned it after so many years?


Xing Yichen's eyes locked onto Qiao Moyu as killing intent grew in his eyes. "Qiao Moyu, don't try playing any tricks in front of me! Right now, it's easier for me to crush you than crushing an ant!"

However, Qiao Moyu remained unmoved by his threats. She replied indifferently: "I know. What tricks do I possibly have? CEO Xing, if you have time, why don't you use your own abilities and investigate this matter. After all, what others have said could be lies, so you should investigate the truth yourself. What do you think?"

Xing Yichen narrowed his eyes, as if trying to read the answer from Qiao Moyu's face. However, he failed to do so. The woman before him seemed to be a completely different person from before.

"Alright, I won't play these games with you anymore. CEO Xing, I'm just looking forward to the day that you find out! I believe the answer will leave a deep impression on you!"

After speaking, she stomped heavily on Xing Yichen's foot, using the same pose as last time.

Just as Xing Yichen was about to react to the pain, a male voice spoke up with an unseen pressure: "What are you doing?

When Qiao Moyu glanced over and noticed Ye Peicheng, who had just walked out of the forest.

He was still dressed the same as earlier this evening. However, his previous youthful and fashionable attire was now giving off a cold aura for no reason.


Qiao Moyu lifted her gaze and their eyes met. It was as if the stars and moon had disappeared. The darkness and gloom in his eyes were like the depths of the ocean where no sunlight could be found.

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