The Ashen Keeper (Marvel x Dark Souls x Bloodborne)

After the flame finally died down, a world has come to an end. But, what happens to the keeper of the flame? Feels like I should clarify Volume 1 is nothing much. Just generic mcu stuff. No additional plot or any other stuff. Volume 2 is for further dark souls stuff and the intro for the start of my own plot. Volume 3 consists of the addition of bloodborne and more of my own plot. Volume 4 ??? This is a marvel x dark souls x bloodborne fanfic. I have always wanted a priestess like character to arrive in some superhero world so bear with it. This is my first book. I originally wrote it in the novel section but changed it again by creating this. It's the exact same texts with no difference. Notice: No romance. All characters belong to their respective owners and the cover image is from the internet uploaded by an account called Zerochan.

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Chapter 30




[Marco POV]


"She's infected with the old blood.", I announced with a heavy heart.

Despite years of not catching the disease, mother was finally inflicted with the old blood. Julia was lucky that mother only fainted when she started bleeding.

The disease works by first taking away your ability to think.

Somehow, mother was lucky.

The fact that she could not think as much as an average person will slow the disease down but, I do not know how much longer she would have.

She has been unconscious for three days now.

Just when life started becoming better for us, bad news follows one after another.

Master had died. Mother was infected. I have no idea on whether Julia is infected or not.

The church was also starting to catch up onto the actions of me and my brother.

Luckily, there was some hope.

The disease appears to be dormant right now. So, mother might return back to normal. I pray to the old blood that everything will turn out fine.




[A few years later]

[Fabrizo POV]


The church had finally caught us.

They were generous enough to leave mother and sister alone but, they went after me and my brother.

I do not know what happened to Marco, but I believe he will be alright. After all these years, our acts of blackmailing, murdering and extorting has finally come to an end.

A group of hunters were hunting me down. I had killed three of them but there were many more.

I can easily kill any hunter in a duel but not when they came in droves.

I was in my temporary hideout right now. It was a trap. I couldn't keep running forever. I was also in a bad state with wounds all over me.

A few hunters burst in. I took out a firearm and blow out a hole in the first hunter who came right in. They must have been amateurs because they held little caution.

The other three who came along with him fired back. None of them hit me luckily.

I took out another firearm as reloading would take some time and shot them back.

I missed them entirely and nailed a random beast out in the forests. So, I ran to the top where I prepared the cannon.

I took a shot and tore another two to shreds.

While the last one was shocked so, I quickly held a cleaver and slashed him. But, by this time, my luck finally seems to run out.

I was surrounded by beasts that were attracted by the voice of the firearm. I could also hear other hunters closing in.

It appears that my sinful life was finally coming to an end. I should repent.

Stop kidding me!


Repent after all the gods put us through.

If they didn't want me to sin, he wouldn't have given mother her condition.

Ah ... I will never repent for I have no regrets.

Even if my life, finally ended in pain.

Even if I got another chance at life, I only wish to be reborn in this family.

Even if, I got another life, I would have lived exactly the same way, only smarter so that we would not get caught.




[Julia POV]


The brothers were finally caught after all.

After all, no sins stay in the night forever.

Marco was taken in by the church for some 'experiments'.

Julia did not know what they will do to him, but Marco told her that he would come back before being taken away by them.

The church did not do anything to Julia and her mother, but they were to stay inside the church for the time being.

'I liked the church', Julia thought to herself.

'I liked the pretty glass at the church.

And I liked that we get to eat warm soup and bread.'

'When we were there, it was like our family was in a different world ... That's why I liked it. But, why ... why does it seem so loathsome now?'

She could not help the brothers in their fight for the survival of their family.

Right now, the moment she gets out of the church, she would only be used as a hostage against them. She watched as Maria prayed blissfully unaware of the dangers her sons were facing.

"Dear lord, I pray that my children were never hurt and always be healthy."

Unbeknownst to them, Fabrizo was in the process of getting slaughtered.

"I pray that my children will not be led astray."

A gunshot blew Fabrizo's leg off to splinters and he won't be killed easily.

Not after the number of hunters he had angered.

"I pray that they be always safe and sound."

A punch landed into Fabrizo's stomach causing him to spit out even more blood.

"I pray that we be always together."

