19 Chapter Nineteen

(Midtown - Gotham city convention centre: Annuall comic-con event)

Gotham's Annual Comic Con one of the most highly anticipated event's in the city was about to descend upon the streets.

The air crackled with excitement as fans from all corners of the city, dressed as their favourite superheroes, villains, and everything in between, eagerly converged on the convention centre.

As the sun set and Gotham became dark, the convention centre came alive with a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds, and the unmistakable hum of anticipation.

Neon lights flickered, casting vibrant glows on the faces of cosplayers, artists, writers, and die-hard fans who had flocked to this extraordinary gathering.

This was a place where the boundaries of reality blurred, and the imaginations of fans ran wild.

Inside, the convention centre transformed into a mesmerizing universe of its own.

Booths lined the vast expanse, showcasing rare comic books, exclusive collectables, and artwork that transported visitors into breathtaking worlds. Artists passionately sketched and painted, breathing life into beloved characters with each stroke of their brushes.

The air was filled with the harmonious buzz of conversations, as fans engaged in spirited debates about the latest storylines and eagerly exchanged theories about the fate of their favourite heroes.

Cosplayers paraded their meticulous costumes, embodying the essence of beloved superheroes and villains like Batman and Wonder Woman. While photographers captured the magical moments that could only be found within the realm of Gotham's Annual Comic Con.


Lola had painstakingly crafted her cosplay outfit, transforming into Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman.

Her vibrant white, pink, black and blue costume hugged her figure, and she wore a confident smile as she checked her reflection in the mirror.

Jayden, on the other hand, had donned the iconic black and red suit of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of an alternate universe.

They met outside Lola's apartment building, their eyes filled with anticipation. Lola's face lit up with joy as she saw Jayden approaching, his costume was impeccably detailed.

"Jayden, you look amazing! You truly captured the essence of Miles Morales," Lola exclaimed, her voice filled with genuine admiration...and maybe a bit of romantic passion.

Jayden grinned, adjusting his mask. "Thanks, Lola! I've always been a fan of the character for a while, and I wanted to do him justice."

"Where's Selina, I thought she was coming with us."

"I don't know, wherever she is she was obviously too busy to come today, or to even text me she wasn't coming." Lola said, clearly annoyed and Jayden decided to leave it at that.

With that said and done, they set off towards the convention, their steps brimming with excitement.

The streets were alive with fellow cosplayers, comic book enthusiasts, and fans from all walks of life, united by their love for the extraordinary.

As they entered the convention centre, their senses were overwhelmed by a cacophony of sounds and kaleidoscope of colours.

Booths lined the expansive hall, showcasing rare comic books, action figures, and artwork that seemed to leap off the pages.

"Wow, there's so much to see!" Lola exclaimed, her eyes darting from booth to booth.

Jayden followed behind her, in equal fascination.

Amid the excitement, Jayden noticed a familiar logo on one of the booth signs. It belonged to a comic book publisher known for their thrilling stories set in Metropolis.

"Lola, look! They're hosting a signing event for the creative team behind the latest Heroes of the Multiverse series," Jayden said, pointing excitedly.

" And I think I see a booth signing for the author of White crow. Since we're going to different booths why don't we meet at the fountain in the plaza." Lola proposed and Jayden agreed before they went their separate ways.


As Jayden was standing in line he couldn't help but overhear conversations going on in the line about the comic.

Suddenly Jayden felt a light tap on his shoulder and turning around he was momentarily shocked by the person behind him.

" Starfire..." Jayden exclaimed subconsciously, and the woman who had just tapped him on the shoulder tilted her head in confusion.

" Yes, that is me...wait I mean yes I am cosplaying as Miss Starfire." Starfire immediately panicked thinking she had exposed herself.

" Ummm, yeah wow that's a really cool costume. For a second there I thought the real-life starfire was standing right in front of me." Jayden said while signing. Jayden was completely caught off guard, she looked just like Starfire from the comics, if not even more beautiful.

Starfire sighed in relief.' Robin was right it's better to play myself, that way I can blend in easier.'

