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As expected from the author of the amazing contemporary romance book entitled “Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife,” I already know that her take on fantasy romance stories would be great as well! 😉 I decided to leave a review even though I just read the first 6 posted chapters so far; I will further support my review in the near future to say more about the work~! 💪 Let’s start with writing quality. I do say that this is a deserving of a perfect rate of 5! 🤩 I like how it is easy to read—not too difficult, not too mediocre, either! It has the right balance and you could say that the author is not trying hard to choose highfalutin words just for the sake of having difficult vocabs in the story. I also like how there are no grammar mistakes (so far) in the story! Being a person who majored in English both undergrad and MAs, I actually like this! Applaud! 👏 Update stability: of course, it is a given—a rating of 5! 😁 I know the author can focus on writing this story now that she has finished the other! 💪 Great job! 🤩 The author will definitely update this more in the upcoming days so let’s stay tuned! Story development is a 5. Yes, I know it just started, but I like how the story has a refreshing start. It didn’t come as a story that is too rushed. A person who would read this could deduce that the story will have a flow that is neither not too slow, not too fast. Just at the right flow with information instilled here and there, making sure that she will not be doing info dumps, too! I like how she established a wonder about our ML, Elias, and what’s in store for our gal, Alyssa! 😉 Character development—another 5! I must say I like how Alyssa is different from the other story that the author previously made because I thought Alyssa is going to be strong like her character in her other novel. I like how the author is experimenting something different—her character here like a normal FL who’s going to college and meeting our boy here, Elias, with a mysterious background. It got me thinking what kind of secret is he hiding. A vampire, a demon, an angel, perhaps? A wolf? Or a rare kind of immortal being? Who knows?! Let’s find out together! 🤩 Finally, world background—a 5! 😁 With this being set in the modern world with fantasy concepts thrown here and there soon in the upcoming chapters, I know the author is going to be well prepared about this story in the long run! Of course, I know she will put unique concepts of her world soon! 🤩 An overall rate of 5~! 😉 Of course, I’m proud of my big sister’s accomplishments and improvement! Like I said, the review doesn’t end here—I’ll definitely supplement more once I read the upcoming chapters, doing my best in catching up so I could make sure I’ll not miss something I’d regret! 🤩 This is a story to look forward to! 🥰😘 Enjoy and read, loves! I know the author will have something steamy for us once we get a hold of her plot as we read together! 😏

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The writing style in this book is different from what I've read on WN so far, which I can appreciate, author definitely has its own style for the story progression. The story is not rushed. Sometimes the internal struggles and dialogs of FL may seem repetitive but I believe it's better described it as detailed, totally worth the read to understand her deeply. There is a mystery around ML and we are just now getting into it around ch115, so from what it seems, this will be a long read once competed. The read feels very "real life" like and FL is relatable.


I love this book on all accounts! I rated it all 5’s! I appreciate the great grammar and no errors to stumble through. The characters pull you in and I really care what happens to them! I find myself emotional when there are bad things that happen. There are some real heartbreaking moments here! So you just have to follow these dear people, Alyssa and Elias, to find out the outcome!!! The background and settings are very realistic. You know its a fantasy romance but it is one anyone can relate to as a college student or adult, former student, at any age! Who said there are no “ supernatural beings” out there? There are many on Webnovel and I’m so glad I have met Elias and Alyssa ( I believe she is his true love forever 💫♥️💫) …. thank you ChiChi!!


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


like literallly the book has just begun but I can't help giving it 5star rating like.The characters are so cool and their chemistry so so good .


Im super intrigued already! Mysterious fella, super smart girl trying to stand against the world, and of course the random flies that just want to bully others, yet still a unique story line..Im hooked! Cant wait to see how this story Unfolds!!


Hey!!! Author I like the story and the way you write a character from lighter to smarter😊 First I thought it's an misterious that zoe said she know Elias but she never meet Elias with Alyssa but when I read further it's much interesting bestfriend trio I ever seen😘 Alyssa is one of my favourite character🤗of your book story bcoz I relate so much to her by nature she have for herself Elias:- yes ,the male character is also much interesting to understand and he is a perfect boyfriend material😉 So I give a five star to your book and thanks for such great story❤️ but I will expect about Alyssa family bonding is beautiful further🤗


So far so good! The heroine seems down to earth, though a little self-deprecating. I love this author’s work and can’t wait to see where Chii takes us!


So far this book is amazing! After reading the author’s book Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife, I was excited to read her next book. I can’t wait to see the characters develop!


So far so good. I really would like to see more from these characters' development. This author is pretty good already, so I am willing to see where this goes. Please release more chapters, thanks 😊


I honestly just stated reading this because I wanted to get my credits for daily recommendations. Then I realized I actually liked it. The writing is straightforward but clean. What I can’t stand are writers who can demonstrate a certain standard of grammar and style but don’t maintain it because of carelessness or due to a lack of proofreading. This writer respects her readers’ experience and I appreciate that. Female lead is relatable. I’m only at chapter 13 but I appreciate that her insights are paired with vulnerability, which is the true human experience, striving for improvement while being observant of our imperfections. I’m intrigued with the story enough and I’ll keep reading until the chapters will annoyingly be held hostage. I’m a Gen X-er who is used to reading a book in her hands from start to finish without having to jump through hoops like a dog for each chapter. But, here I am, wagging my tail and sniffing with interest at this story ;)


This book is so addicting that you can’t wait for the author to update😕. The characters are so cute together. I can’t wait for their relationship to bloom


The chemistry between the characters are so good! It pulls you and make you feel like you’re watching a movie. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Good job author


The beautiful thing about this author’s work is the fact that everyone can relate to it in one way or the other. Her take on life issues is really good! I can’t wait to see Alyssa’s journey in life. Goodluck author!


The story progression in this book is different and the story is written beautifully. You will certainly love once you start to read this book. ❤️


Reveal spoiler


Hi there, i’ve been reading this book for quite a while and it’s really good! Awesome job! I’m so excited for more! Hope you’ll continue writing cause I won’t stop supporting! I’m rooting for you!


I'm so ready to continue this story after reading Flash Marriage, The Domineering Wife!! I want to see where all of this leads into that!! Can't wait!!!


Amazing plot, unique storyline. The plotif this book is totally different from what we normally read here on Webnovel. I can’t wait to see how this book will turn out.


Even though the chapters are not many, I know this book will be good! The author has done an amazing job creating mystery around the characters.