The slash from a cleaver took his right arm.

"And that we may be never separated."

Her youngest son has finally lost his sinful life not once repenting before his death.

Maria suddenly opened her eyes. Tears started streaming down from her face.

She did not know what had befall upon her youngest son, but this does not erase the fateful bond between a mother and a son. Something had happened to Fabrizo.

Her disease that laid dormant for years suddenly flared out as they could sense her emotions. Blood started coming out of her nose and she started attacking anyone near her.

When she came to her senses, her hands were soaked with blood.

Blood spilled by her youngest daughter.

"No ... no", she started freaking out.

"Mother", her only daughter called out.

"I would rather die than see you be hunted down like a beast.", her voice with as little emotions as ever. Julia was never much of a smiler after she grew up.

However, she smiled once for this occasion.

"I'm glad to have been embraced by you in my final moments.", she said as she finally closed her eyes for the final time.

Maria could not even speak. She stuck a blow straight into her chest and laid to rest as she had her final thought.

'I'm sorry. It's because mommy was a fool. It's because I was a fool ...", her last thoughts were not on her children as she dares not think about them.

It was only full of loathing for herself due to a condition she cannot control.

She had no peace unlike her daughter or her son for she does not deserve peace after killing her own children knowingly or unknowingly.

A mother will never die in peace whether she be a fool or not after committing an unforgivable sin.




[Marco POV]


Words were not needed to describe how I felt.

I managed to escape from my captors I learnt that the church was experimenting with the old blood which give rise to diseases.

Those fools at the top wanted to be immortal.

I was trying to blackmail them into giving up their chase for my brother when I got back to the church, I left mother and Julia in.

They were dead. I could not even move seeing their corpses lying in a church. Mother will never laugh again when baking the meat pie. Julia will never look smug again when she managed to joke with us.

I just ... sat down there. That is when other hunters came right into the church. They first, surrounded me doing nothing.

Then they informed me that my brother was dead, and I would be too if I choose to resist. His body had been devoured by beasts. He was torn apart limb from limb by the other hunters.

I gave up at that point. Normally, I would have tried to escape or try to fight with my brother but he too, was dead. I had nothing left to attach in this painful world.

I let myself be taken without even moving. They brought me into a lab where they experimented on me using the old blood.

During those times, I learnt that the old blood was the blood of our gods, the great old ones and it is what created us, and it could be used to revive someone or heal someone.

After all, we could recreate anything using the same materials.

But it was impossible due to the old blood not belonging to them. The owner of the old blood must die so that they can use to revive someone.

All this time, the church wasn't worshipping god.

They were studying it, planning to kill it.

They already managed to kill the great old ones.

They killed it using the same hunter that killed Gehrman but that hunter too, went insane and turned into a beast.

The old blood can be used to revive someone but for that, the owner of the old blood must die.

The gods didn't own the old blood.

Somebody else did.

According to the church, they believe it to be the last god called Odeon.

I will kill Odeon. If Odeon didn't own the old blood, someone else had it.

The old blood had its keeper, and I will find it and kill it no matter what.

For my master Gehrman, for my mother Maria, for my sister Julia and for my brother Fabrizo, the keeper of the old blood shall die by my hands.






This is Chapter 30.

Last chapter, I asked who you guys wanted to save.

Some voted for the mother, some for Fabrizo and mostly for Julia.

Nobody voted for Marco.

They reasoned me with the fact that they might had some potential for development.

As if I could not write Marco into becoming better.

I saw that as a personal challenge and decided to execute the other three instead.

I never told you that the survivor will join the firekeeper's party or become her disciple.

The survivor, Marco will become my original villain.

The old blood is the same as the blood of the dark soul and just have a different name in a different world.

Basically, sort of, Bloodborne vs Dark souls though not 100% accurate.

How do you like this 'plot twist'?

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

This is Chapter 30.

Last chapter, I asked who you guys wanted to save.

Some voted for the mother, some for Fabrizo and mostly for Julia.

Nobody voted for Marco.

They reasoned me with the fact that they might had some potential for development.

As if I could not write Marco into becoming even better.

I saw that as a personal challenge and decided to execute the other three instead.

I never told you that the survivor will join the firekeeper.

The survivor, Marco will become my original villain.

How do you like this 'plot twist'?

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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