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The A's


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Graffory , Travis , and Addy are cousins. The three of them loves each other very much. For people Graffory is an famous idol or a singer of limpong country , Travis is a famous well-known chef and Addy is a car racer. these three are really famous in limpong country but behind their cute and handsome face they hides a secret. For people they are celebrity but their real identity is A1 , A2 , and A3. The problem occurs when A1 kill the beloved brother of mafia king who was living out of country since long time. When king hear the news of his brother's dead he comes back and starts to search of 'A's. "will king succed in finding the murderer of his brother?" "Are they really cousins??" "will the world get to know about their identity one day??" "what is the truth that graffory hides?" "to know this all read my novel...""thank you"


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