The Betrayed Monarch Book

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The Betrayed Monarch


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In the world of Tianxia, the legend of Ling Tian, the Greatest Monarch Under Heaven, was whispered in hushed tones. He was revered as the most powerful cultivator to ever walk the land after the ear of the Ancients, and his name struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. But few knew the truth about his mysterious downfall. 8000 years ago, the Central Tianxia Continent was ruled by the Divine Emperor, a powerful cultivator who had reached the pinnacle of the cultivation world at that time* His two most promising disciples were Ling Tian and his fellow brother Feng Lei, whom Ling Tian had taken under his wing and cared for like a younger sibling after the mysterious death of their master. Ling Tian had been on the cusp of breaking through to the realm of the Great Sovereign, a feat that no one had accomplished in millennia. He had pushed himself to the limits of his cultivation, enduring countless trials and battles, but now he was so close he could almost taste it. However, his fellow brother, Feng Lei, launched a sudden surprise attack, leaving Ling Tian gravely wounded. Despite his injuries, Ling Tian remained determined, ready to confront his betrayer, who brought alongside him a horde of enemies and four Monarchs. Outnumbered and outmatched, Ling Tian fought relentlessly, unleashing powerful techniques and lightning-fast strikes. But the battle was slipping from his grasp. Weakened and aware of his impending defeat, Ling Tian summoned his last reserves and unleashed a devastating attack, ignorant of Feng Lei's hidden plan. To Ling Tian's dismay, Feng Lei revealed a pagoda emitting a suppressive and ancient aura, nullifying Ling Tian's attack and redirecting its force toward his already injured body. He was sent hurtling through the air, crashing heavily onto the ground. Broken ribs pierced through his flesh, twisted limbs throbbed with agonizing pain, and his seven orifices bled profusely, marking the precarious state of his fading existence. Ling Tian knew that his life was ebbing away, his body ravaged beyond recovery. A sinister smile crept across Feng Lei's face as he taunted, "Did you really believe I would confront you without countermeasures? This pagoda possesses the power of an ancient artifact. Your efforts are in vain." As his vision began to fade, Ling Tian felt a surge of rage and hatred. He had been betrayed by the one person he had treated like a little brother, and now he was paying the ultimate price. Ling Tian's laughter echoed through the desolate valley, a chilling sound that made the birds scatter and the leaves rustle in fear. "Hahaha...HAHAHAHA!" he cackled, his eyes blazing with ferociousness and unwillingness as he looked at the sapphire sky. "Betrayal only reveals the true colors of a person, and now I see yours. But don't celebrate too soon, for I will return stronger and more determined than ever, even if it takes me 8000 years. The madness and hatred inside me burn like a raging fire, fueling my every step toward vengeance. You may have broken my trust, but you will never break my spirit. I will rise from the ashes of this betrayal, I shall emerge as a Demon, and you will rue the day you ever crossed me." As Ling Tian spoke, his body trembled with the intensity of his emotions. He could feel the energy of Heaven and Earth and his life force seeping away. But as his final words left his lips, a sudden pain pierced his chest, His vision began to blur, and the world around him faded into darkness. "I...will...return..." he whispered before everything went black. As his spirit drifted away, Ling Tian had no idea that his words would hold true for him in the distant future as He was reborn 8000 years, with memories of his past life still intact. But as he explored this new world, he realized that the truth behind his betrayal was shrouded in mystery and secrets that went deeper than he ever imagined. Add to Library 4-6 Chaps/week