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Wang Yang never stopped pursuing his dream of becoming a director and making movies that could amaze the world. However, the fate seemed to play a malicious joke on him. He got wrongly accused and expelled from USC. Fortunately, when God closed a door to Wang Yang, he opened a window for him. After a baby stroller hit him on the street, he began to be able to watch the movies from the future in his head! Since then, the year of 1988 was destined to be an extraordinary year. Besides the miracle written by “Titanic”, one of the most legendary directors in the 21st century was rising quietly…

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Another story that based on hollywood which the MC is just copying the best seller movie and direct it himself. I quite like this one cuz novel that has a bit of 'hollywood' thingy is very scarce, as for the sex and stuff inside that mainly hollywood novel do i wont elaborate.


Very disappointed that Plague Doctor wasn’t picked, this light novel is from the same author (if my sources are correct) so I have high expectations that this could be a very great novel~ 🐱 (Reviewed this before reading hope this doesn’t disappoint) 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱


First of all i will say this novel is good and its have a refreshing vibes its not like the other novel that the mc is just want to establish a company or want to become a actor just to have a sex in any beautiful female that theyve seen.. so for me i will rate this novel 5 star.. its good and have potential also its has many words.. 👍👍👍👍


Utterly disappointed in this novel. I decided to try this out since I’m a huge fan of Plague Doctor, but this novel is a complete piece of trash. Instead of reading this, you may as well pick up a Chinese elementary school Introduction to Propoganda textbook. So far, the entire novel revolves around other people discriminating against and being racist towards the MC for being Asian-American. The writing is clearly done in a way to portray non-Asians in a terrible light, and make the Chinese readers feel good with some signature face-slapping of the ‘racist Americans’. The entire purpose of this novel is to hate on whites, blacks, and Americans in general. The author was clearly tight on cash to write this loaded piece of anti-western propaganda. This is probably the most racist Chinese novel I’ve ever come across. Playing the victim card while simultaneously being racist. Utter hypocrisy. Read at your own risk.


Reveal spoiler


What makes this story different than the other Hollywood stories is that this feels more like a slice of life. It goes into more detail about the process of creating a movie and its obvious the author has done their research. After reading up to chapter 60 it also seems like there's probably no harem and the story just seems way more realistic.


Hope this and cultural invasion into a isekai gets Picked from this batch of Trial novels. King of Hollywood novel was readable novel. Would have been popular if translated but got abandoned. Hope this novel doesn't end up like King of Hollywood.


I had hoped this would've made it. A male media director story where MC wasn't banging every actress/singer that looked his way, so they can be in his movies. Kinda pissed off this failed and that piece of crap Earth fearsome whatever sh!t made it.


I love this book, so glad it’s being translated now! Probably one of the best entertainment novels I have read, the way the films are described are really cool, some modifications to some films to make them better (at least I think so). No harem or system just him knowing what films were good and shooting ones he liked


I really liked this novel, I was bored with all the cultivation novels and needed a change which this novel provided me with. Hope it gets translated beyond ch 60 really soon. Looking forward to futher chapters...😉


最佳导演 Is the CN Name Very good novel Better than King of Hollywood I hope this one and the Cultural Isekai novels get picked because they are 2 great novels.


Very elaborate story. Can only recommend the book. Although it is sometimes a bit unrealistic, it is nevertheless very entertaining. The chapters are rather on the longer side :) Hope this gets picked up finished the trial read!!!!




One more story about profession. It is like fresh air in compare to boring slapping novels. Director, producer promoter jobs and so on, it looks relatively realistic so you can be absorbed into story flow. And I definitely want more chapters to read.


This needs to be in the voting pool! The quality and story of this novel is unlike any other chinese "occupation" novel I've read! The pace is perfect and character development is believable. It's more in-line with the God of Cooking or God of Music novel in terms of genre and story development. Somewhere between the two, but is way more addictive! I repeat, this needs to be in the voting pool! Please~


I just don't like this novel because...well a lot of stuff but mainly issue that you can come across in all Chinese novels. It's not worth elaborating.


Reveal spoiler


I liked the whole thing. The way Jessica was friend from past felt forced but overall it was a good plot so far. I liked the pace not too fast or to slow on movie making and all extra stuff was not in excess or too little either overall 4+ it goes down cos of stability of updates since its not picked there is no updates yet only 60 trial reads!!! rest are 4-5 starts.


This is one of the best stories I have seen on this app, also it's one of the smoothest I have seen on this app too, would highly recommend this book!! Give it a go and believe me you will not regret it!!


Just finished this novel a few.minutes ago and decided to share my views here. It's a pretty good novel. Maybe because it's just around 500 chapters? Maybe it's because author doesn't falls into Hollywood Harem trap? It's hard to say. One thing which makes this novel stand above almost all the Hollywood genre novels which I have ( which are quite a lot.) Is author doesn't follows the trend. In other novels MC will always direct only those top rated movies. Or movies which have become box office hit. Here author doesn't cares for those. He chooses those little heard of movies which could have been better and improves on them. With his cheat, he tries to avoid the pit falls of the original movie. If you see the movie list you will that most of the movies are those which these CN novels will not even touch. These include Juno, When Happiness Comes Knocking District 9, Firefly, 21, I am Legend, 500 days with Summer and more. Most of the movies were rated around 7 on IMDB but here author doesn't steps back. He talks about his own views on what could have made it better. Of course this being the MC, those views will definitely win the box office and not face the real market. But with just this, the story stands apart from most of them. Next is his love life. All the Hollywood genre CN novels have the MC have a harem or relationship with multiple women. Here fortunately he just sticks to Jessica and doesn't betrays her trust. Another thing which caught my attention was his race. Most of these books will have MC take over some American Guy, or have mixed heritage. But here he is purely Chinese. But despite that he doesn't goes and preaches Chinese nationalism. A point for that. And the best thing? You don't have unnecessary chapters full of politics and relations. Yes they make the story feel real. But we really don't care. If someone is reading this type of story, he doesn't cares for the politics which is going on between everyone. He or she only wants to read about movies, it's box office and people's reaction. And an award ceremony or two to spice everything up. Few things which made me disappointed are the reactions and the ending. The reactions in the story are unnecessarily stretched. They cover numerous chapters and include not only audience and critics review but also the box office income every few paras. Yes, we understand that it was a super hit. But apart from the first week and the global income, no one cares about your daily and weekly box office. Nor do we care for the long list of box office earned by competitors. Same with the award ceremonies. It's too much! We do g care for the critic awards , the MtV awards, the guild awards and the association awards. People only know about Oscars, Golden Globe, Emmie's, Cannes, Saturn and probably Hugo. Talking about the ending. It's was okay. But not giving reactions for movies which you hyped for past few chapters was a big let down. Whether it was Nolan's Dark Knight or the MCs planned Black Swan, Firefly 2 and Infinity. Anyway a good story. It's short and probably better than most novels here.


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