The Adeptus Custodes(DC)

Marcus had never believed that he would receive the Truck-Kun Treatment. In the end, he did not, but he instead met his end at the hand of Plane-Kun. A plane fell on his house killing him without him even knowing what did him in. That is where he met a goddess who gave him three wishes. Not knowing where he would be sent he picked what he thought would serve him forever. He chose well when he got sent into DC with unlimited potential at his finger tips.

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Justinian's First Magical Engagement.

(I still think my Mars(earth) joke is still funny.)

Just as Justinian and his Chapter Masters discussed further strategies, Empires, and Kingdoms they had to worry about the three War Shapers teleported to the smaller City States. 

They had been chosen because they had shown a true talent for magic since most Martians could only use weak spells. When the Shapers arrived at the Cities, they instantly sealed the cities in Bounded Fields to give Justinian's forces time to expand the tunnels. 

This would allow the travel of the Mastodon and Baneblade Super Heavy Tanks. While they were not needed, Justinian wanted to test them out because they were after all prototypes. If they proved to be ineffective he would replace them with something else.

It was also important to allow room for the Predacons who now all averaged around 100 feet long(30 Meters). Through Psymagic and several teams of Shapers, along with heavy mechanized equipment, they could move hundreds of tons of earth each day.

The soil and stone that had been cleared was collected and taken to be processed for minerals and metal as materials were always in need. They never had enough because the mines that Justinian controlled would be exhausted before long to construct his 20-mile Flag Ship( 32 Kilometers). 

That was just for a ship not taking into account all the Power Armor, Weapons, and other miscellanies components. Justinian would need more mines before he exhausted his own. 

As for the Invincible Reason, he called it an Emperor Class Battleship, but it was without a doubt a Gloriana Class. He had modeled it after the flag Ship of the Dark Angels Legion, only that he was improving the design with Magic and technology not from Warhammer.

He had added some Star Wars weapons and he also wanted to replicate a Hyper Drive if that was possible. Faster Than Light Travel was possible just that in 40k, Warp Drives were used.

That had to change because he had turned the Warp Drive into a massive teleport device to move his flag ship through massive areas of the Galaxy.

'If the ship is built in time. Even for me, 10 years feels long.' 

Ddraig had a suggestion.

[Why not get human workers to increase the numbers?]

'That could work, but they all would have to be under contract to forget what they see or do. I will have to figure something out or find a way to speed up the build without effecting the quality of the ship.'

{All that matters is that it works.}

Justinian returned to his laboratory to continue his research into the Magical Arts, Psyker Disciplines, and Technology. He just had to wait until the tunnels were expanded enough to give his troops the space they needed to fight without worrying about cramped tunnels.

The build was taking a while as even several Shaper teams needed to not just expand the tunnels they had to reinforce them so they did not collapse. In the meantime, Justinian and his forces continued to drill and train.

When he was not in his lab, Justinian would impart his Custodes Martial Arts to his Honor Guard and his Chapter Masters. What he taught in this Chapter Masters was drilled into the 10 Companies. 

At the same time, Justinian was showing them all through the Psychic Net different combat styles. Custodes were trained through millennia to master every form of combat humanity has created.

From hand to hand skills, spear techniques, sword arts, and martial arts created during the Dark Age of Technology. Even combat forms formed during the 10,000 years of shame.

The best part was that Justinian was starting to fully absorb the memories of the 4 Custodes he was named after. Each one had been a veteran of the Webway, Heresy, and more. Through Valdor's memories, he had plenty of knowledge since Valdor was the King in Yellow. 

Valdor after the Heresy had cloned an army of Blanks, Winged Space Marines, and Graels Warp Entities. When Justinian started his genetic experiments, the expertise of Valdor and the Emperor would both serve him well.

The preparations though were interrupted three weeks later. The Shapers had nearly finished the expanded tunnels, but back on Earth, something was going to force Justinian's hand.

In DC at the Imperial Embassy, two Space Marines in full power armor were standing at the entrance. The two Martian soldiers were both on the larger side at 11 feet tall and their armor made them even larger.

The many Runes, Glyphs, and enchanted Gems across their suits made them a terrifying sight. The few civilians that passed by went to the other side to not get on the bad side of the guards.

The main reason for that fear was that the people of Earth were still haunted by the White Martian attack 5 years ago. It was an organized assault by two of the largest Empires of Mars. 

They had attacked Earth in an attempt to enslave mankind to their will. When their armies descended on Earth it had been a brutal conquest. They slaughtered all in their way and the only reason only 250 million people died world wide was that even the Legion of Doom aided in the defense. 

A Martian takeover was not in their best interests so they formed an uneasy truce with the Justice League, Atlantis, and the armies of Earth. Together they repelled the invasion and even now 5 years later they were still finding hidden White Martians as thousands had been abandoned when the two Empires retreated.

