Slayer Chronicles: Book 1: RWBY Book

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Slayer Chronicles: Book 1: RWBY


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“Oh Lord, you know my sinful desires. I want to defend the defenseless. For I am greedy for their gratitude. I want to strike down those who would oppress the innocent. For my wrath towards the merciless is unending. I want to grow and improve without end. For I am envious of those above me. I want to find love and be loved by many. For my lust is unquenchable. I want to fight. For I am proud. I want to peer into the deepest secrets and know the most intricate mysteries. For my gluttonous mind will never be satisfied. And I want to know days of peace and simple contentment devoid of worry or fear. For I am lazy by nature.” A journey begins with death and rebirth. An old warrior is reincarnated by the God he has worshiped all his life into the world of Remnant as the twin brother of Ruby Rose. With Lords of Grimm rising to meet his coming, he will fight to protect his family and end the ancient threat to Remnant. Here he will begin his journey to stand at the pinnacle of reality as the strongest being in all of existence. Comparable only to the likes of the Creator, the Corruptor, the Void, and the Traveler. With only love, war, and chaos as his eternal companions. This is just the beginning of the new Slayer's endless journey. May your heart burn with unquenchable fire, and your mind be as clear as eternal ice. --I do not own RWBY --I do not own the cover image or any of the images used in this novel


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