The Adeptus Custodes(DC)

Marcus had never believed that he would receive the Truck-Kun Treatment. In the end, he did not, but he instead met his end at the hand of Plane-Kun. A plane fell on his house killing him without him even knowing what did him in. That is where he met a goddess who gave him three wishes. Not knowing where he would be sent he picked what he thought would serve him forever. He chose well when he got sent into DC with unlimited potential at his finger tips.

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Technological Improvement.

After the President and Justinian shook on it they spent several hours negotiating. Justinian wanted to be allowed to build an Embassy here in DC Earth from where his Kingdom could negotiate with America. 

President Buren felt this was fair as DC was also the site of the Hall of Justice. While the Hell was a tourist spot it was still a major League presence that would ensure safety in the off chance Justinian decided to attack the Capital. 

Once that was agreed on, Justinian's advanced mind began to run at breakneck speed. Once the Embacy was agreed on, Justinian went on to the next subject. 

"Since you are recognizing my Kingdom as a foreign state that means we would have a currency. I have been in control only for 2 months, but I have prepared a currency to start trading." 

Buren was now interested. 

"Do you have any to show?" 

"I do." 

He opened a small purple and gold portable and held his hand out to it. From the portal emerged a small leather pouch which was made from the hide of a Martian lizard. Justinian opened the pouch and pulled out 3 coins. 

One was made of pure copper which could be called Dragon Copper as it had been melted in Dragon Fire. Next to it, he placed a pure Dragon Steel coin, and next to that was a pure Gold Coin. 

"In the future, there is no single currency as the Imperium is made up of over a million worlds. A single unified currency was impossible, but some were popular. From left to right is the Credit, Throne, and Crown." 

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President Buren reached out and picked up the coins. All the coins on the front were the Imperial Aquilla which the President thought was beautiful. When he flipped the credit he saw a large skull. 

"The Skull?" 

"The skull is seen as a Holy Symbol in the Imperium. It shows the sacrifice the Emperor of Mankind gave for humanity along with the billions that die every day to keep the darkness away." 

Buren remembered the War In The Webway video, the Alien hoards, the Tyranid Hives, and the Necron Toom Worlds. 

"I see." 

He put the Credit down before he picked up the Steel Crown. The Imperial Quilla was also on it, but on its back was a Primaris Space Marine Helmet. 

"A Primaris Space Marine, another Super Soldier of the Imperium. We Custodes are unique each of us made by hand by the Emperor. The Adeptus Astartes are effectively mass-produced Super Soldiers. 

The masses call them The Angels of Death or the Emperor's Angels. 

Buren now had to ask something. 

"This Emperor of Mankind sounds like a god." 

Justinian frowned. 

"The Imperial Truth says there is no such thing. The Emperor always said that reason, respect for the methodology of science, and secular progress should be what mankind strived for. 

However, in Mankind's defense, The Emperor may as well have seemed like a god to them. He tried to strive to abolish all religion because it had split mankind for too long. After his death, he could no longer do so and is now worshiped as the God Emperor. 

An idea he abhorred." 

Superman and Diana looked at each other because the more about the future they heard they realized why Justinian wanted to prevent it. Everything was tragic, dark, or awful. 

Buren sighed as he placed the Throne Down. When he looked at the Crown he of course could tell it was gold. When he picked it up he saw the Aquilla and when he flipped it he saw Roboute Gulliman. 

"Roboute Guilliman, The Avenging Son, The Lord of Ultramar, The Imperial Regent and Lord Commander of the Imperium. He is the 13th Son of the Emperor of Mankind and the current head of the Imperium." 

For some reason, President Buren could see just how much Justinian while he wanted to prevent its existence felt pride in The Imperium. He put the Crown coin down before he nodded. 

"Accepting these coins as currency is more than acceptable. With this, proper trade between Mars and Earth can begin in earnest." 

The production of the coins was easy and annoying. He had hundreds of Laborers working to melt down the metal and make the engravings. Once Justinian's currency was chosen, he went on to other things. 

"For now, I wish to sell metals for Dollars. I have several items that would be incredibly annoying to build from scratch. They would be incredibly helpful to build some factories on Mars as the Martian People don't use technology all that much." 

Buren nodded. 

"Acceptable. They will be sold at Market Value and you will have the U.S. government to help in the purchase of whatever you need. However, I would also like to bring up something important. Will The United States and its allies be allowed On Mars?" 

Justinian leaned back in his constructed chair a bit. 

"You may go to Mars, but you cannot take land. You can have embassies and we can trade, but taking territory on the surface or underground is a no-go. For one, the White Martian Empires would wipe out any attempts. 

Mars is also going to be the seat of my Empire like Terra is the Center of the Imperium. I wish for Earth and Mars to trade and be at peace, but I wish for complete Martian independence." 

Buren now had an issue with this. 

"You wish to have full control of the entirety of Mars? Mars has billions of dollars worth of resources that could progress the prosperity of all Mankind. Do you not wish for Mankind to prosper." 

Justinian snorted internally, but outwardly he was stoic. 

