The Card Apprentice Book

novel - Sci-fi

The Card Apprentice

Fang Xiang

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  • 611 Chs

  • 3.9

    231 ratings
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This is both a work of science fiction and an exploration of the meaning of life, love, literature and art. Brainpower is no longer the main ingredient for being human in this far distant future world. Spirituality, physical balance, and diligence all come together as integrity for Chen Mu, the Card Apprentice. The cards which Chen Mu masters in his own scrappy way, distill all the powers of the cosmos – human and nonhuman – into something that is not a book, not technology, and neither art nor magic, but is these and more. Learn about these strange cards, which can embody everything you might imagine for the future of technology, but also a future beyond technology which promotes the best, and sometimes the worst, from mankind’s past.


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