50 Chapter 50: Looking Forward

It was hard from them to get any time alone. Their responsibilities often pulled them away from each other, but neither one minded. As good as things were going, they still had a long way to go. Right after the ceremony, Dante announced that he would not be the mayor of Starling City as the previous Alpha had. He handed that role to a very shocked Leah. Everyone agreed she was the right fit. And she vowed that she would do everything in her power to make Starling City the shining jewel it deserved to be. This did take some things off Dante's plate, but an Alpha's work was never done.

Between her pack and coven responsibilities, and being a university student, Nora felt like she was being pulled in about eighty different directions.

"Take a damn break!" Kai admonished her. "Maybe take a semester off until you've got the hang of this."

"That feels like giving up," Nora huffed. "I can do this!"


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