"I do with for Mankind to prosper, but I know humanity better than anyone since I am also human. Greed is one of the biggest segregating factors and I do not want to use Mars for basic profit. It is a treasure trove and handing territory to others when I am doing the terraforming, building the infrastructure, and more. 

I will not budge on this President."

Superman nodded. 


Buren wanted to protest, but he relented. 

"I see. You said Terraforming?" 

Justinian nodded. 

"I have been working on something to give Mars a breathable atmosphere to regular humans. I can breathe perfectly fine, but at the moment Mars is a big rock with all the life happening deep underground. 

Having trees, grasses, oceans, and animals would be far preferable even to the Martians." 

Remnosh herself said as such. 

"Agreed. We White Martians live underground not because the surface temperature or radiation affects us, but because we prefer the more mellow temperature of the underground. If we could live in comfort on the surface we would." 

Buren turned to her as she was still in her flaming armor. 

"Your guard is a White Martian?" 

Justinian nodded. 

"She is. Under the surface, there is humidity, warmth, agriculture, and massive cities. However, the surface is a wasteland which is why both must be used. I am sure we have more to talk about as I have said everything I want. 

We can sign a treaty later, but for now, my terms have been said. An Embacy, Currency Agreements, Trade, technology acquisition, and complete autonomy of Mars. Just as it is in the 41st Millenium." 

President Buren thought as there were so many things he could ask for. Several of these were military agreements as Martians were all innately powerful. Just the small force that Justinian could wipe out a force of humans 10 times their size with a widespread Psychic Attack, Heat Vision Blasts, or just up and personal. 

They could be used to place pressure on enemies of the state, but he kept his mouth shut. He was only not worried because he had Superman and Wonder Woman right next to him. If he had to face the pressure of being in front of Justinian alone he may have folded as he was feeling transhuman dread. 

What would have been a shrewd politician was reduced to a quite agreeable toddler. However, it might just be psychic manipulation Justinian was using. 

'Politicians, they talk big, but are nothing but children.' 

After this, Justinian and Buren spent another hour going over some more. Mostly it was Buren trying to keep up with the Transhuman mind of Justinian. He could not do it at all and in the end, America didn't win anything major. 

Just trade agreements that Justinian was going to begin. That would bring revenue, but not at the level that would be profitable for the nation. At the end of that hour, Justian got everything he wanted. 

"I believe we should pick out another better date to sign this into treaty. For now, I will be returning to Mars." 

Buren nodded.

"Of course, we should agree to a future date soon." 

Justinian dispelled his chair and grabbed his helmet which was still plugged in. He removed the USB breaking the link to his soul and giving Ddraig and Albion relief. The moment the flow of information was done, the two Dragons sighed in relief. 

'I thank you both for that. How bad was it?'

[We had to process millions on millions of gigabytes. So much of what is on the internet is a bunch of worthless information. But we did not allow any useless information to enter your Date Banks.] 

{As we said before, we stored everything in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, and so much more. All this information will allow you to use Earth technology as a starting point to build up to the 40k stuff. 

Then you can build off that.}

'How are you guys feeling though?

[Tired, but we are fine. Do not underestimate the mind or souls of a Dragon much less us. Our mental fortitude and intellect surpass humanity by far. We are Heavenly Dragons to boot so while this was beyond annoying it was not all that bad.] 

'Regardless, I am grateful. Now to return to Mars' 

He placed his helmet on and turned to Remnosh. 

Let's go." 

She nodded as they both phased through the wall of the White House. Once he was outside, his 5 Honor Guards surrounded him as they began to walk out. When he was gone, President Buren fell limp in his chair as he wiped the sweat off his face. 

Superman walked toward him and placed a hand on his shoulder. 

"President, what is wrong?" 

"I am an old man, Superman, and standing in the same room as that being was dreadful. Looking into his golden eyes was like I was being taken apart piece by piece. By the time I could think, he had already seen through it thought around it and thousands of times. 

He looks and talks like a man, but deep down I don't believe he has any humanity left. Whatever the touch of the Emperor of Mankind did to him surely didn't leave anything that can be called humanity." 

Diana frowned at the words, as Justinian was just as human as the President. 

"Do not insult him. That man is just as human as you or any person out on the street." 

Buren was not going to argue with Diana. He was already stressed out by one Demigod, he didn't want to deal with another. Rather than stick around Superman left before Diana got angry. 


While Justinian and his Honor Guard were returning Billy Batson better known as Shazam was standing in front of Grendel. The Predacon was named like that because his colors were dark green and he was the most ruthless of his brothers. 

His glowing eyes were squinted as he was tempted to blast Billy in Dragon Fire. Billy rubbed his hands together as he was nerding out. 

"This is so sick. Nothing is cooler than Dragons, but Robot Dragons are even cooler." 

He was about to reach his hand out to try to pet Grendel, but one of Justinian's Honor Guard spoke up. This Martian was shapeshifted into appearing like Ulrik The Slayer of the Space Wolves. 

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His Psymagic Glaive was in his right hand, and without moving his head he gave a warning. 

"Do not touch Grendel." 

Hearing the warning Billy stopped his hand. 

"That his name?" 

