The Alpha Fell For The Hybrid Princess Book

novel - Fantasy

The Alpha Fell For The Hybrid Princess


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Ariadnne hates werewolves, so when she discovers she's the mate of the strongest Alpha, she refused to accept him! The Alpha king hated to claim a lowly human as his Luna, and yet he couldn't resist his mate's heavenly beauty. He disregard his distaste of having a human mate, and chase after her as he couldn't take his eyes of her. Things aren't as simple as they seem when they discovered that Aria is not 100% human. Will the Alpha reject his mate now that she's a hybrid creature? Aria has to make the decision to stay with her mate, take her father's place as the Vampire Lord or get revenge for her fae mother's death! Excerpt: "Dear mighty Alpha king. You do know that you weight tons, right?" "..." this girl really... Not only she dared to snuck into his pack, entered his room and stole his magic ointment, left her intoxicating scent in every corner of his room, stole his heart and made him unable to get rid of this girl's face in his mind... Yet, she didn't want to let him rest on her soft spongy thighs? His mate did many misdeeds already. How should he punish her?


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