Reviews of The Beast's Virgin Claim


The Beast's Virgin Claim

Luna Liz

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i started reading this book by chance and so farr this is the best werwolf story i ever read and i have read alot. the story is so unique, the characters are amazing i love them. i love how she made theia submissive but at the same time fierce and how phobos is acts with her and how he shows his affection eventhough he messed up tons of times but they are developing so am fully commited this is the best

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DIFFERENT in the Greatest way. The writers style is distinctively unsharpened. The love scenes will make your own legs shudder. The Story in itself is full of Fervor. Hands down a diamond in the ruff.


I have to update my previous review. I so hope that this story will be updated soon. Arrrghhhh... I can't wait for more. I love how Theia's and Phobos' characters grow, how they open up for each other and how they get closer with time. This story, the writing style, the rich details, Phobos' hidden motives and the depth of Theia's feelings... are simply UNIQUE and OUTSTANDING! Einfach großartig, Luna Liz! Please give us more!


The female protagonist is an obnoxious childish brat. The problem she encountered after she joins her mate's clan was prolonged through her own fault. The chapters end in poor cliff hangers that left me disoriented going into the chapter.


I started reading Lizzy's work from Demios (which was mind-blowing btw ) . I was just so much shocked and curious about her writing style like I have read so many books but Lizzy's books r just different from others , it's just shines between them and her this work Phobos is just 😢. Ahhh I sooooo much wana be the main Character in this book . The characters or the writing style or the plot every thing is on point just mind-blowing . I really wanna advice this book to people cause according to me this is the best werewolf book out there that I have ever read till now....


Someone already mentioned but the circles that the characters go in emotionally is frustrating and annoying at times. But with that said, the story’s progression is well done and doesn’t feel stuck. Looking forward to seeing that happens and will update my review later once I read more chapters


I got to the 15th chapter and hated it. The male lead is a jerk (he truly is) and the female lead is an absolute wimp. I’d get it if the story was set in a different time in history but this is ridiculous.


My first impression of this book was quite tepid. The title oozes of unsophisticated smuttiness lol and the prologue is a structural mess that ALMOST made be put it down. BUT, then I started to read the book and it’s hands down one of the steamiest and most beautiful love stories I’ve come across. It’s stunningly written and has a raw deep-rooted animalism that’s extremely captivating. It does not shy away from the dirty urges or thoughts innated from within. I just love it. One of the best I’ve read so far. I’m hooked. READ IT!!


The author states at the beginning that this will be a slow burn, and she wasn't kidding. The problem is that in chapter 76, I'm still waiting for this book to get going. There has been hardly any growth from the leads; how this world operates is never made clear, and now I'm just bored. Maybe I will come back to it, but right now I don't want to spend more coins on chapters for a book that is going in circles


this book angers me. if you hated the lackluster communication between riftan and maxi, this one will trigger you 😩. the author seems to have used a thesaurus to translate into English. which is fine but the sentences come off hard to read like they were trying too hard to use fancier words.


This is the first time ever I do a review. I startet this book only yesterday and I couldn't stop reading (I'm currently at chapter 53). The story just draws you in. On the surface the characters at the pack of the ML appear quite harsh and hardened by their living conditions which causes the FL to struggle a lot. But even though she seems to be weak and fragile she is a fighter. The more the story evolves the better it gets. This story is truly a hidden gem.


I love this book. The character are so captivating and the plot is different from other Warewolf novel. I’m excited to see how the plot plays out.


By far it’s one of the best books I’ve read. The character are so unique and I have a love hate realationship with Phobo the alpha πŸ˜‚ lol [img=update]


THIS BOOK!!!!!! Its killing me softly, I'm an avid reader and never in my lonnnnng years have a book touched my emotions this much, and I NEVER like or understand the FL, but I can understand both of these Leads, BEST BOOK EVER......Please author I'm such a fast reader I really need more updates...


I have been following Lizzi since Demoia story and I just love Deimos and by far I love PHOBOS and this is my second favourite book of werewolf (after Deimos ) I just love him


I chanced upon this novel too.. there is headache after heartache, with s** thrown in at regular (continuous,) intervals.. it is unlike any other wolf-mate story I have read. this is as much human as it is wolf. looking forward to regular updates.


Reveal spoiler


I love these books by luna liz. impatiently waiting for the cronus sequel to begin. Deimos...phobos....cronus.... you gotta love them. absolutely A+++


It's really a underrated novel.I am for the first time giving a review because I wanted to. The writing is so amazing that you can feel for yourself the anguish Thiea is going through at times. The story line is different. But I just hope that theia grew a backbone because she has suffered thousand times more than the happiness. Waiting for the next update .