3 Ch. 3 White Alpha

On the same day, a white-haired young man with black stripes on his bangs stood on the top of Godoret hill near the border between the werewolf and vampire realms.

Hundreds of years ago, the vampire and werewolf races had been enemies for a long time before finally making a pact agreement where no one was allowed to enter each other's territory.

The werewolf was a human protector, and their realm was next to the mortal. However, occasionally the wolf pack heard that several human bodies were found dead due to blood loss.

They knew the pureblood vampires and the noble ones would never break the peace treaty between them, but at least they should get rid of the rogue vampires.

Unlike the rogue werewolf, who still got their sanity intact, the rogue vampire couldn't think straight and had only one purpose in life. Kill and drink as much blood as possible.

Several rogue vampires infiltrated the mortal realm and other realms so that the lords had to come to the vampire realm themselves to discuss the problem of the rogue vampires.

One of the lords was Lyodreck Wildridge, the Alpha of the White Bridge Pack. His hair was white, and his pair of eyes were golden like a full moon. When he shifted into his feral form, he had white fur all over his body, except for his ears.

He would reach the age in a few days, and the ceremonial Alpha transfer would take place on that day. At that moment, the black line on his bangs would turn white entirely, and there would be no longer black ears every time he shifted into his feral form.

The white Alpha couldn't wait for his birthday to arrive and become the Alpha king of the werewolf realm. His life was perfect, and soon, he would have control over this realm to make all Alpha bow to him. Thanks to his unique lineage, he would be the strongest Alpha wolf in this realm. Unfortunately, he didn't have Luna by his side, which was a fatal weakness.

Lyod sighed after being satisfied looking at the boundary line between his realm and the vampire realm, then turned around to return to his home. His handsome face covered a smile when he saw his beta running toward him.

"Alpha, how was the meeting?"

"Quite well." came the short reply from the white Alpha.

"Let me guess. They still haven't found a solution."

Lyod shook his head in response to his beta guess. "The rogue vampires were too hard to handle. You know that their strength and agility are unpredictable. Even the pureblood ones have a hard time dealing with them."

"How about the vampire lord?"

"Still in his deep slumber."

"Can't they wake him up?"

"They can… if only they have a death wish."

Douglass, the beta, frowned in displeasure upon hearing that. "What will happen to the humans? There are still some rogue vampires out there."

"The Darkridge and the Sabertooth Pack agreed to send some of their members to guard the mortal realm. It looks like we should send some of our men too."

"About that… shouldn't you go to the mortal realm by now?"

"I plan to go, but what are you asking about?"

"You forget about your mother's arrangement? You can't find your mate even after searching all over our realm. Your parents decided to visit some rich man's house in the mortal realm to find your mate."

Lyod's footsteps stopped hearing that.

He had indeed been looking for his mate and had gone to other wolf packs' territory to find his true soulmate. Unfortunately, no girl caught his attention.

Lyod once asked his mother how he knew that he had met his mate?

'You will know when you find her. Her fragrance will be your addiction, and it would be hard not to see her every minute and every second.' that was his beloved mother's answer to his question.

The problem was that Lyod never felt what his mother described even after searching to the very edge of his realm.

His mother had promised to take him to the mortal realm to find his mate. But Lyod didn't like his mother's idea.

He only wants a werewolf mate, not another creature, let alone a weakling human girl. If his mate were not born as a werewolf, it would be better if he married his childhood friend and made her his Luna.

"You know I don't like having human friends, let alone letting a pathetic human girl be my Luna. Our pack will weaken if we have human Luna."


"And she will be a burden once the rebels decide to attack us. We still don't know what those blood-suckers are hiding nor where the headquarters of the rogue wolves are. We can't afford to be thoughtless."

"I know. But..."

"I prefer to marry Letti."

Letti is his childhood friend and lover. He had promised the girl that when he had come of age with Lunaless, Lyod would make Letti his Luna.

Besides, Letti was no ordinary she-wolf. She is a noble one with dark brown fur and black eyes in her feral form. Her agility and leadership were unquestionable, and all the packs respected her. Lyod felt sure that his pack would be delighted to crown her as their Luna.

"If you say so, Alpha. But once you meet your mate, I'm sure you will change your mind."

"I won't."

"Wanna bet with me?" challenged Douglass, knowing he would win the bet.

Douglass had found his mate, who turned out to be his old nemesis. He used to hate his mate so much until he came of age at eighteen and met her again. Everything had changed the moment he smelt her and looked her in the eyes.

He becomes indifferent to the past and falls head over heels at the girl.


"Don't be a chicken."

"…" Lyod growled in frustration, hearing the mocking tone from his beta.

Lucky for him, Douglass was his best friend since childhood. Otherwise, the white Alpha would lock him up in the dungeon due to his ignorance.

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