As for the two Space Marines from Cadia City, they didn't care about the humans as they were having a conversation about something more important. These two were mates and their discussion was quite important.

'I am telling you, King Justinian and the Captain won't mind.'

'Do you really think the Captain will just let us leave to have a child? When a war is about to break out?'

'If we ask they might. We can say that it is to see how young produced by us who have been magically enhanced will be born.'

The female began to think about it as they had been together for over 170 years. The issue was current troop numbers did not allow for maternity leave. Each 'Space Marine' had received magical modifications through rituals. They had been equipped with Psymagical Weapons and Power Armor as well. 

As such they were property of the King AKA Justinian. Just as they were going to think about requesting Justinian himself the sky which had been bright and sunny turned blood red.

Both Martians held their Psymagic Glaives tighter as that was not a good sign. The male looked through his helmet's feed which began to give him different readings. Instantly he realized this was magically caused as his systems were seeing elevated magic levels in the area.

"Ves, this was caused by magic."

His mate Ves squinted her eyes as she looked at the sky. The glowing red lenses of her helmet began to supply her with information as well. 

"I can feel the magic Strakerr. We both have the same systems."

Strakerr began to think about what they should do.

"What do we do? Do we intervene?"

Ves snorted at the idea.

"We do the smart thing."

She lifted her left gauntlet and opened her palm. She used the Psymagic Crystal in the gauntlet to cast activate the enchanted gem. 


As for Justinian, he had been sitting on his Crystal Throne with Remnosh on his lap as usual. She had her eyes closed with her helmet in her lap. As for him, he had rested his chin on the top of her head taking the chance to take a rare nap. 

Though he would soon realize that whenever he decided to sleep something major would happen. He had his left arm wrapped around her waist, but since they were both in Power Armor it was just to make sure she did not fall off. 

Just then he woke up with a snarl as he had been awoken again. 

'Why can't I just take a 10-minute nap?'

That also woke up Remnosh since she was Psychically linked to him.

"What is it?"

Justinian in moments refreshed himself. 

"Ves is calling. She and her mate were stationed at the embassy to protect it."

Remnoth yawned as he opened his right hand and projected the image of the two Space Marines. Remnosh and he both looked at Ves who was calling. They did wonder why she was calling. Ves did not delay and explained it.

"My King, I felt you should know, but there is a magical disruption over DC. While the embassy is magically warded, it could get dangerous for the city itself. What are your orders?"

Justinian squinted his eyes as magic was never good when it came to DC. Remnosh turned her head to look at him.

"Earth is your home, right? What do you want to do?"

Before he decided anything he needed more information.

"Ves, tell me what is happening and who or what is causing the disturbance."

Ves closed her eyes and through the Psymagic Amplifier Arrays in her helmet, she felt her psychic ability be greatly enhanced. Using that she spread her senses through DC and found the cause quickly enough.

High in the sky overlooking the city was a young boy in a black suit with what appeared to be two black horns on his head. On his shoulder was a small tabby cat with red eyes.

Ves did not need to say more as Justinian knew who that was instantly. 


"Hahahahahahah, The age of Chaos has returned. Come on Nabu you old fart. Put them up, Klarion The Witch Boy is here for keeps this time."

Ves looked at the projection of Justinian as he had heard that.

"Some suited brat with a cat. Do you know who that is my King?"

Justinian nodded with squinted eyes.

"He is called Klarion the Witch Boy. A Lord of Chaos meaning he is a very powerful individual."

Just as Justinian said that, Klarion opened his palms and he started to carpet bomb the city with dark red blasts of Chaos magic. The explosions were powerful and each one had the force of several ballistic missiles.

They exploded in the streets, toppled buildings, and even began to leave a dark red glow behind. Klarion even aimed his hands at the White House and launched a massive orb of Chaos Magic at it. Before the White House was struck, a powerful force field enveloped it stopping the blast.

Klarion not satisfied began to spin around launching blasts all over the city. Remnosh waited for Justinian to make the call. He only took a few instants to decide what to do. In the end, he did need to test himself eventually.

During Klarion's rampage he a Chaos Magic blast at Justinian's embassy. At that moment it really became Justinian's problem.

"We are going."

Without even standing up he teleported himself and his Honor Guard in front of Ves and Strakker. Remnosh jumped out of his arms and put her helment on as Justinian walked forward.

As a burning reddish black orb of Chaos Magic hurled toward him he held his left hand out


In front of his hand a shimmering gold, purple, and blue barrier absorbed the Chaos Magic.

"I think this is yours.


He instantly Boosted 12 times causing his strength to increase to 4096 times itself. He was strong without it, but when he used it he became a different beast altogether. He aimed his open hand and launched back the Chaos magic at Klarion 4096 times stronger.

He also infused it with his Psychic Energy and Mana causing it to be a triple colored orb. It went from pure Chaos Magic into a gold, purple, and red spirling comet. That took the full attention of the Lord of Chaos. He turned around not expecting his attack to return to him and far stronger than he released.