The Guard did speak as each of the 30 Elites stood straight. Billy started to hear the sound of several huge footsteps behind him. When he turned around he saw Justinian and his 6 guards.

As a Custodes, Justinian weighed almost a ton outside his armor right behind him. 

"Leave my pet alone." 

Billy backed away as Grendel roared in his face. 

"Fine dude, no need to be rude." 

Justinian ignored him and turned to his troops. He communicated through their psychic net. 

'I and the President have come to some agreements. Mars is going to be completely left alone and we will begin to trade with America. This will bring technology I can use to bring a technological awakening in our civilization. 

Once our Fortress City is complete we will have our Capital where we can begin the Unification Wars. For now, we return to Mars.'

Justinian aimed his hand forward and tore open another golden and purple portal. Zatana who was nearby could just feel the ease at which he did that, but Justinian began to lead his forces through the gate starting with his Predacons. 

Just as he was about to leave Grendel shot a snort in Shazam's face making him glare back. Quickly enough all the Soldiers, Elites, War Shapers, Predacons, and Justinian had crossed through.

When Justinian and his forces returned to the Martian Surface he removed his helmet before taking a deep breath of the Martian air. 

"I kinda missed the air. We have several things to begin with. A permanent Portal to send trade items and troops." 

Remnosh at his left had some ideas. 

"When the Embassy is up and running let us have a secret portal in it in case we need to send a big force quickly." 

"That is implied. We will make America think they are our only source of trade, but it is false. As I said, we will begin to replace America's enemy leaders with infiltrators and I will also extend an offer of trade to other countries and even build a secret base in Africa or The Middle East. 

I will need human bodies and more to begin my genetic experiments." 

Remnosh and his Honor Guard began to see that Justinian was going all in. They may fear him, but a part of them as White Martians respected their Warlord. They could not wait to unleash their wrath in his name and he could not wait to start. 

Justian led them all back down to New Cadia as construction continued around them. The Fortress was being built around the staircase which would be upgraded into an elevator soon. 

Just as he was going down he remembered all the satellites orbiting Mars. Those would have to go, but not yet. Patience would win him the day over hastiness. When they returned to the city, it was bustling with work. 

Any able-bodied Martian was expected to work. They were either working in the Mines or the Forges processing tons on tons of ore. Shaping that into Armor, weapons, and weapons or planting crops. 

Everyone had a job and while the White Martians had no money, this was better than being treated as nothing but a slave as the previous Patriarch had. Anyone had potential and was treated as a valued worker. 

From Laborer to Elite they all had their place. When they retuned to the Pyramid, Justinain sat himself back down on his Crystal Throne. Remnosh did not sit on him this time but on the armrest. 

She removed her helmet while the shapers returned to their duties down bellow. The Soldiers were sent to patrol the city to make sure everything was in order. His Honor Guard surrounded him as usual. 

Justinian looked down at the city that was rapidly changing. 

"This is just the start." 

Remonosh smiled as she also found her calling after the horrible way she met Justinian. She was still his slave, but through their Psychic Link, she could tell he did not see her as a slave. 

He treated her as his right hand and like a friend who was also his lover. She looked out at her city and could not wait to see the change Justinian could cause. 

'I want to see it.' 


Following the meeting with President Buren, Justinian began to prepare everything. His Laborers had continuously melted down the ore by the tons. That was stored away or used to make weapons and other items. 

The Barrier was still up, but the city and the fortress that was being built were also coming along. Justinian had continued his study into the art of Magic and Psychic Powers and got into runes or enchanting. 

He and his Shapers constructed a gateway on the surface that would lead to Earth. For now, it would open at the same spot in front of the White House until they agreed to move it. 

Once the Gate was created, his Shapers could activate it by powering the enchantment with their Psychic Energy. Once his lab was up and running he could use Magic, Psychic and Scientific processes to create Mana Crystals or anything else as he was the only source of magic in the city for now. 

For the moment the gate was opened once more and trade with America began. As Justinian had agreed he sold both processed and rare ore for American Dollars. Mostly Aluminum, Nickel, and Zinc. 

This netted him hundreds of millions of dollars. Americans treated him as a business partner as this was straight from Mars and more was always better. Though he did charge almost double as his Dragon Flame forged metals were worth more. Even if they were not enchanted and no longer held magic just the Dragon Fire had changed them to the atomic structure.

While his money rose it quickly fell as he didn't need to store huge amounts of it. He sent White Martians on a buying spree. They bought Microchips, Computers, Phones, Radios, Gaming Consoles, printers, and even science supplies. 

All of which he was taking apart to better familiarize himself with them even though he already did. Batman though was keeping an eye on this as massive amounts of technology were being bought from not just Wayne Tech, but Queen Industries, Stagg Industries, and LexCorp as well. 

Bruce constantly watched as the gate that was constructed kept sending more materials out and technology in. It was hundreds of millions of dollars of advanced technology. 

His satellites showed all of it was taken underground and he had no clue what kind of advanced tech Justinian was making. He was so right as Justinian planned to mix technology with Magic and Psychic Powers. 

The Bat Computer would not hold a candle to what he was cooking up.