" Thank you, I'm sorry for disturbing you but I wanted to know if this is the line for the Heroes of the Multiverse book signing." She asked in a polite and hopeful manner.

Jayden chuckled and nodded." Yep, this is the line." Jayden confirmed and Starfire jumped for joy before taking her place right behind Jayden.

"Thank you so much...would it be rude of me if I asked for your name." Starfire asked.

" No it wouldn't be rude at all, the names Jayden, but my friends call me Jay, and you."

"My name is Kori Anders it is nice to meet you Jayden, so are you a fan of Heroes of the Multiverse too." Kori asked excitedly, besides Beast Boy Kori never really had anyone to talk to about her hobbies so she was trying to make conversation and maybe even make a new human friend.

Jayden in the meanwhile was rebooting his brain.' Okay, it's confirmed this is Starfire, not a cosplayer, what are the odds of actually meeting my first hero at a comic con event.' Jayden was both excited and nervous but kept his cool on the outside and replied.

Jayden settled into the conversation, sharing his admiration for the "Heroes of the Multiverse" comic series without revealing his knowledge of the real-life superheroe behind the mask.

They discussed their favourite story arcs, debated character development, and revelled in the sheer excitement that comic books brought into their lives.

As the conversation flowed, Jayden couldn't help but be drawn to Kori's passionate energy. Her love for the characters and their adventures was infectious, and he found himself hanging on to her every word.

"So, who's your favourite character in 'Heroes of the Multiverse'?" Jayden asked, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

Kori's face lit up with a genuine smile. "That's a tough one, but I've always admired Phoenixia. She's fierce, powerful, and has this amazing ability to control fire."

Jayden nodded, appreciating her choice. It was intriguing to hear Kori's perspective on the character he knew and liked so well.

And in turn, Kori was having a blast conversing with Jayden, unlike the other Titans Jayden understood what she was talking about when it came to the books she liked and read.

An hour quickly passed by and the two continued to converse, not just about heroes of the multiverse but other topics as well.

And at the end of their hour long wait, they were finally at the front of the line.

Jayden quickly got his picture and autograph but when it was Kori's turn all eyes were on her, especially from the men.

Even the author wasn't immune to Kori's looks. He had even tried flirting with her but she didn't catch on to it and left him high and dry.

" Looks like we got our autographs, hey I need to go meet up with a friend of mine in the plaza, if you have no one with you today your welcome to hang with us." Jayden offered.

Kori did seem tempted but in the end, had to refuse." I'm am sorry Jayden, I would love to go with you and meet your friend but I to came with my friends and promised to meet with them also."

" That's cool then...how about this, we exchange numbers, it's rare to find people to talk about this stuff, plus I think you're really cool. If you're not busy later then maybe our group could get together and hang out, how does that sound."

" That sounds amazing Jayden, I would love that." Kori said excitedly while taking out her phone, Jayden did the same and they exchanged phone numbers.

Starfire saved his name under Jayden( New human friend), while Jayden saved Kori as Starfire.

The guys who were still staring at Starfire

saw her giving out her details to Jayden they all seethed in jealousy.

"Alright cool, I've got your contact now, I'll message you later to see if you're still down to hang out."

"Yes, and I will absolutely respond when the time comes." Kori said happily." Does that make us friends then?" Kori suddenly asked.

Jayden paused for a second before grinning." Of course it does, hey put out your hand real quick." Kori nodded and did so without any questions.

" Do you remember chapter two of Hotm where Pheo and Starlight made up that secret handshake to make sure they were not a changling?"

Kori nodded before her eyes suddenly shined with the realisation of what Jayden wanted to do.

And for the next five minutes, Jayden taught her a handshake to celebrate their new friendship.

Jayden did this with everyone he knew, even he and Mrs Xue had a special unique handshake.

After getting it down they performed it one last time before separating and making their way back to their respective group.

' The first hero I meet and I'm already her friend. Now I've officially met two Dc characters I recognise, most people don't even get to meet one in their entire lives never mind interact with them.'

Jayden felt incredibly fortunate. With the newfound connection he had established with Kori, he realized that there was an exciting possibility of meeting her friends. This, in turn, increased his chances of fulfilling his lifelong dream.

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