The Ballad Queen's Lover is a Ruthless King Book

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The Ballad Queen's Lover is a Ruthless King


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"Be my Queen, Ely... You're not allowed to say no." Elizabeth Berry is a famous multi-awarded singer who tried to follow her dead husband in the afterlife. But after a twist of fate, she arrives in an unknown world ruled by a King, who is known for being ruthless. But this cold King looks a lot like her beloved husband! He becomes smitten by her beauty, and he decides to keep her in his palace, accepting her as a foreign royalty with the title "Queen of Ballad" even though he doesn't know what she means by it. Now, Ely is being tangled in both the mysterious things happening in the nation, and the royal family's issues. As Ely gets involved in the royal family's dark secrets, can the King protect her from his enemies, or will she be forced to return to her own world? ------ PREVIEW: As she slid down the filled tub, her mind wandered on its own. Slowly, she closed her eyes. She remembered the living days of her deceased husband. She remembered his smile and his kindness. She was crying, but all her tears had diffused with the water surrounding her. She felt that she was diving in the ocean without oxygen. But even if she couldn't breathe, her body felt so free. It felt like she was separating from her soul. She thought, "So this is how it's like to die... I feel refreshed and free." When she thought she could really continue dying, her instinct and consciousness woke her up. She struggled to move her body, then raised her head to breathe again. She suddenly felt the terror of death, then found herself sitting up, and the water was just above her waist. Her long, platinum blonde hair was all over her face. She breathed heavily, gasping for air. "What are you doing in my bath?" A naked stranger suddenly spoke behind Ely. ------ VOLUME 2: SOON ;) ------ WPC #177 - Court Romance GOLD PRIZE ------ Original book cover artist: @omichiart on IG Official Instagram: @ainawang.official Official Discord: https://discord.gg/HYkU3Rr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang


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