"What the HELL!

The massive blast of amplified Chaos, Psychic, and Justinian's magic hurled right at Klarion. On instinct, he kicked the orb launching it high into the sky. Everyone watched it fly off into the void of space before exploding in a massive nova-like explosion.

Klarion wiped his forehead with his sleeve.

"Phew, that was close. Right, Teekl?"

His familiar responded with a single meow.


With a tick mark appearing on Klarion's head, he retorted against his familiar.

"I did not get scared you cat."

Justinian snorted as he turned to his Honor Guard who were looking up at Klarion. 

"I will handle this. I want you to start putting out the fires and get ready to face the Chaos Beasts that are sure to form."

"By your will."

As his Honor Guard prepared to move he turned to Remnosh. 

'Be careful.' 

She smiled behind her helmet.

'Got it.'

Ves, Strakerr, his Honor Guard, and Remnosh all began to split into teams because Chaos was by its name chaotic. The more Chaos Magic was released into an area the more people would die from it. 

In reality, those deaths meant little to Justinian and he did not suddenly become heroic. He was not here to protect DC, he was here to protect Terra because it was his true home.

'Now to show why it is mine.'

He flew into the sky through his magic. He still had the Divine Dividing emerge from his back, but he didn't require it to fly. He blasted into the sky and quickly he reached Klarion. The Witch Boy looked him up and down as he had never seen Justinian before.

"Oooh, a new player. Never seen you before. You wear black and purple so you why are you helping people. Make it make sense you edge lord."

His Demon Cat Teekl hissed at Justinian from Klarion's shoulder.


Justinian did not speak as he strengthened the grip on his Guardian Spear.

"What? Cat got y-"


Now 8,192 times stronger Justinian rushed forward without a doubt several times faster than light. He activated the Matter Disruption Field of his Guardian Spear while surging his Mana and Psychic Energy into the blade.

He even coated it in Albion's Reduce Venom and Ddraig's Everlasting Flames. Both deadly elements merged into a terrifying flame that never stopped burning. Destroyed organic matter, burned and erased souls. 

Klarion's eyes went wide open as he dodged Justinian's upward swing. In that swing, Justinian launched a massive purple-gold slash into space. He cleaved the sky open, and even space began to buckle and scream. Klarion didn't look up at the sky as he now saw Justinian as a proper foe and not a toy to torment.

With a creepy smirk, he popped his knuckles.

"This is going to be fun."

Justinian took a deep breath as he knew he could not afford to hold back.

'Ddraig, Albion, you ready?' 

[Yes we are.] 

{Let us show this little shit the might of the Dracones Custodes.}

Inside Justinian's soul scape Ddraig and Albion flanked his golden burning soul. His soul was still as gold as it had ever been. if anything it glowed an even brighter gold after it had taken the qualitative leap into a dragon's soul. 

The perfect fusion of a Custodes and Dragon Soul. As for Ddraig and Albion, they both appeared to have changed. Ddraig had a few sparse Golden Scales and Albion had formed a few golden feathers. 

As one the three of them synchronized their souls and spoke at the same time. 

"Balance Breaker." 

[Balance Breaker.] 

{Balance Breaker.}

Klarion squinted his eyes because avatars of Ddraig and Albion formed at Justinian's sides. The two dragons roared at him before they surged back into Justinian's body. With the roar of a dragon, Justinian released a titanic wave of Dragon aura and Psychic Energy from his body. 

Klarion closed his eyes as he moved his arm in front of his eyes because of the pressure.

"What the-"

The pressure Justinian released for a short moment even made Klarion warry. Every magic user on the planet turned their heads because Justinian had just shown one of his trump cards showing his magical supremacy. 

Magic was a rare skill and the magic he used was foreign and easier to use than the native magic of DC. If he was overestimating Klarion so be it, but if he wasn't it would be good to use his all.

His Auramite Shadowstalker Power Armor began to warp as the Divine Dividing spread out into three sets of mechanized black auramite wings. The plates of Auramite expanded as Justinian began to grow larger.

From his body, a massive golden-purple aura began to radiate like an ocean from him. The transformation of his Power Armor was nearly instant, but already he Justinian was now 30 feet tall. 

In this state, Justinian had full access to the Principles of Domination and Supremacy from his two companions. As for his Guardian Spear, it had changed into a massive black sword that appeared to have giant segments in it. 

His transformation was completed in mere instants. Before he activated his Balance Breaker he was already larger than Klarion. Now, he might as well have made Klarion look like a bug.

"Show me your strength Chaos Lord." 

He gripped the handle of his sword and swung it causing the segments to expand. Klarion's eyes went wide open as he realized that Justinian was more than a challenger. He was a threat. 

(Any ideas for the Balance Breaker's name? Names are not my strong suit.)