The Alpha and His Rapunzel Book

novel - Fantasy

The Alpha and His Rapunzel

Piniña Malagon

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  • 50 Chs

  • 5.0

    14 ratings
  • NO.200+



Unpopular and unnoticed, Nora had no desire to go to her high school prom. But little did she know that it would be where her journey would really begin. A sexy stranger, and a haircut lead to the biggest revelation of Nora's life, which only brings her more questions. What will Nora learn about herself? What does her being mated to a werewolf have to do with the fate of the Supernatural world as they know it? And what lengths will Nora go to in order to figure it out? The Alpha and His Rapunzel is created by Piniña Malagon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.