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The Aquarian Crown


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COMPLETED NOVEL/18+ Content Serenity Espoir was looking forward to her cruise ship vacation with her friends. The events, competitions, and on-deck luaus looked like a lot of fun... Next thing she knows, she’s waking up in a giant clam bed, and being addressed as Queen Iris of the Undines! As Serenity adjusts to everything from a new name and body, to an entirely different world; she quickly learns that everything is Not better under the sea... While her new world does hold untold beauty and possibilities, Serenity will do whatever it takes to find her way back home, and back to the only man that she ever loved. ‘Is Matt even still alive? Were any of them? Is there even a way to get back home?’ As Serenity’s story progresses, she will encounter Mermaids, Sirens, Selkies, and many more sea creatures and gods than she ever knew existed. As she learns the history behind not only her powers, but why the Aquarian’s world was created in the first place; a Prophecy emerges.. One that not even Poseidon himself can change.. As the Fate of the Cosmos hangs in the balance, All await the rightful ruler: the Heir to the Aquarian Crown. What will you discover in the depths? DISCLAIMER. 18+ Content Warning For: Language, Violence, Gore, War, and Some Sexual Content. VIEWER’S DISCRETION IS ADVISED *This art/cover is owned by me. Hand clap for the amazing artist: MichelleLeeee [HCBL II ILMA]#5111(on Discord) ***If you like this work, check out my ongoing series Dawning Skye*** *Check out the Chapter Comment Section and Author’s Notes for Picture References, Tidbits, and Interesting Facts* *Word Count Generally Maintained Between 1,520-1,680 words Per Chapter* Note From The Author: This work is a bit slow-paced to start, with lots of comedy and movie/TV/Anime references mixed in. It gets pretty action/adventure heavy later, and I believe you will like the variety of sea creatures, monsters, and various Greek Gods that make appearances throughout the book. And when I say ‘Greek Gods’, I don’t mean your typical Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades trio. Poseidon plays a large part, but have you ever wondered about the Titans, like Cronus? What were their origins? If you’re curiosity is peaked, please check out my story. I love my characters and their worlds, and I hope you do, too. (: P.S. There’s also a couple creepy parts, too. Just giving you a heads up! ;)


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