The Campus Belle Claims to Be Pregnant After I Reincarnated

Author: Little Cha Doesn't Eat Spinach
Magical Realism
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What is The Campus Belle Claims to Be Pregnant After I Reincarnated

Read The Campus Belle Claims to Be Pregnant After I Reincarnated novel written by the author Little Cha Doesn't Eat Spinach on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Xiao Ran was awakened by the sound of someone reading in his sleep. He opened his eyes and found himself back in the classroom! He held a note that had been passed to him by the girl in front of him, and suddenly realized that he had really been reborn! History repeated itself, and Ding Suiwan, the campus belle, looked at him helplessly and finally said those words. "I... I think I'm pregnant..." Having been given a second chance to live, Xiao Ran was determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past life. As someone who owned a thirty-year-old soul, Xiao Ran was resolute. "Let's have the baby!" He refused to believe that he had been reborn only to fail again. In fact, Ding Suiwan had not really been pregnant in his past life. They had just accidentally kissed. But the naive girl didn't know that and really thought she was pregnant. Xiao Ran's attempts to explain himself only made him seem like an irresponsible jerk in her eyes! Although the misunderstanding was eventually cleared up, he suffered a lot. Returning to 2000, Xiao Ran would never let history repeat itself. He would change the outcome of his fate!

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Raw: 重生后青梅校花说她怀孕了


I just discovered this book in the trial reads and read through the available first 20 chapters. I was generally amused by the novel as it is pretty cliche, reborn MC, adverse family life plagued with debt and only his future talents to improve his life and his family. The MC has a few female LI’s but the front runner is the naive daughter of the Mayor who really is described well in many aspects. The MC skilfully avoids some mistakes of his past and manages by doing so in capturing her heart. Thus is born the calamity of social status where he is but a lowly newspaper sellers son and she is the bright daughter of a Mayor. Of course we have those other stepping stone characters who want the girl and I am sure there will be contententious issues over this upcoming. Overall even though I am displeased with, in my mind, the rushed translation where it sounds stilted or the incorrect use of genders which is pretty par for the course for translated Chinese novels, I am willing to overlook it mostly as the novel is enjoyable and one i would like to see selected.


How much trouble did it cause to have ruined ur life?! ( the fact it’ a regrets ) How stupid is she and all those around them to not realise that… *sigh*


This sounds like something very stupid. like what level of stupidity is that?


The summary is confusing, perhaps it's translation?? It gives the impression of MC being worst than a straight-man. You missed a good opportunity there. But I could be 100% wrong. I hope this is like other CNs where MC fools the silly girl to marry him.


every single novel this time is garbage 😀btw why do they refuse to release the highest voted ones? 🤨


It’s ’ actually good. I enjoyed it and would be sad if it didn’t continue . I’ loving the oac so far and wAnt to know More about what will happen with the Mc, his mom and dad.


I just read the 1st Chapter and I immediately drop it. The level of brain damage I sustain was just that high. Writing quality is as generic you can get but understandable seeing a ton of same genre stories. Story progression, thats something I can't describe since I only read 1 chapter and it went down hill pretty fast for me do. Character Design is a bit questionable since FL is top of her class but don't know basic biology, I learned that stuff in grade school for goodness sake. Author gave his FL int level of a 7 yrs old and she the top of the Class. Update stability is not good since it has yet to be pick up and I hope it would not since its a waste of time & money to translate. World Background seems to be modern day setting but everyone except MC is dump. Also, 1st chapter in the Author already spat on the whole education system of his county. Usually, its about propaganda on how great China is but this time Author just spat on his countries level of education. I do wonder if the author is still alive and breathing today. Imagine a highschool girl that do not know elementary level biology and science.


why cannot I rate the translation quality here ? honestly the summary is really bring this book down. if i was not bored and don't know what to read, i probably never read this. then i shocked well its a hidden gem. the earlier chapter really just weird, but the more you read , the more you will see something rare (in a good sense) troupe in this book. read it and find it, its just i hope this can be kept till the end. usually later in chapter 100 and so, there is always have quality drop


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